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Dreamy Studio Maternity Session in Portland

By: Sun & Sparrow

At her Maternity shoot, an expecting mother poses with pink, white, and peach flowers, while wearing a flowy dress and laying on a bed of fabric. Sun and Sparrow is a Portland Maternity and Newborn Photographer

This dreamy studio maternity session in Portland was such a joy to style and photograph. Hoaimy and her husband were wonderful clients and it all makes me feel so happy.

At her Maternity shoot, an expecting mother poses with pink, white, and peach flowers, while wearing a flowy dress and laying on a bed of fabric. Sun and Sparrow is a Portland Maternity and Newborn Photographer
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A woman at her Maternity Session in Vancouver Washington looks into the light as she leans on a chair covered in flowers
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This Mama: Hoaimy

Hoaimy and her husband, Huan, met during high school in Portland. They were high school sweethearts and their closeness was a joy to see. They were very calm and had a lot of trust in me, which made it enjoyable to work with them. During one of our early conversations, Hoaimy presented me with a picture for inspiration, asking if I could do something along those lines, and I immediately agreed.

Her vision fit perfectly within the Sun & Sparrow aesthetic. She wanted something dreamy with romantic flowers and a whimsical dress. The mama in the picture she showed me looked very at ease and in a dreamlike state as if the wind was blowing through her hair. I was immediately excited to shoot this studio maternity session in Portland.

When she walked in to see my first studio setup, she was excited because it matched the vibe that she was looking for and she excitedly went and put on her favorite dress from my client closet and we started the session from there. She was willing to perform the poses and moods that I suggested and she trusted me to create the vision that we agreed on. She also brought a dress of her own but saw a dress in my client closet that she liked better and decided to go with that.

Hoaimy is so sweet and incredibly likable. I had a lot of fun working with her and seeing her pretty smile. She makes an effort to connect with people and has a lot of fun, even when she is nervous. I appreciated her ability to use warm and kind words. Her husband, Huan, is equally likable and is good at being silly and making jokes. He was incredibly supportive, noticing any time when I needed support by jumping in and moving things around, while consistently supporting Hoaimy whenever she needed it. He is very perceptive and ready to help. I enjoyed working with this couple a lot.

Studio Maternity Session in Portland

I have recently opened up my new studio in the Portland metro area. It is an incredible pleasure to have a place where I can make all of my most whimsical photo session dreams come true, and now I am excited to share all of that whimsy and dreaminess with you.

Come and have your maternity pictures taken in my studio, with my selection of backdrops and a client closet, full of whimsical dresses and clothing items. The walls have classic beaded moulding that makes your session look elegant and timeless. The studio has large windows and is often full of natural light that provides a soft dreamy look. Let’s talk today about your vision and how we can create a photo session that fits it!

Why Choose Sun & Sparrow to Photograph Your Studio Maternity Session?

Pregnancy is such a precious time in life, and you should be looking for a photographer who will treat you and your memories with care and warm welcoming arms. I am someone who wants to capture the beauty and intention that you have for your new life as a family, and I want to do that through a shared vision that we create together.

I focus on connecting to an essence of joy and a longing for that breathless moment of wonder. My work is romantic and timeless and you will get photos that are whimsical and filled with anticipation and excitement for what is to come.

I make you feel comfortable and bring out your personality to create an experience that goes beyond the photograph. I want you to look at your photograph and love how it looks while also remembering how much fun you had during your photo session. My philosophy is that we should be creating memories during our sessions that transcend photographs so that your pictures are the most meaningful they can be.

Contact Sun and Sparrow to get started on your Studio Maternity session today!

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