Dreamy Engagement Session in Palos Verdes // Ryan & Kalie

Dreamy Engagement Session in Palos Verdes

©2019 Sun & Sparrow // Romantic Wedding Photographers in Southern California


From the Groom:

Kalie and I met freshman year of high school. I was the talkative and outgoing one. She was the quiet, shy one. We passed in the halls for 3 1/2 years, even had a few classes without really knowing one another. It wasn’t until our high school government class that I started to spend time with her and get to know the real Kalie. After we studied together one night, I realized that I had fallen for the beauty of her mind and soul. A couple months after that night, we started dating. Although we have had our ups and downs in the past 7 years, by the grace of God, we are stronger than ever and growing every day.

I realized that I wanted to marry Kalie and bought her ring in October. Waiting was the hardest part, but after speaking to her parents in February, I asked her to marry me on March 8, 2019.

The day of the proposal I put together an amazing plan that included her family. Her parents and sister took her to dinner and offered to “invite me,” but I told her I couldn’t because of church obligations.  During their dinner, I went to Roessler Point  in Palos Verdes to set up the lights and candles at the gazebo to prepare for the proposal. Kalie’s family drove her to up the winding roads to Roessler Point.  On the way, they blindfolded her telling her there was a surprise for her graduation present. They walked her to the gazebo and took off the blindfold where she was greeted by lights everywhere. There was also a binder with instructions. She was given headphones to listen to special handpicked love songs. As she spent time reading through the binder, I met her in the gazebo. She was surprised to see me. We chatted for a bit, and, finally, I asked my best friend to marry me.

We get married May 29, 2020, and couldn’t be more thankful that God blessed us with each other. I couldn’t be more excited for the day to come that we say I do! I’m sure a lifetime with her won’t be long enough.


Note from Sun & Sparrow:

Our biggest dream is for every engagement to be a magical love story, both when you’re taking your photos and when you see your photos for the first time. This dreamy engagement session of Ryan & Kalie, truly tells their love story. These two are both silly and snuggly as well as romantic and whimsical.  We are in love with the way they connected with one another. Their hearts were so full of love, you can truly see it in their photos.


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We are so excited to see everyone, new friends and long time friends as well. This year we plan to celebrate the beauty in everyone’s heart by sharing whimsical love in fairytale form. If you browse each location gallery, you will see the dreaminess we hope to bring to your family photos. For every year-end, we believe that every family, including our own, should have a professional portraits. It’s a great way to remember who you are in this moment, in the most beautiful way possible. If you are looking to take your engagement session, holiday family photos, maternity, or just fun portraits, please feel free to sign up below!


• 20 minutes of photography

• Sessions can be couples, families,  individuals high school seniors, maternity, puppies, or any other fun combo you can think of!

• Maximum of 7 people per session

• 25 High Resolution images delivered via digital download (includes a print release)

• $200 deposit is due at the time of booking to secure your date (by PayPal)

• Remaining balance is due on the date of the shoot (cash or PayPal)

• Images will be delivered within seven days from your session



Sessions on October 19, 27; November 2, 3, 9 & 24th; December 1st are currently available.

All available times will be on the sign up page.

For ease of booking, please review your favorite location. Click on the link at your favorite location, then you may choose the date and time that works best for you.

October 19 // Fairytale Forest ~ at Peck Park, San Pedro 

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October 27 // Love in the secret places ~ at Secret Field in Palos Verdes 


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November 2 // Cliffs, Sand, & Dreams ~ at Malaga Beach in Palos Verdes

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November 3 // Bricks, Arches, & Bougainvillea ~ at Malaga Cove Plaza 


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November 9  // Whimsical Courtyard ~ at Saint Francis Episcopal Church 


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November 9 // An unearthly dream – at Vasquez Rocks

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November 24 // California Dreaming ~  in Long Beach 



December 1 // Evergreen Wonderland (Christmas trees) ~  in Palos Verdes 



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Magical forest maternity in Oak Glen, CA // D’Hahn & Korianne

Magical forest maternity in Oak Glen, CA // ©2019 Sun & Sparrow // Riverside Family Photographer

How we met:

My husband and I met in graduate school when I was 24 and we started dating within that next year. We waited until after graduation to get married so we could save enough money for our wedding. By that time I was 28 years old, and we were not ready to start a family yet. My parents were able to spend around 7 years of marriage together before starting a family, but they were much younger than us when they got married and we couldn’t wait that long. Unfortunately, I suffered from both physical and mental barriers that would push back our attempt at conceiving for several months. My  husband was my rock during this time and that only made me more eager to want to start our family together. We were able to start trying shortly after our first anniversary.

The anticipation is real!

The excitement and nerves were like nothing I had ever experienced. I was excited for our future and nervous about how long it may take to happen. Thankfully, we were very blessed and I was able to surprise my husband with a positive test just two weeks after we started trying. Being pregnant for the first time is magical and unexplainable. People tell you what you can expect to happen, but everyone is so different. I wound up being nauseous 24/7 for the first 12 weeks, and I spent of lot of this time second guessing my body’s ability to handle pregnancy. Fortunately, the nausea went away after my 12th week and I soon after felt my baby begin to move. The pregnancy overall has been smooth and our baby has been healthy. Throughout this entire process I have felt so much love from my husband. I feel like he has stepped up to be a father in so many ways already. I wanted our maternity pictures to demonstrate the ever growing love we have for each other and how much of a blessing this pregnancy has been. We are in love with our magical forest maternity in Oak Glen!

We are so excited and cannot wait to share our love with our little girl.


Winter maternity session in Oak Glen | Whimsical Maternity in Palos Verdes

European Villa Fairytale wedding at Villa Del Sol D’Oro // Mike & Eleana

European Villa Fairytale wedding at Villa Del Sol D’ Oro // ©2019  Sun & Sparrow // Southern California Wedding Photographers

FAIRYTALE MUSINGS FROM THE BRIDE AND THE GROOM :  The morning of our wedding was filled with excitement and stress, but I wouldn’t change it for the world…
Eleana: Excited but also kind of stressed out. I’m mostly practical and I wanted to make sure that everything that could be controlled/handled were taken care of for the vendors and the guests. I was really looking forward to my friends coming to spend the morning with me while I got ready too; having the support of your ladies is so essential and since I didn’t have a wedding party, I was extra glad that they were taking the time out of their schedule to hang out. I was excited to see Mike (we slept in separate rooms the night before) and do the First Look, since I felt that would be a big moment for us.
Mike: Felt normal the morning of the wedding. Met up with some friends and ate breakfast and got my hair done. As we were driving to the venue, got a bit more anxious, arrived at the venue and started to get ready. Just looking forward to getting to the venue so that I would be ready on time.
Did you have a ‘first look’ or a ‘walk down the aisle’ moment? How did you feel when you saw your significant other for the first time?
Eleana: First Look; I was nervous but also really calm. I hoped he would like my dress! When he turned around, he started crying and then I started crying (though probably not as much as him). I told him to stop since it would ruin all my make-up.
Mike: We had a first look moment. I got emotional and had tears running down as I saw my beautiful wife in her dress. She looked beautiful and and dress had this long train that looked amazing.
What was your favorite moment?
Eleana: Probably when Mike was drunk and slid across the dance floor on this knees to give me a lap dance – it was definitely a goal achieved. The ceremony was really well done by both the pastor (who is Mike’s friend) and the reading done by my cousin. I think the moments with my dad were also really special – and of course, all the moments with friends. I definitely felt like I couldn’t/didn’t give anyone enough of the time that they deserved and I’m so thankful for all the help/love/support (even from some friends who weren’t able to make it to the actual wedding!). And some of the drunk people that had to be carried out (no names will be named).
Mike: There were many favorite moments from the wedding day. The first look was unforgettable. Just seeing all our family and friends. The ceremony was good. The speeches were good. The food was good. Enjoyed drinking and dancing and just spending time with everyone.
How did your wedding feel like a fairytale?
Eleana: The venue, for one, was amazing. It definitely didn’t feel like we were in Los Angeles and we were transported somewhere else with our guests. The atmosphere of fun and happiness from our loved ones really contributed to the day; it was great knowing they were there for us and were celebrating our next step together. Though now that we’re married, it doesn’t feel any different than before (which I think is a good thing).
Mike:  The weather was perfect and the feel from the venue gave good energy. Did not seem like we were in a big city.

Venue: Villa del Sol d’Oro  | Coordinator:  Sandi & Sean McQuilkin  | Photographer: Sun & Sparrow  | Photo booth: VOX DJs | Florals (arch/personals): Leonora Moss | Florals (centerpieces): Connie Kwok (friend) | Invitations (design): Danielle Yip (friend) | Invitations (print): Simon with Emperor Printing | Calligraphy/Signage: Estefania Becerra (friend) | Rentals & Catering: Lindburgh McPherson  | Desserts: Danielle Keene with sheilamae.com | Wedding Gown Maker: Whispers & Echoes, a BHLDN label : | Hair & Makeup: Joyce Luck Style | Groom Suit: John Varvatos  | Groom Details: socks: Ted Baker | tie Original Penguin | shirt & shoes: Calvin Klein

Elegant Fairytale wedding at the Ebell of Los Angeles // David & Lauren

Elegant wedding at the Ebell of Los Angeles // DAVID & LAUREN @ 2019 Sun & Sparrow // Dreamy LA wedding photography

1. Describe your how you felt on your wedding morning, all the anticipation and the love. What were you most looking forward to in the beginning of your day.
Lauren: Surreal. I was feeling so nervous and excited yet calm and collected. We were finally getting married after over a year of planning. It didn’t feel “real” until now. I was getting ready with my lovely bridesmaids and mom, and I couldn’t stop smiling because they looked so beautiful and also because David was in the next room over getting ready as well. I kept wondering to myself, “How is he feeling? I hope he didn’t forget this” “How does he look?” I’m the one usually in control and I had to let that go and put my trust that everything was going to be perfect.
2. Did you have a ‘first look’ or a ‘walk down the aisle’ moment?

How did you feel when you saw your significant other for the first time?Lauren: We definitely had a first look moment and it was truly amazing and emotional. When we locked eyes, tears just down my face and I had these butterflies I felt that wouldn’t go away. I hardly see him cry but when he saw me in my dress, he also cried. We had “our” moment alone and we definitely reassured each other how much we loved each other and how this day will be nothing short of wonderful.

3. What was your favorite moment/story from your wedding day?

My favorite moment from our wedding day was being surrounded by our amazing loved ones. There was so much happiness and love in the air.  To see our family and friends come celebrate us, we are so incredibly thankful for them being present.

4. How did your day most feel like a fairytale?
Everything was truly perfect. From the venue, florals, food, the little details, and our amazing vendors- our vision became a reality. Thank you Sun & Sparrow for capturing these precious moments so we can reminisce and show our children our wedding day.


Venue: The Ebell of Los Angeles  |  Hotel: The Line Hotel LA  |  Coordinator: Mad Love Events  |  Photographer: Sun & Sparrow  |  Videographer: Cloud 9 Videography  |  Photo booth: Flip Booth  |  Florals: De Flora  |  Invitations: Color and Creation  |  Desserts: MM Creamery  |  DJ/MC/LIGHTING: Pro Creation Productions  |  Live Portrait painting: Laura Jane Fine Art  |  Customized napkins: For your Party  |  Wedding Gown Maker: Martina Liana Bridal  |  Wedding Gown Boutique: The Ivory Suite Bridal  |  Bridesmaid dresses: Christina in Taupe at Bird Grey  |  Ring Box: The Mrs. Box  |  Hair & Makeup: Kohnur |  Bride Shoes: Jimmy Choo  |  Suits: The Black Tux  |  Groom’s Shoes: Prada
Heirlooms: My mom had gold melted for me that she had made into gold bracelets and a gold necklace with my Chinese zodiac sign when she gifted it to me as a baby

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