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Playful Laguna Beach Engagement photos at Woods Cove // Kendall & Bruce

By Sun & Sparrow

A couple in white, walking together at sunset for their Laguna Beach Engagement photos at Woods Cove

The clouds parted just long enough during a recent Southern California rainstorm to allow Kendall & Bruce’s Laguna Beach engagement photos at Woods Cove to be some of the most magical and dreamy photos we’ve seen. They are incredibly fun and an active couple, ready to do anything for the perfect photos and we couldn’t be more excited about how these turned out!

A couple in white, walking together at sunset for their Laguna Beach Engagement photos at Woods Cove
Bruce and Kendall hold each other on the stairs down to Woods Cove in Laguna Beach at sunset
A couple, wearing white poses for dramatic and playful photos in Laguna Beach
A couple watches the waves come in during their engagement session with Sun & Sparrow in Laguna Beach
An engaged couple runs on the Beach at Woods Cove Laguna Beach
An engaged couple touches their foreheads together and the sun shines through them during their engagement photo session at woods cove in Laguna Beach
Kendal & Bruce pose at woods cove in Laguna Beach, in front of rocky outcroppings during their Laguna Beach engagement session
A playful photo featuring an engaged couple. Bruce runs ahead while Kendall holds his hand
An engaged couple poses for separate photos during their engagement session in Laguna Beach
An engagement ring on a woman's finger and a photo of her with her fiancé in Laguna Beach
A man lifts a woman and holds her tight during their Laguna Beach Engagement Session at woods cove
Couples portrait at Woods Cove in Laguna Beach featuring a woman leaning into a man while standing on a rocky outcropping over the ocean
A couple holds hands at sunset during their Laguna Beach engagement session
Kendall & Bruce Pose on the rocks for their woods cove engagement session in Laguna Beach

Kendall & Bruce’s Real Love Story: From Gym Crush To Happily Ever After

How many of us have seen that person passing by and thought that we’d love to get to know them? It can be so easy to let your mind wander, imagining romantic dinners, and personal connections that go beyond those fleeting moments. Kendal & Bruce’s story is a beautiful realization of those dreams, turning moments that most of us experience only as breathless eye contact into a real-life fairytale. We are so thrilled that Kendall was gracious enough to share the story with us here!

From Kendall

Bruce and I met at our hometown gym just over 3 years ago. We are both into fitness and being active, so this is very fitting. It is the classic gym story of who is going to talk to who first, but after that first day of seeing him I knew I had to make my move.

I went up to him and asked him if he was using the gym equipment he was on, hoping it would spark a conversation, but it didn’t at all. (He says I caught him at the wrong time) but all he said was “No, all you.” I laughed in my head at my poor attempt to talk to him, but it was the best I had at the time. 

 I went to the gym the next morning, and there he was as if it was meant to be. I was definitely playing out different scenarios in my head of whether I should talk to him or if he would say anything, but he came up to me and sparked the conversation. One thing led to another, he gave me his number and told me we should grab a drink that night, as I was leaving for Las Vegas the next morning.

He picked me up for drinks that night and right from the moment we met at the door, we both felt something special. We really hit it off from the get-go and had an amazing night. We ended up closing the bar out and talking for 7 hours, getting lost in each other’s stories.

Bruce says he remembers looking into my eyes, as I told him a story and felt a wave of certainty wash over him. Almost as if he saw our whole future flash before our eyes. We both knew that night was so special, it was the best time out. Fast forward 3 years and here we are today!

After racing mountain bikes professionally for 10 years, Bruce decided to switch gears (literally) and serve in the Marine Corps. It was definitely a scary decision for us both, knowing it would deeply impact our future together, but Bruce has always assured me and shown that as long as we are both committed to each other, our love, and our relationship we will get through anything.

It has been challenging at times living in different states (Nevada – California) but we have heavily leaned on our communication, strong love for each other, and always making the most out of our time together. We make countless numbers of trips back and forth to Vegas or San Diego and enjoy going snowboarding in Mammoth and exploring new places.

We are truly overjoyed for this next chapter of our lives, as we will finally get to live together in San Diego and continue our lives, together as Husband and Wife.

The session: Laguna Beach Engagement Photos at Woods Cove

This photo shoot is already one of my favorite sessions that I’ve done and there was a chance that it wasn’t even going to happen. Kendall and Bruce are currently doing long-distance, as she lives in Vegas and he lives in San Diego, so when we planned this session it meant that everyone had to do a little bit of traveling.

This Southern California winter has been a wet one though, and a few days before we were supposed to take these Laguna Beach engagement photos it looked like we were going to have an incredible rainstorm.

As a long-time engagement photographer though, and a long-time resident of Southern California, I knew that we just needed to watch the weather because it often clears up just in time, and clear up, it did. Even while it was raining, we could see that it was going to stop for the afternoon and evening so we all met up at Woods Cove to create magical Laguna Beach Engagement photos together. There is just something about a Laguna Beach sunset on the beach just after it rains. Magic was in the air.

At the beginning of the engagement session, Kendall and Bruce were a little nervous. But they warmed right up, as we laughed and started to pose, and I led them to a few romantic spots. Once everyone warmed up, the session really got started and we slowly made our way across beautiful Woods Cove, finding wonderful scene after scene for gorgeous Laguna Beach engagement photos.

Bruce and Kendall were incredible to work with. They were excited to have this photoshoot and it showed. He had no problem lifting her and flipping her upside down for some of the more active shots and she held her own, showing off their athletic background.

They both got so into the photo session that they decided to get into the water for special action shots, and I am so glad they did. Engagement sessions on the beach get so fun when we can use the waves to our advantage.

Woods Cove In Laguna Beach

Woods Cove is a Gorgeous Little beach in Laguna Beach. Located near Diamond and PCH, it has numerous rocky outcroppings and feels intimate, despite its popularity. We loved this little spot, and it made for the perfect location to take Laguna Beach engagement photos. Despite its small size, Woods Cove has numerous beautiful photo spots and even features a blowhole if you get there at the right tide.

Kendall grew up in Laguna Beach so Woods Cove was a particularly special location for her to have her engagement session. She seemed right at home there and I’m glad that I got to share in that connection. I will definitely be going back here too, as parking was pretty easy and the beach has everything you need for a beautiful session.

Why Choose Sun & Sparrow To Take Your Laguna Beach Engagement Photos?

Wonderful Connections-Beautiful Imagery

Sun & Sparrow’s philosophy is that it’s not just an image, it’s a moment. Kendall & Bruce’s engagement is such a perfect example of this philosophy playing out. Their pictures are perfectly light and airy and I really love how they look and feel, but their session was more than that. I loved hearing about their connection and love story, and we all had such a great time together. I work hard to make sure that my couples are comfortable, with everything taken care of, so that the images they get are filled with beautiful memories of magical moments.

Experience Matters

I have been photographing weddings and engagements since 2008, and I am always pushing myself to get better. There are a lot of different aspects to a photo session and your love story deserves to be treated with care. With Sun & Sparrow, you can expect professional planning, posing, communication, and photos. I have developed my editing style with expertise, so you know that your photos will have my one-of-a-kind Sun & Sparrow whimsical feel.

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