Timeless Oceanfront Wedding at the Portofino Hotel

By Sun and Sparrow

A bride and Groom kiss in front of the water at their wedding at the Portofino Hotel

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The Couple: Jenna and Kevin

Jenna And Kevin are a match made in heaven. They met in college in Massachusetts, where they lived until 2020, and eventually moved back to Palos Verdes, where she grew up. One of my favorite facts about them is that they got engaged on the fourth of July. Can you imagine getting engaged and then watching fireworks? Days like that make you feel like the world was made for you.

Jenna and Kevin have seamless communication. I was so honored to observe them talking about everything. I believe that their dedication to their connection makes their relationship more intimate and special. Their communication skills weren’t limited to just each other; I found them easygoing and enjoyable to chat with. When I asked them to tell me what they loved about each other Jenna told me that she loves that Kevin is brilliant, caring, and thoughtful while Kevin loves that Jenna is scheduled, regimented, loyal, and caring.

Both Jenna and Kevin were very close with their families. Jenna’s mom was very much involved with all of the details and planning. She just had the most positive perspective even though she was very determined to make sure that the day went well. She helped guide the day while showing love and gentleness to everyone around her.

Kevin has a huge smile and he was smiling all day. On the wedding day, he was slightly more reserved than she was, but he resonated with joy whenever he was around her. Whenever they were together they knew how to slow down time to be in each other’s presence and share space with each other even when it wasn’t a naturally intimate moment.

The Day

Jenna and Kevin got married on a warm summer day in Redondo Beach; where the weather rarely ranges over 80 or below 60 degrees. I met Jenna in her room at the Portofino at about 1 pm. When I walked in everyone was getting their makeup done and moving around, getting themselves ready to go, having mimosas and lunch, sandwiches, and croissants. After some cute conversations to get the mood going, I started working on Jenna’s flatlays. Her details were clean and modern with an inspiration of ocean tones, featuring blues and seafoam greens and I found myself immersed in inspiration.

The mood in the room was encouraging and resonated with a quiet excitement. I remember Jenna’s sister tearing up as she watched Jenna put on her dress and get ready for her big day. Those connections with your loved ones are the most beautiful parts of a wedding day to me.

After detail shots, we set Jenna and Kevin up for their first look in the lobby of the Portofino. They looked so sweet and happy being with each other. I watched as they cherished their first moments together on their wedding day, whispering in each other’s ears and sharing lots of giggles and laughs. I wanted to know everything that was being said but the beauty of those moments was in the shared love that Jenna and Kevin had.

The ceremony was on the lawn of the Portofino Hotel. Their setup was classic and clean. They dressed up the venue’s pergola with soft blush roses and greenery.

After the ceremony, we snuck away to the other side of the building to where all of the sailboats dock, and we got lucky enough for someone to let us in and even luckier when someone let us take pictures on their yacht! That moment was so dreamy. It was so refreshing to see Jenna and Kevin having an incredibly fun time together, laughing and whispering to each other while melting into each other. I have to say that it felt like they were two puzzle pieces, clearly made for one another.

The Venue

The Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach is an ocean venue through and through. There are ocean views from every room and when you walk into the lobby your eyes are immediately drawn to floor-to-ceiling windows that look dreamily into the port. The wall colors are sea foam green and sky blue with white trim, adding ocean colors everywhere. Without fail, every time I go to a wedding at the Portofino Hotel, it is a dreamy experience.

A pathway just in front of the hotel is a hidden gem for portraits right under your nose. You might not notice it at first, but once you do, the photographs you will take on the path will be the perfect balance of dreamy and beachy. The palm trees play with the sandy dirt path, making it clear that your love is free and beautiful. I am so happy with how Jenna and Kevin’s photos on the path turned out.

A special feature of the hotel is that the lawn of the Portofino borders the port and you can watch boats go by. Occasionally a boat toots a celebration of the couple from the water and everyone cheers. When you can peel your eyes away from the ocean for a moment, Palos Verdes comes into view in the background, right behind the ceremony arch. I can’t imagine a better setting than to have your wedding at the Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach!

Details and Decor

Jenna cleverly used the same vibe and colors the hotel features. The sea foam greens and sky blues that she chose fit perfectly in with the rest of the hotel, with a subtle hint of blush to give it that soft wedding feel. Her dress had unique lace with a crosshatch interlay that made me feel like I was photographing a fairy tale and her bridal jewelry was in silver tones, but when we got to the reception there were bright golds that brought warmth and elegance to the evening. This was a perfect example of how to style a wedding at the Portofino Hotel.


makeup: bright crystal wedding

Dress: bridal elegance

DJ: Second Song

Cake: Torrance Bakery

Flowers: Flower Duet

Venue: The Portofino Hotel

Invitations: minted

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