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Recently, we had the opportunity to work with a wedding and diamond ring design company called Anjolee. Before our collaboration, I had seen their company on Instagram and loved to browse through their feed. Now that we have the chance to partner with them, we decided to dig a little deeper into what their company is all about. What we found was pretty cool!

There are a few things that we really love about Anjolee.

Their company is committed to custom craft every piece of jewelry that is ordered. Starting with a digital design, each ring goes through a 14 step process of building and quality control by a master designer. Every diamond ring, earring, necklace, and bracelet will have gone through a master crafter’s hands before being sent out to their customers. It’s pretty amazing to see how they create each piece of art. I love the intricacies that modern jewelry making offers.

Anjolee are also Conflict Free as well as Eco-Friendly. This is a huge deal for us, here at Sun & Sparrow. When we are looking at jewelry for ourselves, we are constantly looking at vintage, antique, and conflict free items because we do care about the people that risk their lives to attain the stones and precious metals in other countries. Anjolee also takes their time after crafting their beautiful pieces to collect any metal remains to reuse for future jewelry.

Lastly, the designs are beautiful. They have classic designs, modern designs, and antique inspired designs for their diamond rings. There are so many options! Whatever style you are considering, we recommend Anjolee.


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