Southern California Wedding Venues // Whimsical Fairytale Photography

By Sun and Sparrow

A bride and groom getting married at Descanso Gardens, featured as one of our fairytale Southern California Wedding Venues

When looking for your dream venue, knowing which venue is right for you is hard. Many Southern California wedding venues are a dreamy fairytale. We are based in Southern California and we often travel to document many whimsical weddings throughout the state. Many of our favorite venues reside in the Los Angeles, Malibu Mountains, and Santa Barbara. We love traveling to different locations all across California, even to the Central Coast and Northern California. Some of our FAVORITE WEDDING VENUES are right in our backyard, like Calamigos Ranch and Descanso Gardens!

Because some of these dream wedding venues are located in Southern California, people from all over come to Los Angeles for their destination wedding! We have the honor of capturing weddings in many beautiful locations, that are close to our homes! If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Juan Capistrano, or Malibu, Sun & Sparrow is for you!  We are grateful that we can capture special moments that are close to our hearts and home. We hope to see all of you engaged couples soon, chasing whimsical light, candid smiles, and romantic fairytale moments!

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Malibu Wedding Venues

From Left To Right: A bride and bridesmaids at Calamigos Ranch, A bride and groom pose at Malibou Lake Lodge, a reception setup at Rancho Del Cielo, A bride and Groom on the beach at Malibu West Beach Club, A bride and groom at Bella Vista Groves.

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Calamigos Ranch

With four gorgeous venues to choose from, Calamigos Ranch is a must-see venue with one of the most lush environments you can choose from in the upper LA Area. Combining elegance with nature, they have many hanging lights and chandeliers, as their indoor spaces have high ceilings and intricately designed walls. They also feature many waterfalls and pathways that lead to beautiful spaces.

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Saddlerock Ranch

Saddle Rock Ranch is a magical venue that offers multiple spaces to get married. Our favorite feature of SaddleRock Ranch is the presence of unique photo spots scattered around the venue. They have the door to nowhere and the national geographic frame overlooking the hills and valley, and we love telling your story in such a magical location!

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The Lodge at Malibou Lake

The Lodge at Malibou Lake stands out as unique. Very few Southern California wedding venues seamlessly blend a multitude of options within an intimate setting but this one performs the task perfectly. Take a walk out to the dock and see your reflection shimmering in the lake, or sit together with friends and family in the lounge. This venue combines the whimsical wonder of nature with a cozy and elegant indoor space.

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Malibu West Beach Club

Malibu West Beach Club has a balcony that hangs directly over beach sand and you can walk directly out to the beach from the club. This gives the bride and groom the opportunity to walk out to the beach to take portraits and dip their toes in the sand. Then they can get married on the balcony in the salt air with the ocean behind them. After a beautiful ceremony, couples can celebrate with their family and friends right in front of the ocean sunset, perfectly framed through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

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Casi Cielo Vineyards

This venue is almost heaven. Casi Cielo Vineyards is a quaint and inviting place for family and friends to feel cozy and socialize with drinks and laughs. The venue provides many beautiful backdrops, from vineyards to mountainscapes to the historic house on the property. The architecture of the fireplace and the reception patio are very beautiful.

Rancho Del Cielo

Rancho Del Cielo is on the top of a beautiful hill in Malibu. The ceremony space overlooks a valley through the mountains and provides breathtaking ocean views. Your wedding in this space almost feels as if it is on a cliffside, and despite being in the Los Angeles area, a wedding at Rancho Del Cielo feels as if it is in another world, far from the chaos of everyday life.

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Bella Vista Groves

Bella Vista Groves is tucked away and creates the impression that you are lost in time. You enter through a tall white gate that leads to the residence and arrives at a circular patio that serves as the entryway. At this circle, there are four directions you can face that have amazing views.

There’s a brick house with a big door, a gazebo with twinkle lights, a white gate that feels enchanted, and a trellis that is often used as a staging area. All of the angles work for so many things. This venue is dynamic! But the magic happens in the vineyards where you can take your romantic portraits and escape from the hustle and bustle of any wedding day.

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Rancho Vista De Dios

If you are lucky enough to be able to get married at this venue then you are incredibly fortunate. This venue only hosts a few weddings a year as it is a private property and it is very desirable. Rancho Vista De Dios has a large grass lawn that overlooks a cityscape. It feels incredibly luxurious and rustic and the space provides many areas for different parts of the day.

Whether you’re looking for a space to get ready or have a cocktail hour, Rancho Vista De Dios has a location for that. The doors are rustic and romantic and it is so fun to see the bride walk through them as she goes to see her groom. There are lots of beautiful and lush locations here to take pictures.

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The Gardens at Los Robles

The Gardens at Los Robles is at a golf course. It is a great location for people with altered mobility. From the wrought iron gate to the cocktail space with a pretty fountain, this venue has an old European essence that makes any wedding day feel like a fairy tale. The ceremony backdrop is three rustic doors all surrounded by ivy, and I love to shoot here. This venue feels like a fairytale and is very accessible. Nothing is too far of a walk away.

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Sherwood Country Club

Sherwood Country Club is a golf course. It is incredibly luxurious. When you walk in there is a round table with cascading flowers and marble with high ceilings and a library. The building has an old-world classic feel, featuring rich wooden shelves in the lobby and two choices for ceremony spaces. The patio looks over the golf course and offers tall Roman pillars. Meanwhile, the lawn offers a tall twisted oak and garden greenery that gives that garden romance vibe.

For romantic portraits, you can get carted out to a huge waterfall feature with an ancient tree that feels enchanted. I highly recommend this option if you’re looking for an elegant and luxurious space that provides a sophisticated garden party vibe.

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Westlake Village Inn

The Westlake Village Inn has a lot of different spaces for ceremonies. Sometimes there can be up to five or six events at a time at this location. It has a Tuscan garden vibe and there are many options for picture locations and overnight rooms. You can have a relaxed elopement or a huge wedding here.

A main feature of this location is a rose archway. There is a path that goes from one side of the property to the other and has a huge archway, covered in roses. There is also a huge elegant lake that most of the reception spaces look over.

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Bel Air Bay Club

The Bel Air Bay Club has a luxurious beach vibe where the upper area of the club feels like somewhere you want to go to have a romantic lunch. I would call it beach luxury with a Spanish flair, and it’s a great example of a Southern California Luxury wedding venue.

The ceremony happens on the lawn, overlooking the ocean and if you are lucky on a weekend you can see all of the sailboats sailing through the palm trees. The reception space has high ceilings with glorious Spanish-inspired wooden chandeliers and large windows that allow you to watch the sunset over the ocean as you celebrate with family and friends.

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Maravilla Gardens

Maravilla Gardens is the perfect garden fairytale wedding venue. It is incredibly lush, covered in evergreens and rose gardens, and all of the outdoor spaces are surrounded by greenery and life. There are many spaces for guests, and also a lot of spaces for the bride and groom to get away to have sweet intimate moments. While Maravilla Gardens provides a garden feel it can also feel rustic at times.

The 1909

The 1909 is a historic mansion that has transitioned into a wedding venue. There are three different levels at this venue. The middle level, where you enter is where the bride and groom get ready, while the lower level sends you out to a brick patio with lots of stairs potted plants, and a boho vibe. Next to the patio is a deck where the ceremony takes place. The deck is bordered and almost encircled by an oak tree that takes your breath away.

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Santa Monica Wedding Venues

A bride walks down the stairs at Casa Del Mar, A reception space at Casa Del Mar, A bride and groom pose at Casa Del Mar, Shutters on the beach, Bridesmaids on the beach in front of the Santa Monica Pier

Shutters on the Beach

Shutters on the Beach is a gem on the beach of Santa Monica. It is a hotel with a luxurious getaway to the beach feel. There are lots of blues everywhere with a hint of rustic artistry. The ceremony is on a balcony and its location on the beach is perfect for dreamy beach portraits. This is the perfect spot to have your wedding if you have guests from out of town as it showcases the Santa Monica Beach perfectly.

Casa Del Mar

When you walk into the lobby of Casa Del Mar you encounter two curved and cascading staircases. The venue is elegant and upscale with tiles that breathe luxury. The reception ballroom has white walls with big chandeliers and mirrors all around. If I could choose one word to describe this venue, it would be glamorous!

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Los Angeles Wedding Venues

From Left To Right: A bride and groom at Alexandria Ballroom, A bride and her bridesmaids at The Vibiana, A reception setup at the Vibiana, A bride and groom on the balcony at The Ebell of Los Angeles, A bride and groom at the Skirball Center

The Ebell of LA

The Ebell of LA is a historic landmark well known for its theater. It is a glorious space, commonly used for filming, featuring 1940s architecture, woodwork, and handpainted ceilings. this venue offers multiple spaces for wedding events which keeps everything fun and organized. It has a warm and mysterious mansion energy. One of its most iconic features is the wrought iron entrance door that can be seen on Lucerne Boulevard.

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Carondelet House

I would describe the Carondelet house as incredibly eclectic. It mixes many styles all in one spot, yet remains classy with a vintage flair. The foyer has a 1940s grand and luxurious feel that takes you back to the early days of Los Angeles. Couples fall in love with the very specific style of this venue and I recommend checking it out!

The Vibiana

The Vibiana is a catholic church that was converted into a wedding venue. It has a Roman hand-carved marble feel to it with white arches. This venue is right next to the Redbird so you could have your ceremony at the Vibiana and your reception at the Redbird. It is also in the middle of downtown LA so it has lots of energy and culture for brides and grooms that love to live life.

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Alexandria Ballroom

The Alexandria Ballroom is an iconic location that was one of the most sought-after hotels in the early 1900s. It hosted lots of celebrities at the time and even had an underground speakeasy in the prohibition era. As times changed, the luxurious location was converted into a space for film and performances. It is now considered one of the most beautiful venues in LA.

The Skirball Cultural Center

The Skirball Center is a museum that features a modern style. It has concrete architecture, clean lines, and a large koi pond with lily pads that give it a peaceful and natural flair. There is a parking structure that your guests can use to park, and lots of hotels nearby since it is in a trendy part of LA. The Skirball feels like a modern fairytale, clean but lush, with modern landscaping and reception space.

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The LA Arboretum

The LA Arboretum is huge. This is an incredibly large space with acres of different garden spaces. From the bamboo forest to the rose garden to the waterfall and countryside stables, it offers an incredible variety of places to exchange nuptials. Almost anyone can have their special day at the LA Arboretum because it has so many different styles and environments, along with indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Pasadena Wedding Venues

From Left To Right: A bride and groom at Villa Del Sol d'Oro, A reception space at Descanso Gardens, A bride and groom at Descanso Gardens, A bride at the Athaeum, the reception space at the Athenaeum

Descanso Gardens

Descanso Gardens is known for its rose garden and oak forest. The venue is incredibly vast and features gorgeous plants and whimsical views. An elegant garden party atmosphere and a romantic countryside vibe make Descanso Gardens one of our favorite Southern California wedding venues.

For more info click here: Descanso Gardens Venue Page

Pasadena City Hall

Pasadena City Hall has glorious long hallways with arches and white pillars that give the impression of being in the presence of the Gods at Mount Olympus. The fountains, courtyards, and olive trees feel incredibly luxurious. The towers and staircases, along with the bright white interior give any couple’s imagery an upscale essence.

Villa Del Sol d’Oro

Via Del Sol De Oro is one of the most captivating venues in Southern California. It makes you feel like you are going into another world, back in time to an old Italy. Warm yellows, arches, and stonework, along with a spiral staircase in the foyer will drop your jaw. We love getting to experience the luxurious old-world feel of this gorgeous venue with our brides and grooms.

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Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden

Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden is one of the largest Japanese Gardens in Southern California. It is a historic landmark and a privately owned property, so the opportunity to get married at this venue is incredibly special. With one of the largest koi ponds and a tea house imported from Japan, this venue combines a large space for guests to mingle, with many intimate spots for couples to spend a moment together.

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The Langham

The Langham is an extremely luxurious hotel with all of the classic elegance of an upscale place to stay or throw a party. This venue is an iconic place to get married and has long hallways laced with luxurious and ornate furniture with golden outlined mirrors, floor-to-ceiling windows, and curtains that bluster in the wind. There are also several garden spaces for guests to spend time in.

One of the most popular ceremony spaces is on the lawn, looking up toward the main building, which provides a very royal feel. This is the perfect place to get married if you are looking to make a grand statement that everyone will remember!


The Athenaeum has a Greek goddess vibe, featuring tall columns and arches, along with long hallways that make a classic European statement. It has a bit of an old-world feel and is nothing short of a fairytale. This venue offers a lot of little spots for pictures, whether for large groups or romantic photos. What the Athenaeum does best is provide guests and couples with the opportunity to feel like they are in a magical mythical fairy tale.

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Santa Barbara Wedding Venues

A bride poses in front of Santa Barbara Courthouse, A ceremony space at Hilton Beachfront Resort, A bride and groom pose at Hilton beachfront resort, a reception space at Dos Pueblos Orchid farm, A bride and groom pose for couples portraits at El Encanto

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Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort

The Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort is the ultimate beach luxury venue. It is the ideal hotel for that mix of beach and Spanish elegance. You have raw wood-inspired furniture with large arching windows inspired by Spanish architecture. Although this hotel is large, it is easily navigable as it was designed in a circular shape and takes very little time to traverse. I love enjoying the Spanish feel inside and then walking straight out onto a gorgeous beach.

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Santa Barbara Courthouse

The Santa Barbara Courthouse has classic Spanish architecture with intricate tilework dark wooden beams and spiral staircases covered in handpainted tiles. The exterior is very lush, covered in palm trees and greenery. You can walk straight through the large entry archway out to the large lawn, where you might see a small wedding happen.

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Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm

Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm has an amazing ceremony space right along a cliff that overlooks the ocean on the Santa Barbara Coastline. Coastal nature scapes offer whimsey and a touch of peacefulness to your wedding day, and an enchanting greenhouse houses your reception space. The greenhouse is a florist’s dream because everything inside feels alive and natural.

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Riviera Mansion

Riviera Mansion is a historic mansion with Spanish-inspired architecture. The outdoor ceremony space is in front of a large tree and the reception space is inside the mansion, featuring a warm and romantic ambiance. If you are the kind of person who loves a vintage flair and an old-world feel, this venue is for you!

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Santa Barbara Zoo

The Santa Barbara Zoo is one of the most fun and interesting places to get married. Not only does it have a lot of fun nature spaces to explore and be present in, but you also get to take pictures of many different kinds of animals. The ceremony is on an outdoor lawn in a tropical space, and the reception is on a separate lawn. you walk through the zoo to get from the ceremony space to the reception, and the reception features hanging twinkle lights with a fun, vibrant ambiance.

Belmond El Encanto

El Encanto is a luxurious resort, nestled within the hills of Santa Barbara. Guests have a magical experience here as they can wander the property which feels like a secret hideaway. The ceremony space is in an outdoor area, where the bride walks “down the aisle” over a wooden boardwalk hovering over a koi pond. The space is surrounded by brick pillars covered in ivy trellises. This feels like a place where magic happens.

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Biltmore Four Seasons

Biltmore Four Seasons is beautiful. The venue is a luxury hotel, across the street from the beach. You can take pictures on a small cliffside or walk down a raw wood staircase to a romantic beach setting. The ceremony can take place on a lawn with tropical greenery or in a ballroom and the reception space is incredibly luxurious. It feels like a royal fairytale with floor-to-ceiling French windows and drapery. Gold embellished detailing and an incredible fireplace to sit in front of make this one of the most ambient venues in Southern California

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Palos Verdes & South Bay Wedding Venues

From Left To Right: A bride and Groom at the Palos Verdes Golf Club, A bride and bridesmaids at Terrenea, A bride and Groom at Wayfarers chapel, A bride and groom at the Portofino, a bride and groom at the Neighborhood church

La Venta Inn

Hidden away on the hillside of Palos Verdes, La Venta Inn is a small wedding venue that was once an inn but has now transitioned into an event space. There are many different nooks in this venue for people to experience, such as the courtyard with a beautiful fountain, an ocean overlook, an old world-inspired ballroom, and a reception space with large windows with a perfect view of the sunset. La Venta Inn has a classic Palos Verdes vibe with PV stone everywhere and Spanish architecture.

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Wayfarers Chapel

Wayfarers Chapel is one of the most Iconic and sought-after ceremony spaces in Southern California. Also known as The Glass Chapel, this venue is known for its unique architecture, with angled beams and an unforgettable circular window. This venue feels like a slice of heaven with an ocean overlook rose garden and a cypress tree pathway that are gorgeous in portraits and in person.

-Note: Wayfarer’s chapel is currently closed because of land movement in Palos Verdes. We hope that this beautiful Socal venue comes back soon!

Click Here For More Info at our Wayfarers Chapel Featured Venue Page

Palos Verdes Golf Club

PV Golf Club has Spanish architecture and ceremonies are held on a pretty lawn with a treetop overlook. This is a luxurious space and a full-service venue. They have their caterers and bartenders that provide everything you might need.


If you want a luxury wedding, Terrenea is the place for you. This is a resort, nestled in the cliffside of Palos Verdes. Terrenea is a fusion between beach house and Spanish architecture, with winding paths along the Palos Verdes cliffs that provide generous and breathtaking views of the ocean with Southern California Native gardens throughout. This is a full-service venue that often hosts large events and can accommodate small or large weddings while always retaining a luxurious feel.

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Neighborhood Church

The Neighborhood Church is one of the prettiest venues in the South Bay. The venue is a small church with amazing outdoor spaces. The chapel itself has an intimate, small, and quaint feel that feels incredibly romantic, while the outside features a grand patio overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I love to watch waves crash onto big rocks, creating tidepools from this venue. On the other side of the venue, there is a beautiful garden with a waterfall and pond, featuring a cobblestone bridge going over the pond and olive trees.

This venue has a beautiful Mediterranean vibe that anyone can enjoy.

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South Coast Botanic Gardens

South Coast Botanic Gardens is a large natural garden with acres of landscaping and California native foliage. It offers three main spaces for wedding ceremonies to take place. If you get married in the amphitheater you can expect an intimate experience, surrounded by trees and lush foliage. The lower lawn features a small gazebo and surrounding trees that create a nice frame for a ceremony or photo opportunities. The upper lawn offers a large space for big weddings, with a classic white wrought iron gazebo and ample space for lots of celebration or even a full-sized reception.

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The Portofino

The Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach is an oceanfront wedding venue right on the water, surrounded by a marina full of yachts and sailboats. You can hear seagulls and sea lions as you enter the lobby, which is spacious and grand. It is beautifully designed with luxurious furniture and chandeliers, along with gorgeous woodwork on the walls that add lots of character to the oceanfront space. One of its best features is the oceanfront windows that look directly out onto the water.

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Long Beach Wedding Venues

From Left To right: A Wedding Ceremony space at The Loft, Long Beach, A bride posing for a portrait at The Loft, A bride and Groom posing for couples portraits at the Reef, Long Beach, A view of the Queen Mary at the Reef, A bride and bridesmaids at the Loft

The Reef

The Reef is an oceanfront wedding venue with many beautiful event rooms and a rooftop ceremony space. The venue features a beautiful patio with tilework a fountain, and a deck for small ceremonies overlooking the marina and the Queen Mary. It’s so fun to be on the rooftop, feeling the ocean breeze as all of your friends and family enjoy your beautiful wedding day.

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The Loft

The Loft is a very eclectic space with lots of personality and different rooms offering different styles. The main ballroom has a very fun circular focal point that looks fantastic in photos and the getting ready space is equally fun, featuring eclectic pictures on the wall. The entire venue is very picturesque.

Ebell of Long Beach

The Ebell of Long Beach takes you back in time to an early 1900’s story full of character. The venue features rooms with different themes. For instance, one more masculine room has leather couches, a piano, and a fireplace with a lion’s head, while another room features black accents and mirrors everywhere with wrought iron chandeliers. Several rooms have green wallpaper and picture frames with vintage couches. This venue is tasteful, vibrant, vintage, and eclectic.

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Orange County Wedding Venues

From Left To Right: Los Coyotes Ceremony space, A bride and groom pose for couples photos at orange hill restaurant, a bride poses under a tree at los coyotes, a reception space at los coyotes, couples photo with bride and groom at oak canyon nature center

Casa Romantica

Casa Romantica is a gorgeous venue on the Orange County coast. It features Spanish architecture and happens to be an old estate. The venue is under construction right now because of a landslide that damaged its breathtaking patio, but weddings are continuing and are definitely still top-notch!

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Los Coyotes Country Club

Los Coyotes Country Club has. a beautiful large foyer with gorgeous tilework, leading into a grand ballroom with floor-to-ceiling windows and chandeliers. It has lots of natural light, making it feel like it’s full of breath. Often, people use the nearby lawn to host their ceremony under arching palm trees near a lake.

Orange Hill Restaurant

Orange Hill restaurant is not only one of the more beautiful southern California wedding venues, but it also has delicious food. Their ballroom has a rustic charm to it, while also featuring large landscaping windows, overlooking the beautiful city of Fullerton. When it’s nighttime you get to see the twinkling lights of far-off buildings as you eat your delicious dinner.

Oak Canyon Nature Center

Oak Canyon Nature Center is an oak reserve and garden in the heart of Orange County. It offers a rustic charm for ceremonies if you are hoping to get married under arching oak trees. This venue is a wonderful place to get married if you are a nature lover in Southern California. The venue features beautiful views of creeks and bridges, along with lots of different trees and tree-covered spaces with shade during warm summer days.

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Inland Empire Wedding Venues

From left To Right: A bridal party at the mission inn, a rowboat at serendipity, couples photos at serendipity, The front of the Mission inn, A bride getting ready for her wedding at Serendipity


Serendipity is a luxurious venue nestled in the mountains of Oak Glen. I love to shoot at this venue because I have lots of family in the area, and I love getting to be around all of the mountain nature that the venue provides. Serendipity has an incredible ceremony space overlooking a vast mountainscape with redwoods and oak trees. You get married on a deck under a beautiful pergola. The venue does an impeccable job of maintaining the massive amounts of white rosebushes that line all of their pathways.

Not only do they have immaculate landscaping, but Serendipity has a lake with a cute rowboat that floats around in it. This is a fantastic venue for fairy tale lovers.

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The Mission Inn

The Mission Inn in Riverside takes you to another world. Upon entering the inn you feel that you may have been transported to Europe. With multiple levels of Spanish-style architecture the Mission Inn boasts a detailed craftsmanship that feels like an old-world fairytale coming to life.

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San Diego Wedding Venues

From Left To Right: A bride and groom during their first dance at Galway Downs, A Wedding Ceremony under trees at Los Willows, A Bride and Groom pose for couples Portraits at San Juan Capistrano Mission, A reception setup at Circle Oak Ranch, A bride and groom pose at Alila Maria Beach Resort Encinitas

Los Willows

Los Willows is a dreamy and magical space covered in oak trees, featuring the most dreamy light coming in between two hills, highlighting the bride and groom in a warm spotlight of sun. Multiple cobblestone paths lead around the estate’s lake along with beautiful picturesque stairways and a tented area for the reception.

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San Juan Capistrano

If you are looking for a mission-style wedding, this is your ideal wedding venue. San Juan Capistrano is one of the most beautiful missions in Southern California and one of the most iconic. The venue is full of rustic wood with Spanish architecture with arches and aged brick. Three vast spaces make for epic yet romantic pictures. It is fully drenched in a botanic garden that partners with the architecture.

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Alila Marea Beach Resort Encinitas

This is an incredibly luxurious venue on a cliff that overlooks the beach. The venue mixes modern architecture with a rustic beach feel and although it is vast and luxurious, it retains a welcoming atmosphere. There are multiple getting-ready spaces as well as a few choices for the ceremony. You can get married on top of a cliff with a breathtaking view of the ocean. The reception space offers a rustic-modern feel with modern hanging chandeliers, featuring large doors opening to a lounge door so guests have the opportunity to socialize in different ways!

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Galway Downs

Galway Downs is a very large space near Temecula. Its most prominent feature is a creek that flows through the property featuring multiple beautiful bridges. There is a lot of greenery and the venue has waterfalls throughout which is amazing. The reception space looks like a barn on the outside but on the inside, it looks rustic and sophisticated, with a fireplace featuring stonework from floor to ceiling.

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Botanica is a botanic garden-style venue. It has a tropical feel with lots of pathways that venture through lush green forest-type gardens. There is a eucalyptus garden and a bamboo garden, along with an open space featuring a pond with lily pads. People often have their weddings in that open space. The Venue has a lot of space for people and often hosts weddings upwards of 200 people. The reception space is in a beautifully decorated white tent with luxurious drapery and chandeliers along with a classic wooden aged bar. The beauty of the tent is that it includes garden views while remaining enclosed!

Lake Oak Meadows

Lake Oak Meadows is definitely a fairytale venue. It has perfectly curated getting-ready spaces for both the bride and the groom, and those spaces overlook a lawn with a pretty bridge running over a creek and pepper trees that dance in the wind. On the other side, you walk down a long brick pathway that passes by a large lake with fountains and lots of greenery. Once you arrive at the other side you find the ceremony space right on the lake with pepper trees hanging over the beautiful ceremony space.

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Circle Oak Ranch

Circle Oak Ranch is a privately owned property in the backhills of Temecula featuring a lot of space to entertain. One of our favorite features of this venue is the large oak tree where the ceremony takes place. The reception space is surrounded by arching oak trees where you feel like you are in an enchanted oak forest. The venue is perfectly set up for a romantic dinner for your perfect dreamy wedding.

Franciscan Gardens

Franciscan Gardens is an enclosed garden-inspired wedding that feels like a fairytale. it is conveniently close to the San Juan Capistrano Mission so it is a great place to have your reception if you get married there. It offers beautiful greenery such as walls and trellises completely covered in ivy. The venue features multiple spaces for people to socialize as well.

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Twin Oaks Garden Estate

This is a garden venue with lots of different lush and enclosed spaces for multiple different experiences. A few of its most popular spots for pictures would be under its twinkle light tunnel and in the greenhouse. The Venue has a tented reception space with white drapery and chandeliers.

Green Gables Wedding Estate

The main focal point of Green Gables is a white cottage at the center of the venue, surrounded in white roses. It has a beautiful oak tree with hanging twinkle lights and a swing. The ceremony space is on a lawn surrounded by oak trees and the reception space is in a tent featuring draping fabric and chandeliers. One of its most interesting characteristics is the bridal room, full of unique antique furniture.

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Tivoli Italian Via

Tivoli Italian Via features both Italian-inspired architecture and an outdoor lawn and garden. The reception takes place in the garden, surrounded by Italian architecture, and feels incredibly intimate. A wedding at this venue feels like it is happening in a home, which is very magical. The ceremony can happen underneath a large tree that frames you perfectly.

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