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Heavenly Rancho Palos Verdes Wedding, Samanta & James

Heavenly Wayfarers Chapel Wedding, Samanta & James

Samanta and James had a very intimate day at their Rancho Palos Verdes wedding. It was a small crowd with all their closest people in attendance. A lot of people came to the wedding from Samanta’s hometown in Mexico. It was so special to see people coming together to support the love of the people that they love.

By Sun & Sparrow Photography

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A Bride and Groom take a picture in front of Wayfarer's Chapel during their Rancho Palos Verdes wedding
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The Venue: A Wayfarers Chapel Wedding:

I love that this wedding is local. Wayfarer’s Chapel is just a few miles away from my house where I live with my husband and my four-year-old boy. It is so special to drive from the happily ever after that I am already living, towards a new happily ever after that my couples are embarking on, and that is only enhanced by the fact that I get to drive through beautiful Palos Verdes.

A Rancho Palos Verdes wedding makes for a beautiful day. The building itself is an incredibly iconic historical landmark in Palos Verdes! It is surrounded by a mini-forest with redwoods and coastal cypress trees. The architecture is magical, with the way that they put windows throughout the whole chapel, including the ceiling. There are gold Accents and PV stone throughout, and you’re just a short walk to gorgeous cliffs, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Samanta and James chose to have a Wayfarer’s Chapel wedding because they wanted to have a whimsical and beautiful wedding to start their own fairy tale.

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Their love story: Samanta and James

Samanta and James carried on a long-distance relationship for four years. She lived in Mazatlan Mexico and he lived in the South Bay. Samanta is a dreamer who gets out and goes for her dreams. She left Mexico to marry the love of her life, James, who provides a very important pillar of stability. James is steadfast and wise, supporting Samanta in all of her adventures. Their relationship is sure to flourish as they begin their fairytale marriage. They are a cute couple who will dress up together and go to Disneyland or put on matching Halloween outfits. They are full of life and adventure.

Samanta and I ended up becoming friends because she is SO sweet. She and I both connect because we like to enjoy the whimsical parts of life. I am also from a Hispanic background so there was just a deeper connection on that level. Also, the way that she spoke made me feel immediately like I was with family. I am so thankful that I was able to play a part in their Rancho Palos Verdes Wedding.

Wedding Highlights

Florist: The florist was Handpicked Petals:

This was a super sweet woman who drove from Orange County to provide the flowers for this wedding! The flowers were a classic and whimsical bouquet of white roses.

Dress: Sophia Tolli:

The dress was an A-line dress that sat off the shoulder. It had a sweetheart neckline with a full lace top to bottom. She also had a cathedral veil. I love that she wore her hair to highlight her natural curls and that she did her own makeup. Her makeup was done so well that it looked professionally done. Her colors were classic black and white with pops of emerald green. This classy style highlighted the couple’s

DJ: Tempoe y Djs

Reception: Raffaello Ristorante in San Pedro

The Day

Samanta and James had a very intimate day. It was a small crowd with all their closest people in attendance. A lot of people came to the wedding from Samanta’s hometown in Mexico. It was so special to see people coming together to support the love of the people that they love.

I loved seeing Samanta and James’ relationships with their parents. Watching Samanta’s dad walk into the room to see her was the sweetest thing in the world. You could see that it truly meant the world to him to be there for his daughter as she got married. Her mom helped her with all the details like putting her dress and veil on and making sure that she looked just right. You could see the pride in her eyes as she saw her daughter get ready to be married.

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