Andrew & Christina // Intimate Manhattan Beach wedding

June 9, 2018 feels like a dream, and the night before just as dreamy. We had the most relaxed, easy-going rehearsal and dinner. Setting up the church and the banquet hall was a breeze as we had the centerpieces and all of the paper florals done for at least a week! We both were able to get a full night’s rest, and everyone did their own hair, makeup, and wardrobe essentials. Uncharacteristic from other weddings, we were always on time if not ahead of schedule! Sticking to the schedule, but also not personally fussing over the details made the day wonderful. We just remember being so excited about being husband and wife that we couldn’t stop smiling or eat because had we made it! It was also affirming to be told how easy and carefree our day was for everyone involved. What we remember most about the wedding was a sense of calm throughout the entire day. Everyone was happy and easy going, especially the wedding party. What made us most happy was seeing all of our guests smiling and excited to finally be celebrating with us as husband and wife.

I don’t pretend to be a statue, but I’m not really a crier. I was calm and excited as we took getting ready shots, then my mother-in-law walked into the bridal suite asking for help with her dress before going to see Andrew. I jokingly told her she wasn’t supposed to be here, and all she could say was that I looked amazing. After we helped her I couldn’t help but thinking my mother-in-law was walking up to my husband; I was about to have a husband by marrying my best and truest friend. Cue happy tears! Later on during the heartwarming toasts, my sister spoke about how happy she was that Andrew & I figured it out together and that we should never let go of what we have between us. Happy tears once more!During the salad, guests were starting to notice that each table had a different board or card game available to play. One of Andrew’s father’s cousins snuck over to the kids table and took their game – Trouble! She was so happy to have found that board game at our wedding, and we had never seen an adult so excited to see a game. Watching them then play the game made it even more fun!

Romantic, timeless, comfortable, crafty – these are a few words that came to mind while planning our wedding. We knew that we wanted to stick to a certain budget, and we were able to meet that goal by doing what I love doing – making everything I possibly could myself! We wanted everyone to feel welcomed and as though they truly are part of our story. Friends and family call my mom the “crafty-crafty queen,” so it only makes sense that I wanted to be the “craft princess” by cutting and creating each centerpiece and floral. Making the paper flowers gave me the opportunity to think about not only the wedding but each guest at the tables, taking time to think about what special touches could we include at our wedding so that there was something for everyone. What was most special for us was overhearing guests saying, “Oh! Look! We got this game to play first. I’m so excited!” That’s when we knew that all of that crafting and planning was worth it.

Be true to you and your future spouse; Andrew did not want to dance at all at his wedding, so we didn’t have dancing. Instead we personally selected fun games for our guests to play, and it seems like every time we talk about our wedding with someone they always loved that they got to play games instead of dancing.

Hire a day-of coordinator and a photographer that you respect, love their artistry, and have your best interests at heart! Tiffani and our coordinator, Laura, made sure that we had to worry for nothing but always made sure we were comfortable with what was happening. I cannot image what our wedding would have been like without them there!

Take the time to explain to each other the things you want, and just as importantly, do not want at your wedding. We took the time to list out our desires, and we came to a compromise on what we would include. Also, do not be afraid to talk to everyone about your big day. Good ideas come from the craziest places, and there are no bad ideas in brainstorming.



Ceremony Venue: Hope UMC   |  Reception Venue: Matisse at the Ayres Hotel   |  Coordinator: Laura Bevilacqua

|  Photographer: Sun & Sparrow   |  Florals: The bride created all the PAPER FLOWERS, designs from   |  Invitations: paperless post   |  Caterer: Matisse   |  Desserts: Torrance Bakery   |  Wedding rings maker: ModernWeddingRing   |  Guest GAMES: bride & groom purchased 100 games from


Wedding Gown Boutique & Designer: David’s Bridal Collection   |  Wedding & Engagement rings: LaMore Design (engagement ring) & ModernWeddingRing (wedding rings)   |  Other Bride Details: Necklace , Earrings    |  Bride Shoes:    |  Bridesmaids dresses: Coralie Beatrix   | Bridesmaids robes:    | Groom Suit & Effects: Hollywood Suits    |  Groom Details: MOH, fabric from & template from    |  Groomsmen gifts:

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