Wedding day of our dreams!


I really put wedding pictures as #1 on the list of most important for our wedding. It is the only thing you will take with you, the only thing you can share to glimpse at the special day for years and years to come. That is a lot of pressure for my (now) husband and I who rarely even take selfies! But, I also had in my mind images of our wedding—of capturing the essence of the day without it being so cliché, so over the top or corny. I wanted our pictures to simply be beautiful and effortless. I obsessed over Sun & Sparrow from the moment I came across their shots at my Calamigos Ranch venue. I poured through their blog posts and hundreds of pictures. I just knew in my gut they were the one. 

From our engagement shoot to the very last picture of the wedding night, Tiffani and her team made us feel more than comfortable. Each picture was meaningful, thoughtful, and majestically shot—the drama without feeling too forced. I could not believe it was us in those photos! But, more importantly, our photos candidly reflected our love for each other in the most pure way from that day. Sun & Sparrow and their team are magical. I do not know how they did it, but I am eternally grateful they were a part of our big day and we have these photos to cherish forever.

We are In Love


Tiffani and Ellie are talented, professional, and insanely cool! While planning our wedding, photography was at the top of my list of importance—other than a husband and rings, photos are really the only thing you get to keep from your wedding day. So yes, I was very picky when hiring a wedding photographer. Sun & Sparrow’s photography is a beautiful balance of romance and drama. They treat photography as an art, and capture special moments between friends and family, and tender romantic moments between couples so effortlessly.&nbsp

On our wedding day, Tiffani and Ellie arrived just as my bridal party and I walked into the venue. They knew exactly how to choreograph our getting-ready photos, and demonstrated incredible professionalism and sincerity throughout our special day. We are so lucky to have hired Sun and Sparrow as our wedding photographers, and now have them as friends!

Like Secret Ninjas..


Our first impression of Sun and Sparrow was only based on what we could see in their photos online. The ways they used natural lighting in outdoor spaces was beautiful and eye catching. After my first few conversations with Tiffani, I felt so comfortable. She was easy to talk to, extremely knowledgable and ready to answer any and all questions. We needed and wanted the Sun and Sparrow team to cover our engagement photos and wedding day.

On the day of our wedding, Tiffani, Ellie, Winston and Aaron were everywhere. They were like little ninjas silently in every corner making sure to capture every possible moment we would want to remember. They can even wrangle a rowdy (drinking) group of 8 groomsmen into position with one word. That's no easy feat! At the end of the day, they made us feel comfortable, at ease, and ourselves. As someone who has no idea how to look romantic and polished, they sure made me look good!!

Sun & Sparrow has always stood out…


I’m the blog manager for, a wedding inspiration website, and have followed Sun & Sparrow for quite some time. In my job, I’ve sorted through thousands of wedding submissions, seeking the best weddings and photography to feature on our site. Sun & Sparrow always stood out to me—these ladies have such a beautiful imagination when it comes to their work and their images are lush, romantic, and full of life and love. I’ve featured them multiple times on and so many brides found inspiration in their stunning photos. 

When I had my daughter, Juliet, I knew there wasn’t anyone else I would want to photograph our first week at home as a family of three. Tiffani was as wonderous on the job as her photos were magical. She worked with my little girl and captured her sweet spirit in the most exquisite ways. We will always treasure these photos and I couldn’t recommend any photographers more highly than Sun & Sparrow.

We are grateful to have Sun & Sparrow


Inspiration is one of those things that can evoke many waves in our hearts!  A person/group can have inspiring talent, energy, values, goals, dreams....the list goes on and on for Sun & Sparrow! It is a dream to find them on our vendor list when we start prepping for a wedding. Not only do we know that our clients will have an amazing time while shooting and jaw-dropping photography at the end, but we also know that we'll have a glorious day working alongside some of the most heart warming, professional, and did I mention wildly-talented(?) individuals in the industry!  We are grateful to have Sun and Sparrow as friends and colleagues! 

We love working with Sun & Sparrow


Tiffani from Sun and Sparrow Photography is a true consummate professional. We have worked together on several weddings and she never ceases to amaze me with the beauty she captures in every wedding. As a Florist,  I find it invaluable when a photographer can make all the vivid colors come alive and capture the fun and playfulness of all my wedding couples. She WILL deliver the shot! And on time!! 


Praise & Testimonials

Recently, we have been honored by being featured on multiple bridal blogs and magazines. This is where creative clients and bridal blogs collide. I feel honored to share beautiful stories and hard work with you all!  Take a look at the features below! These publications are an amazing testament our love for rustic vintage wedding photography and to how a bride’s hard work and working with us can pay off! Each link below is a different wedding. Check them all out!


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