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Precious Portland in-home Newborn Photography

By Sun & Sparrow

A new mother and father sit on the couch with their newborn for some Portland in-home newborn photography

This precious Portland In-home newborn photography experience was magical. I cannot express how much I love experiencing people’s real lives, and real love.

What Is It About Newborn Photography?

There is just something about the newborn stage. Maybe it’s how tiny their toes and fingers are, or how they squish into a tiny ball when you wrap them up all warm and snug. It could be their little tiny noses, or the way their ears are like delicate little flower petals. Whatever it is, I just can’t get enough.

I have spent a lot of time photographing newborns now and I have a special appreciation for that precious time. I especially love how when they fall deep into a deep sleep, their head leans back and they breathe quickly and looks like the heartbeat is outside of the body. It reminds me of how my heart beats outside of my body now, ever since I had my own newborn a few years back.

When I look at a newborn baby I am overwhelmed by the fact that their mama is so in love with this little ball of life, and that impacts my work so much. A huge part of my job doing Portland in-home newborn photography is just appreciating this moment so I can give you pictures that can help you appreciate it forever.

Enjoy this precious Portland In-Home Newborn Session I recently photographed, and then read about their day below it!

Two photographs: The photograph on the left features a newborn child in a basket, wrapped in snuggly blankets as its mom and dad lay next to it and look on in amazement. On the right the infant is featured, sleeping in a white wrap, laying on a comfortable white blanket. Portland Newborn photography by Sun and Sparrow
A wide eyed newborn lays in a basket, wrapped in blankets that sprawl out diagonally left to right. un and sparrow is a Portland Newborn Photographer
In two pictures a mother and father sit on a salmon colored rocking chair, holding their newborn baby. The mother is sitting directly on the chair with her legs crossed while the father leans in from the left arm of the chair. The photograph on the right features the mother looking lovingly at her newborn, as the child puts their hand on her shoulder. The mother's hair is curled.
A father holds his newborn during their in-home newborn photoshoot in Portland Oregon as a mother looks at the child and rests her arm on the father's shoulder. In the photograph on the right the newborn's feet are featured with a cute white blanket
A mother and father cuddle on the couch while holding their newborn child in Portland Oregon. The father is kissing the mother on the forehead and the baby is sleeping in the mother's arms
Two pictures side by side: A mama holds her baby tightly, closing her eyes in love while sitting on the couch. A tropical plant rests behind her on a side table. In the photograph on the right a mother looks lovingly at her child as she holds her tight and the father leans in to kiss the baby's head.
A newborn baby in a basket with blankets covering them during their in home newborn session in Portland Oregon

This Session

This session was very much an ideal Pacific Northwest lifestyle newborn session. Their home was iconically built in the craftsman style with warm jewel tones. Their nursery was in an upstairs space with an a-line ceiling. Not only was it Pacific Northwest because of their home but because the parents were so incredibly warm and hospitable to me. Even though I was a vendor coming into their home, they treated me as if I was Family!

Newborn Items For In-Home Photo Sessions

Every session has different needs, so the items I bring to people’s houses vary. During this Portland in-home newborn photography session I brought baskets and blankets and wraps for styling. Often, I might bring more items for a session with a little girl, but people usually want their boy photo sessions to be a little more clean. I am happy to help you style your session however you would like though. Working with my clients to reach a shared vision is one of my biggest passions!

I’m always focused on a baby’s comfort. It is hard enough for a newborn just to be on earth so suddenly, so we want to make sure anything we do is helping them feel good. In this case I brought a space heater for comfort. I often bring a sound machine to my sessions too. But the most important thing that I always bring is shushing and wrapping, which I’ve become pretty good at over the years.

Your Real Life In Photos

Something I really love about in-home Newborn sessions is the opportunity to bring a family’s real life into the session. How wonderful to have the home you brought your child home to in your precious photo session. In this case, I took pictures in their nursery and in Mom & Dad’s bedroom on their bed, and on the couch in their living room. All of these spaces were important to them, and therefore important to our session!

Why Have a Portland In Home Newborn Session?

Portland is a place that I find incredibly comforting. There are so many perfect little spots nestled in tight corners and on tree lined streets, just waiting to be found. Every time I find a new coffee or fusion spot I feel like I’ve found something that is genuinely and specifically for me. At the same time, I often find that these niche-seeming places are filled with other people, loving the flavors and atmosphere perfectly in their own ways.

In-home newborn sessions, and lifestyle photography sessions feel a lot like that to me. Often, I feel like I am getting an exclusive look in on how someone really lives. Having the privilege of photographing that specific life is like something straight out of a book for me. I cherish the personal moments in between the hustle, when the sound machine comes on and loud cries turn into gentle hums in mama’s arms.

An in-home newborn session is special. This time with your child only comes around once. I love to look back and think about the often difficult yet always rewarding moments I shared with my child during that time and I want to help you capture that special feeling. I love capturing the magic in the newborn phase, and even better is the personal touch of your personal home where all that precious growing is really happening.

Why Sun & Sparrow is The Right Photographer For Your Newborn Session

Newborn sessions are precious because your child is precious. I will be careful and gentle with your child, taking care to be aware of their needs as well as yours. I have been photographing newborns for over a decade and I have a lot of experience wrapping, photographing, waiting, and comforting. In the end, the most important part of a newborn session is your comfort, and I make sure to bring a genuine and happy energy into your home.

You will find that your newborn session will go smoothly with me. Of course newborns are unpredictable, but we always bring patience for our babies. I have encountered all types of homes and lighting situations, and while I do prefer to use natural light for my whimsical and dreamy style, I also bring lighting equipment and can work in varying levels of light. I also often bring a small heater to manage temperatures and I have a large closet full of newborn outfits and props, as well as a few outfits for mamas!

I cannot wait to connect with you about your Portland In-home Newborn Photography. Send me an inquiry today so we can set up a time to talk about your specific needs and desires.

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