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How Flowers Transform Your Photos

A bride and groom stand in a courtyard surrounded by flowers

Everyone knows that flowers are a MUST HAVE for any wedding day. But have you considered that one of the reasons that weddings are so beautiful are because of the soft and flowing nature of flowers. We want to share some of the ways that we love to elevate our sessions and weddings with flowers! We believe that flowers really add to and elevate all types of sessions! For any engagement sessions, maternity sessions, boudoir, newborns and for all of our sessions, we absolutely and always recommend flowers!

Below, I have included some awesome examples of how flowers can elevate your sessions.

A bride and groom stand near Bougainville

Bouquets & Garlands & Wreaths

I always recommend at least a bouquet for any bride at their engagement session or wedding. Oftentimes it’s easy to think, maybe some with and some without, but I always think that flowers bring that extra glamour!

A pregnant woman sits in a chair with florals all around her while wearing a white dress

Loose Flowers

A flatvlay featuring loose flowers. The backdrop is emerald

One way to elevate your session is to incorporate loose flowers all around. You can place them in your hairstyle or even around in your props, picnic, or on your tablescape. One of my FAVORITE THINGS to do with loose flowers is to toss them in the air with bridesmaids. Not only is a flower toss super fun, it brings extra smiles and wonders into any photo.

Flowers or Foliage in Nature

Tigard Family Photographer takes photographs of a family as a father lifts his daughter over queen Anne's lace

You want to pick a location for your session that has natural flowers

One thing that is a little more challenging to accomplish, but so beautiful is when you find the right spots to incorporate flowers or foliage in nature. All of our Sun & Sparrow photographers, including associates just love foliage in nature. We are always looking for leaves or natural flowers to place our couples into. There is something magical and romantic about natural vines that grow on walls or trees that have hanging leaves that make our hearts sing.


A Little Goes A Long Way

A flat lay for. a wedding at Alila area

In our experience, a little goes a long way. Whether you have a huge floral budget or a minimalistic budget, there are always creative ways to incorporate flowers into your sessions. Ask your photographers if they have ideas or suggestions for bringing flowers into your session. Sun & Sparrow does have small session options for florals. Ellie loves to design wreaths and bouquets for new moms and brides-to-be.

Another option is to make a bouquet yourself. Pinterest has many options to create your own wreaths and bouquets. I often recommend bringing a few flowers from your garden or even from your local grocery store that can be incorporated into your session. A little bit goes a long way.

Use Flowers To Create Your Color Pallette

Five Photoshoots That Were Elevated By Their Florals

Finding The Perfect Florist

Just like finding the right photographer, finding the right florist will make your wedding day that much more special. We always recommend interviewing florists and reviewing their portfolios, just as you would a photographer. Make sure you connect with the person you will be working with and make sure that you love them. Everyone’s dream is to work with your “dream team” at your session or wedding. When choosing your florist, make sure that their vision matches you vision for your big day. Lastly, make sure that you have fun!

Every session should be fun and creative. When working with creatives, remember that they love collaborating to make your story that much more special! Let us know if you want to help bring your session to life with florals or creative fabrics, ribbons, or textures.

We are so excited about all of your upcoming sessions! Thank you for reading and thank you for being a part of our hearts!

Check out some of our favorite florists to work with HERE! 

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