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Tips for choosing wedding vendors that you’ll love // With Sun & Sparrow

Ellie Fuqua, owner of Sun and Sparrow Photography, in a field of flowers in front of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Southern California

Choosing your wedding vendors may seem like a challenge. There are so many people out there that have so many offerings and prices. How do you choose amongst them all?!?  Here are a few tips that we have learned over the years to help in making decisions for all wedding vendors and venues.


Connect with the vision

Connecting with their vision for the design of your day is super important.  When choosing wedding pros, it’s important to be able to trust their artistry, but also connecting to your vision for your day. It’s always a good idea to ensure your vendor’s design style, their values, and their vision lines up with yours, so you can be confident you are on the same page on the deepest level.

Wedding vendors are creatives and each person has their own voice in artistry.  With any artist, it’s very important to see if their voice is “harmonious” with yours. Some questions you might consider are, “In their past weddings, have they designed a wedding that I absolutely die over?” “Can they design something similar for me?” “Does my vendor have my budget in mind?” “Does this vendor seem interested in hearing my vision?” “Do they seem like a team player?” “Are their values for family, friends, details, hair, makeup, florals,  romantics, etc. in sync with mine?”

Get To Know Your Vendors

We always recommend that you work with people who you connect and fall in love with on a personal level. When we talk about falling in love, we are talking about falling “in love” with your vendor as a person.  Having someone who you connect with on a personal level, as well as a professional level, is so important! You want to be able to communicate your vision clearly and feel heard as well as feel championed! When you choose someone you love, you can be confident in knowing your vendor team is going to execute your vision, be there for you, and create something beautiful with their expertise.

Dive Deep Into Their Experience

What you see in a vendor’s portfolio from “real weddings” is what you can hope to expect on your wedding day. Take your time to look through a portfolio from “real weddings” they have worked on as lead vendors (i.e. coordinators, florists, photographers, hair & makeup artists, etc) to see consistency in their artistry. It’s always beneficial to dig deeper than first glance. One of our favorite things we can hear from a potential client is that they have spent hours browsing our instagram or blog, and are completely IN LOVE with our work. I’m sure every wedding vendor would tell you the same thing! We love when our clients have taken time to immerse themselves in our work and fall in love with what we do!

Once you’ve found your dream team of vendors that care about your dream day, we hope that you can relax with confidence! Your dream team will be connected and confident about your dream wedding day coming to life.

We are so privileged to be able to share these three tips for choosing wedding vendors with all of you! One thing that we absolutely love about the wedding industry is that we get to be creative with our clients through our process. Why is this awesome? …Because you get to trust each coordinator, florist, photographer, calligrapher, etc in their own craft and watch each element unfold within your vision. It’s our dream that you will be able to look back and remember your love story beautifully. Hopefully, these 3 tips are essential to helping your vendors collaborate and make your dream wedding become a reality!

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