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Light & Airy in-home Newborn Photography // Beautiful Little Mila

In-home Newborn photography

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Light & Airy in-home Newborn Photography // Little Mila

As spring blooms in Portland, Oregon, so does the beauty of newborn Mila and her family. Join us as we explore the light and airy in-home newborn photography session that captures the love that this little one has for her family with colorful tulips and baby’s breath.

Introduction to baby Mila and her family

Mila was born on a beautiful fall morning, and her parents couldn’t be more thrilled. She is their everything and they feel so blessed to have her in their lives. We were so excited to be a part of this special time in their lives.

Admiring the love between them

Mila and her parents were so sweet together! I loved watching them interact and admire the love between them. Mila was only a few days old, but she was already so alert and interested in the world around her. Her parents were so patient with her as she explored and posed for the camera. They were clearly thrilled to be new parents and absolutely smitten with their little girl. It was such a joy to capture these precious moments for them!

A description of the photographs we took

The photographs in this blog article were taken by me, Ellie, in the home of a beautiful new mom and her sweet baby girl. I used all natural light to capture these airy images. I love newborn photography because it is so special to document this time that is so fleeting.

To get these types of photos, I always start by opening up all of the curtains and blinds in the home. This lets in tons of gorgeous, soft light. I then position my subject near a window so that they are bathed in this pretty light. I use a reflector to bounce even more light onto my subject, and voila! Perfection!

Exploring the use of tulips and babys breath in the photos

When it comes to in-home newborn photography, one of the most popular looks is light and airy. This style is achieved by using soft colors and plenty of negative space. To create a light and airy look in your photos, try incorporating tulips and babys breath.

Tulips are a great choice for light and airy newborn photography because they are delicate and elegant. They also come in a variety of colors, so you can find the perfect shade to complement your little one’s skin tone. Babys breath is another excellent option for achieving a light and airy look. This pretty flowering plant adds just the right amount of texture to your photos without being overwhelming. There are a lot of amazing florists that I use for shoots like this but in this case I went to Trader Joes and got exactly the right flowers for baby Mila.




Congratulations to the happy parents on the birth of their new baby girl Mila! We hope you enjoyed this look inside one of our light and airy newborn photography sessions. If you’d like to capture your own precious moments with your little one, contact us today for a custom in-home session. Our experienced photographers will work with you to create beautiful images that capture all the wonder and joy of these first days as a parent.  Inquire about booking your session today!

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