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Timeless Wedding at Villa Del Sol d’Oro

by Sun & Sparrow

A dramatic picture of a bride and groom under a tree during their villa del sol d'Oro wedding IN Sierra madre

A flat lay featuring wedding invitations to a Villa del sol d'Oro Socal wedding. the invitations feature a wrought iron gate that mirrors the gate at Villa del sol d'Oro, and a painting of the venue. There is also a photograph featuring the wedding rings in a bowl, flanked by pink flowers
wedding details for a wedding in Southern California, featuring perfume, vow cards, pink flowers, white earrings, and a golden plate
White wedding shoes and pink flowers with perfume, styled by sun and sparrow photography for a wedding at Villa del sol d'Oro. On the right a wedding dress hangs before the wedding
A bride poses with her bridesmaids on a balcony at villa del sol d'Oro and a bridesmaid helps the bride buckle her shoes before her wedding. Photographs by sun and sparrow
A bride and her bridesmaids getting ready for a wedding at Villa del sol d'Oro. The bride is looking at her daughter with love, while her bridesmaids look on. The room has a large fireplace with brick and stone, while the walls have arches and the floors are hardwood
Wedding details for the groom during his wedding at Villa Del Sol d'Oro. Photographed and styled by Sun and Sparrow Villa del Sol d'Oro wedding photographer
A groom and a groomsmen get ready for the wedding in the library in at villa del sol d'Oro. The groom puts on his shoes and his groomsman helps him put on his cufflinks
A groom gets ready for his wedding in the library at Villa del sol door
A groom joyously looks at his bride during their first look at villa del sol d'Oro. meanwhile, the bridesmaids look on from above
a bride and groom look at their wedding rings during their couples photos at their villa del sol d'oro wedding in Sierra madre
A kiss is shared in front of a beautiful pond at Villa del Sol d'Oro
During a wedding at Villa del sol d'Oro, the bridal party poses for a traditional portrait in front of the statue of St Francis.
The bridesmaids pose and the bride stands elegantly in front of a statue of St Francis
this ceremony space is set up beside a beautiful pond and a pathway lined in cypress trees
The bride wakls to the ceremony as the groom looks at her with deep emotions
bride and groom share laughs at their ceremony
A bride and groom celebrate their marriage at the end of their ceremony at Villa del sol d'Oro in Sierra madre. Photograph by Sun and Sparrow Photography
a bride and groom kiss their daughter on their wedding day
the bride and groom stand near a large fairytale-like gate
This is a dramatic shot of a bride and groom walking together near a building during their wedding at villa del sol d'Oro
A bride and groom pose in front of an opening gate at Villa del sol d'Oro. the bride is holding a pink and white bouquet as her veil crosses the bottom of the photograph.
A groom kisses the hand of his bride on the steps below their wedding reception at Villa del sol d'Oro. The bride has a gorgeous veil that trails all the way down the stairs. photo taken by sun and sparrow photography
A wedding reception setup on a balcony at a gorgeous Villa del sol d'orzo wedding. The wedding features gold chairs, pink and white flowers, hanging lights, and white tablecloths
beautiful reception at Villa del sol d'Oro, featuring white and pink flowers, golden chairs, classic archways, and whimsical place settings
Table setup for a whimsical wedding at Villa del sol d'Oro featuring pink roses, white hydrangeas, and daisies.
Seating tags for a wedding at Villa del sol d'Oro featuring keys and tassels hanging on a wrought iron door
Wedding details: a cake, keys, and an invitation at a table at Villa del sol d'Oro
A couple shares a dreamy first dance next to their sweetheart table at Villa del sol d'Oro in Sierra madre
A bride and groom pose in front of their dreamy wedding details on their wedding day at Villa del sol D'oro. Featuring a champagne tower and flowers
A bride leans and covers her mouth in amusement while the groom smiles next to her and other people observe the same thing
A couple kisses after they cut their wedding cake

The Couple: Jen and Anh

I love connecting with all of my clients. Jen and Anh were no exception. It was wonderful to provide them with the Sun & Sparrow experience. Jen has very luxurious taste and she loves things stylized in a detail-oriented and elegant way. I had a lot of fun making all of her perfect details work together, and I am so excited about how the pictures turned out from this day.

Anh truly goes out of his way to do everything for Jen. He really is her knight in shining armor and you could see it throughout the day. Ahn was always doing beautiful things for Jen. The night before their timeless wedding at Villa Del Sol d’Oro Anh made sure that he was the one to get up to help their baby so that Jen could have her perfect wedding day. Every bride deserves a groom as thoughtful and kind as Anh.

Anh and Jen have a baby together and I found their interactions with their baby to be incredibly sweet. They both have kids from before they got together, and it was special to see them coming together to create their blended family. I could tell that they fully embraced one another.

One of my favorite events from their wedding was watching a highlight video that Anh made for Jen, full of fun and romantic events from their time together before their wedding. I loved watching Jen’s reaction to the video, but Anh had the most fun of all, watching his new bride show him her love.

The Venue: Wedding at Villa Del Sol D’Oro

Villa D’el Sol De Oro is one of the most beautiful venues that I have worked at. It is a classic historical-style Italian building with telework, pillars, and arches that scream luxury. This venue is used in movies and TV because of its beautiful architecture and wonderful landscaping. It features ponds and fountains along with trees that bring life to the property.

The Wedding Day

On Jen and Anh’s wedding day I met them at the venue. There is a gorgeous bridal suite where Jen got ready, while Anh got ready in the library. The bridal suite was full of love and joy as all of her bridesmaids and her daughter doted on her. She mentioned that it was especially sweet to see her daughter look up at her and get to see her as a bride.

The library where Anh got ready features masculine lines with books and wood. There are tall ceilings that make it feel fast and open, along with vintage furniture and a bar where the guys could have a scotch and hang out before the day got going.

Their first look was in a courtyard and when Jen walked up to Anh, he turned around and had the best, most surprised look on his face. It was so sweet to see the bridesmaids and Jen’s daughter look out the window to see their romance blossom. From there the day came alive. We took couples portraits, along with bridal party portraits, and then it was time for the ceremony.

The ceremony was just above a pond, flanked by cypress trees. The scene was immaculate and I was stunned by its beauty. As the wedding party walked out of the ceremony, I got another picture of the couple kissing and Anh dipped Jen skillfully. Then they walked back up the stairs in celebration of their new marriage.

Vendors and Details

Officient: Shane Lohman

DJ MC: Kevin Veigel

Florist: Memo Florist

Cake: Takes the Cake

Rentals: MTB Rentals

Caterer: Fundamental LA Catering

Photobooth: Magic Mirror Photobooth

Ceremony Musicians: Grace Music Events LLC

Video: Knot and Gown Films

Wedding planner: White blossom events

Photographer: Sun & Sparrow Photography

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