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Magical Redondo Beach Engagement Session // Kristi & James Engagement

By Sun & Sparrow

Magical Beach Engagement Photo Shoot in Redondo // Kristi & James Engagement

A Beautiful Day for A Magical Redondo Beach Engagement Session

Eighteen years ago, when I was just a high school graduate looking to take on the world, young and afraid, I got my first job at a dance studio. Soon after, I met a student named Kristi and I connected with her in such a sweet and creative way as her dance teacher. I was honored to teach her for four years. Unfortunately, when I got accepted into Cal State Fullerton I had to leave that job to focus on my studies as a dancer. Little did I know that Kristi would continue to follow my work and my story for another fifteen years, dreaming that one day I would become her wedding photographer.

Every little step takes you toward your happily ever after…

A couple of months ago, I got an inquiry from a girl named Kristi. That inquiry sparked joy in my heart even though I didn’t know it was the same Kristi from years ago. I called her immediately, hoping it was the same girl that I knew and it turned out to be her. We connected immediately as she told me her story about how she had been dreaming of having me as her wedding photographer and I remembered the times that we spent together at that dance studio so long ago. 

Fast forward to a couple of months later and here we are, doing her Redondo Beach engagement session, reusing some of our old dance poses, and ideas on connection to make a magical beach engagement photoshoot together! Kristi and her fiance, James, Move together with such romance and whimsy, it was more than anything I could have imagined all those years ago before any of this came to be. I am more than excited as I look forward to their wedding day, which will be on a 1920s ship cruising through the San Pedro Harbor.

It is fitting that I have spent so much time photographing fairytale engagements and weddings since in this case, the circumstances that brought this photoshoot about feel like a fairytale in real life.

Here are Kristi & James at their Redondo Beach Engagement Session

Dreamy Redondo Beach Engagement Session 0014
A couple looks out at the beach during their engagement session in Redondo Beach California
Dreamy Redondo Beach Engagement Session 0015
Dreamy Redondo Beach Engagement Session 0018
Dreamy Redondo Beach Engagement Session 0021
Dreamy Redondo Beach Engagement Session 0022
Dreamy Redondo Beach Engagement Session 0023
Dreamy Redondo Beach Engagement Session 0010
Dreamy Redondo Beach Engagement Session 0002
Dreamy Redondo Beach Engagement Session 0008
Dreamy Redondo Beach Engagement Session 0009
Dreamy Redondo Beach Engagement Session 0011

Kristi & James and The Sun & Sparrow Experience

I am so thankful that I got to photograph this wonderful couple. Their connection is unmistakable and It is a joy to work with them. They were so easygoing, accepting their environment and the realness of each moment. They seemed to relax right away when the photo shoot started and trusted me when I asked them to perform poses and movements that many people find laughable. They jumped into the shoot with magic and laughter right away and they even added their dogs in to add an extra bit of adorableness.

It is so important to be able to trust the process, even when it feels ridiculous because when it comes down to it, the connection between you stands out in photographs. I tell every couple at the beginning of each session that it is my job to pose to create moments and to compose this creative space. From there it is the couple’s job to find their connection and trust the process. When trust and vulnerability show up, the best moments come to be!

Kristi and James trusted the process fully and completely, and it showed up vibrantly in their images. I know that that trust was already there because of our sweet history from so many years ago. It goes to show that the value of being a dancer, and the connection between dance and photography creates a unique creative space. Kristi and James took advantage of that opportunity well.

The Sun & Sparrow experience is one where I get to know my clients so that I can cherish and support them during their wedding and through everything surrounding it. I am so thankful that I was able to share this time with Kristi & James at their Redondo Beach engagement session

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