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Elegant Fairytale wedding at the Ebell of Los Angeles // David & Lauren

ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0001

wedding photographer los angeles

Elegant wedding at the Ebell of Los Angeles // DAVID & LAUREN @ 2019 Sun & Sparrow // Dreamy LA wedding photography

1. Describe your how you felt on your wedding morning, all the anticipation and the love. What were you most looking forward to in the beginning of your day.
Lauren: Surreal. I was feeling so nervous and excited yet calm and collected. We were finally getting married after over a year of planning. It didn’t feel “real” until now. I was getting ready with my lovely bridesmaids and mom, and I couldn’t stop smiling because they looked so beautiful and also because David was in the next room over getting ready as well. I kept wondering to myself, “How is he feeling? I hope he didn’t forget this” “How does he look?” I’m the one usually in control and I had to let that go and put my trust that everything was going to be perfect.
2. Did you have a ‘first look’ or a ‘walk down the aisle’ moment?

How did you feel when you saw your significant other for the first time?Lauren: We definitely had a first look moment and it was truly amazing and emotional. When we locked eyes, tears just down my face and I had these butterflies I felt that wouldn’t go away. I hardly see him cry but when he saw me in my dress, he also cried. We had “our” moment alone and we definitely reassured each other how much we loved each other and how this day will be nothing short of wonderful.

3. What was your favorite moment/story from your wedding day?

My favorite moment from our wedding day was being surrounded by our amazing loved ones. There was so much happiness and love in the air.  To see our family and friends come celebrate us, we are so incredibly thankful for them being present.

4. How did your day most feel like a fairytale?
Everything was truly perfect. From the venue, florals, food, the little details, and our amazing vendors- our vision became a reality. Thank you Sun & Sparrow for capturing these precious moments so we can reminisce and show our children our wedding day.
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0002
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0003
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0004
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0005
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0006
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0007
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0008
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0009
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0010
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0011
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0012
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0013
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0014
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0015
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0016
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0017
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0018
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0019
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0020
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0021
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0022
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0023
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0024
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0025
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0026
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0027
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0028
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0029
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0030
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0031
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0032
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0033
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0034
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0035
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0036
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0037
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0038
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0039
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0040
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0041
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0042
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0043
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0044
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0045
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0046
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0047
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0048
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0049
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0050
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0051
ebell of los Angeles Wedding 0052


Venue: The Ebell of Los Angeles  |  Hotel: The Line Hotel LA  |  Coordinator: Mad Love Events  |  Photographer: Sun & Sparrow  |  Videographer: Cloud 9 Videography  |  Photo booth: Flip Booth  |  Florals: De Flora  |  Invitations: Color and Creation  |  Desserts: MM Creamery  |  DJ/MC/LIGHTING: Pro Creation Productions  |  Live Portrait painting: Laura Jane Fine Art  |  Customized napkins: For your Party  |  Wedding Gown Maker: Martina Liana Bridal  |  Wedding Gown Boutique: The Ivory Suite Bridal  |  Bridesmaid dresses: Christina in Taupe at Bird Grey  |  Ring Box: The Mrs. Box  |  Hair & Makeup: Kohnur |  Bride Shoes: Jimmy Choo  |  Suits: The Black Tux  |  Groom’s Shoes: Prada
Heirlooms: My mom had gold melted for me that she had made into gold bracelets and a gold necklace with my Chinese zodiac sign when she gifted it to me as a baby

Want to see more? |  David & Lauren’s engagement HERE


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    SaddleRock Ranch wedding at the vineyard // Chris & Alice

    Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0001

    SaddleRock Ranch wedding at the vineyard // ©2018 Sun & Sparrow Malibu wedding photographers 

    We have been featured!! Click on the images below to see our features!

    featured as matchology         completelogo bwoutline

    From the Bride

    Early in our planning, we decided that we wanted to have a SaddleRock Ranch wedding at the vineyard. The morning of the wedding started bright and early, and from the beginning the day was full of excitement and joy. We had planned our wedding for nearly two years! When our wedding day finally came, everything felt so unreal, like a magical fairytale was unfolding. It was an amazing feeling knowing that our family and friends, many of whom had traveled far, had all come together to support us for our next chapter in life.


    Remembering Special Moments

    We decided to have our “first look” along a long corridor at our AirBnb. During our moment, both of us felt much anticipation. Walking down the long corridor to reach my husband to be was surreal!!! When I finally saw him for the “first time”, I was overwhelmed with emotion. I’m not someone who usually cries, but I definitely let out tears of joy in that moment.

    One of my favorite moments of our day was exchanging our vows. I remember it vividly. Chris and I decided to each write our own personalized vows. Being at the altar is a very intimate place to be and we wanted our vows to reflect that. Even being in front of family and friends, in that moment, it still felt like we were the only ones there.

    Our wedding day was an absolutely magical fairytale. Every moment was stunning. We loved SaddleRock Ranch wedding at the vineyard because it was entirely outdoors. The ceremony and reception sat on top of a hill overlooking surrounding rolling vineyard hills. Everything collectively perfectly fit the romantic, whimsical feel we were going for. Much of our decor revolved around a blush-to-cabernet ombre color scheme, including the bridesmaids dresses, table settings, flowers centerpieces. We added small elements of gold and marble to add a modern touch. Despite the day flying by, we were able to enjoy every moment of it and wouldn’t change a thing.

    ~ Love, Alice

    From the Photographers

    When Chris and Alice first spoke with us about their wedding day, I knew their wedding would be dreamy. We absolutely loved their chic whimsical style that reflected their personality through the entire day. When they mentioned they wanted a SaddleRock Ranch wedding at the vineyard my heart leapt! Before their day, I had not photographed at this particular venue. I knew that this day would be full of wonder and beauty.

    Through our planning process, Alice and I discussed colors, styling, florals as well as her favorite locations at SaddleRock. We made a plan to travel throughout the entire ranch to capture some of her dream shots. I’m so glad that we planned to have extra time for photos, all throughout the day. We were able to photograph in the valleys, at the top of the mountains, at the door that leads to nowhere, and so many more locations. In my opinion, being able to help both Chris & Alice achieve their wedding day vision made our jobs a success. When we can champion a client’s heart into their photos, I believe that we have done our jobs well.

    ~ Love, Tiffani

    Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0002Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0003Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0004Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0006Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0007
    Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0010Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0012Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0013Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0014
    Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0017Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0029Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0022Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0023Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0024Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0025Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0026Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0027

    Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0030Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0031Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0032Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0033Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0034Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0036Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0035Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0042Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0043Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0044
    Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0046Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0039SaddleRock Ranch, ceremony inspirations, the vineyard viewSaddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0048Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0051Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0052Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0053Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0054Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0055Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0056Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0057Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0058Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0059Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0060
    Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0062Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0063Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0064Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0065Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0066Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0067Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0068Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0069Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0070
    Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0072Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0073Saddle Rock Ranch Wedding 0074


    Venue: Saddlerock Ranch  |  Coordinator: DNT Elite   |   Photographer: Sun & Sparrow  |  Videographer & Photobooth: Chubbywhales   |   Florals: BeBud Florist   |   Invitations: Zazzle   |   Calligraphy: Bonnie Umali  |   Rentals: A Rental Connection   |   Caterer: Monrose Catering   |    Desserts: M Cakes Sweets   |   Wedding rings maker: Blue Nile    |   Wedding Gown Maker: Calla Blanche   |    Wedding Gown Boutique: Le Marriage Couture   |  Ring Box: LaceByrd   |   Hair & Makeup: Kelly Zhang Studio   |   Bride Shoes: Bella Belle   |   Bridesmaids dresses: BHLDN   |   Groom & Groomsmen Suits: Zara Men   |   Groom shoes:  Paul Evans


    To see more photography from SaddleRock Ranch Venues, click on any of the links below.

    The Garden  |  The Oak Grove  |  The Vineyard  |  Camp Cabernet


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      David & Frangelica // Garden fairytale wedding at the Belmond el Encanto in Santa Barbara

      belmond wedding 0021

      Garden inspired wedding at the Belmond el Encanto in Santa Barbara // ©2018 Sun & Sparrow Santa Barbara wedding photographers

      We’ve been featured! Come and see the full feature HERE! 

      completelogo bwoutline


      wedding photographer los angeles malibu

      FROM THE BRIDE // From the moment you step onto the Belmond El Encanto in Santa Barbara, you can feel its magic. The stunning ocean views to the bungalows set among the lush green grounds set the tone for a fairy tale setting. As we walked under the wisteria covered arbor surrounding the lily pond, our 12 year old pug dove in for a swim with the turtles. We knew right then and there that this was going to be the place where we would get married.

      “The Secret Garden”, Fran’s favorite childhood book, provided the inspiration for our wedding theme.  Some details we loved included the antique key name tags placed upon moss covered tables, the roses that dangled from every chandelier, and the table numbers made from selected novels from Fran’s antique book collection.

      Our favorite moment of the day occurred before the ceremony while we were alone and blissfully unaware that we were 30 minutes late to our own wedding.  We had found a baby grand piano situated within the quiet hallway beside the ballroom.  This is where we spent time sipping champagne and talking while Fran played the piano.  That moment was special as it gave us an opportunity to pause, appreciate the moment, and take everything in, advice that we would give to every bride and groom.

      Our wedding was dream come true and we felt the love all around us.  It was the perfect day to mark the beginning of  our life together. Our secret garden wedding is perfectly summarized in the quote by Alfred Tennyson, which we displayed at the entrance of the lily pond. “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever.”


      belmond wedding 0002belmond wedding 0003belmond wedding 0004belmond wedding 0005belmond wedding 0006belmond wedding 0007belmond wedding 0008belmond wedding 0009belmond wedding 0010belmond wedding 0011belmond wedding 0012belmond wedding 0013belmond wedding 0014belmond wedding 0015belmond wedding 0016belmond wedding 0017belmond wedding 0018belmond wedding 0019belmond wedding 0020belmond wedding 0021belmond wedding 0022belmond wedding 0024
      belmond wedding 0026belmond wedding 0027belmond wedding 0028belmond wedding 0029belmond wedding 0030belmond wedding 0031belmond wedding 0032belmond wedding 0033belmond wedding 0034belmond wedding 0035belmond wedding 0036belmond wedding 0038belmond wedding 0039belmond wedding 0040belmond wedding 0041belmond wedding 0042belmond wedding 0043belmond wedding 0044belmond wedding 0045belmond wedding 0046belmond wedding 0047belmond wedding 0048belmond wedding 0049belmond wedding 0050belmond wedding 0051belmond wedding 0052belmond wedding 0053belmond wedding 0054belmond wedding 0055belmond wedding 0056

      FEATURED ON: SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA BRIDE BLOG | Photography: Sun & Sparrow Photography | Ceremony Venue: Belmond El Encanto | Reception Venue: Belmond El Encanto | Event Planning: Events by Mr. Butler | Floral: Three Bunch Palms | Stationery: Minted | Videography: Twin Taoers Productions| Wedding Cake: Belmond El Encanto | Hair: Christina G Hair | Makeup: Dream Catcher Artistry | Ceremony Musicians: Brian Stodart | Wedding Dress: Limor Rosen | Groom’s Attire: Giorgio Armani | Bride’s Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Bridesmaid Dresses: BHLDN | Veil: BHLDN | Engagement Ring: Arka Designs | Groom’s Attire: Armani | Groomsmen Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo | Submitted via: Matchology

      Dreamy Bohemian Elopement in Joshua Tree // Nick & Kim

      Joshua Tree Elopement 0001wedding photographer los angeles

      Dreamy Bohemian Elopement in Joshua Tree // Nick & Kim @ Sun & Sparrow 2020 // Destination Wedding Photogrphers

      Joshua Tree Elopement 0002
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0003
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0004
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0005
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0006
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0007
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0008
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0009
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0010
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0011
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0012
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0013
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0014 scaled
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0015
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0016 scaled
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0017
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0018
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0019
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0020
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0021
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0022
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0023 scaled
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0024
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0025
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0026
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0027
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0028
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0029
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0030
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0031
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0032
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0033 scaled
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0034
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0035
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0036 scaled
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0037
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0038 scaled
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0039
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0040
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0041
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0042
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0043
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0044 scaled
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0045
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0046
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0047
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0048
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0049
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0050
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0051
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0052 scaled
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0053
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0054
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0055
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0056
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0057
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0058
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0059
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0060
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0061
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0062
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0063
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0064
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0065
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0066
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0067 scaled
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0068
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0069
      Joshua Tree Elopement 0070 scaled
      Vendors: Photogrpaher: Sun & Sparrow // Videography: The Quail & The Dove // Venues: Zebra House & Joshua Tree National Park // Florist: Cactus Flower Florist 
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        Whimsical  Wedding at The Red Horse Barn // Bryce & Alyson

        Red Horse Barn wedding 0001wedding photographer los angeles

        Whimsical  Wedding at The Red Horse Barn // Bryce & Alyson @ Sun & Sparrow 2020 // Orange County Wedding Photographers

        Red Horse Barn wedding 0002
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0003
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0004
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0005
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0006 scaled
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0007
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0008
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0009 scaled
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0010
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0011
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0012
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0013
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0014 scaled
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0015
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0016
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0017
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0018
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0019
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0020 scaled
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0021
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0022
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0023
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0024
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0025
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0026
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0027
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0028 scaled
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0029
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0030
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0031
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0032
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0033
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0034 scaled
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0035
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0036 scaled
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0037
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0038
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0039 scaled
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0040
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0041
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0042
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0043
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0044
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0045
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0046
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0047 scaled
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0048
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0049
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0050
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0051
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0052
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0053
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0059
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0057 scaled
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0060
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0061
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0055
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0062
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0064
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0065
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0066
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0067
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0068
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0069
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0070
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0071
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0072
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0073
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0074
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0075
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0076
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0077
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0078
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0079
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0080
        Red Horse Barn wedding 0082


        Venue: Red Horse Barn //Coordinator: Robyn Leitao-Stinson //Photographer: Sun & Sparrow //Videographer: Bryd Sisters //Florals: Flowers by Hampton  //Invitations: Minted //Rentals: Michael Leitao  //Caterer: Terilyn Howell  //Desserts: Cinderella Cakes   //Wedding rings maker: Jareds //Wedding Gown Boutique:  Altered her mom’s dress Cariño Bridal Boutique //Wedding & Engagement rings: Jareds //Hair & Makeup: Carmen Ortega with Amorapelo Hairdesign Bride Shoes: Steve Madden //Bridesmaids dresses: Azazie //Groom Suit: Men’s Wearhouse

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