Romantic Garden Wedding at Bella Vista Groves // Eric & Mandy

Romantic Garden Wedding at Bella Vista Groves  //  Sun & Sparrow 2020 // Fine Art Destination Wedding Photographers

As we were awoken by the faint scent of freshly brewed coffee, we were reminded that our day had finally arrived. A year’s worth of planning was coming to fruition and gravity of the day began to sink in, as we sipped on our coffee. Due to the unpredictable events that happened in 2020, countless decisions and pivots were made as we planned for this day. We were both anxious and nervous, knowing that this would not be a traditional wedding ceremony with all of our extended families and friends by our side. However, we knew we had the blessings of all of our loved ones and we were ready to officially tie the knot. This day signified the beginning of a new chapter for both of our lives, one that will undoubtedly be filled with love and joy.


From the groom (Eric): Leading up to the first look, I was filled with eagerness and nerves. The minutes waiting for Mandy to walk out the doors behind me felt like hours, however looking at my stunning soon-to-be wife was worth the wait. I had no idea what Mandy would look like in her wedding dress, I just knew she would be beautiful regardless (and I was right).


From the bride (Mandy): When it was finally time for me to sneak up behind Eric for our first look, a feeling of nerves mixed with excitement swirled in my stomach. I tried to remain calm, but I could feel my heart race as I walked towards Eric. When Eric finally turned around and our eyes met, a flashback of all the memories we had created together came rushing to my mind. From the good to the bad, we had already experienced so much together and I felt so lucky to be standing in front of my lifelong partner, whom I was ready to create more memories with.


The day of our wedding was truly a perfect day and we felt like royalty. Our amazing planner and vendors made our vision come true. From the florals down to the table linen, everything was magical. We are so grateful to have amazing photographers, Sun & Sparrow, capture every moment and detail so that we could relive our fairytale moment over and over again.


VenueBella Vista Groves |  CoordinatorProvidence and Planning |  PhotographerSun & Sparrow  |  Officiant: Dean Merrill Weddings  |   FloralsJovial Floral Co  |  InvitationsMinted | Desserts: Sweet and Saucy Shop  |  Wedding Gown Boutique: Luv Bridal |  Wedding & Engagement rings: Derco Fine Jewelers  |  Hair & Makeup: Kelly Zhang Hair and Makeup  |  Bride Shoes: Jimmy Choo  |  Groom Suit: Hall Madden  |  Groom shoes:  Allen Edmonds



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Fairytale Family Session in Palos Verdes // Rodrigues-Hall

Fairytale Family Session in Palos Verdes // Rodrigues-Hall @ Sun & Sparrow 2020 // Southern California Family Photographers

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Oceanic Fairytale Maternity in Palos Verdes // ©2020 Sun & Sparrow // Los Angeles Maternity & Newborn Photographers



For our little baby Lee and whoever cares to know: We did not have to work too hard for you. We were blessed that you were ready to join us; (even though I had to give up all the extravagant treats of Paris) you were worth it. Our growth together has been symbiotic and a true joy. I have whispered in the dark my secrets to happiness, sung you songs on our walks with the pups, and smiled as your father has talked about his day through the belly and into your world.

We learned together the stretches, the meditations and affirmations to make your world comfortable and get us both optimally ready for your earth side arrival. We have all partaken from around the world in bringing you so much love and support. Love has travelled as far as Serbia, Maryland, Massachusetts and as near as down the street.

You will always have love because you were brought into existence because of love. You will always be brave because we will be brave when we are bringing you into this world. You will be kind because that is the practice we will put in place. And you will be beautiful because let’s face it, your momma and father are stunning humans.

And if you ever doubt any of these promises, we will hand over these moments caught by our talented friends and neighbors at Sun & Sparrow to show you the kindness in our embrace, the love on our faces, the bravery in our eyes and the beauty caught in these photos.

We will love you always and forever our little baby Lee.



When Emily reached out to us, she was so excited at the prospect of a Beach Maternity in Palos Verdes to capture her story. Her dream was to remember this moment in a fairytale and fin-art form. She wanted lace and long gowns that flowed in the wind. Emily and Matt came to the session with so many smiles and tons of love to share with their little one. Our hearts for our clients is to share fairytales filled with joy, they were the epitome of our dream client!


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