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Cameron & Amy // Fairytale inspired Los Angeles family photography

Fairytale inspired Los Angeles family photography // ©2018 Sun & Sparrow  Los Angeles family photography 

Our love story began many, many years ago. Cameron and I grew up being pen-pals, and one each other’s confidant. We shared all our ups and downs through all stages of our lives, always being a safe place full of comfort for one another.

Both of our lives were on very different paths for a very long time. The day our paths finally met up and we began walking hand-in-hand, we knew we found our place in the world.

We started a life together in Southern California and after two years, we welcomed a baby boy into the world. Ezra William has been the greatest gift and has changed us for the better in every way. He has taught us a new kind of love that is all encompassing. He has taught us patience, kindness, and warmth. He is one of the most important lights in our lives, and we feel lucky to be his. Watching him grow has been the most loving experience of our lives.

A year and a half after having Ezra, we were married at the Santa Barbara courthouse. Our wedding day was a celebration of what we already knew in our hearts, and we were beyond lucky to be able to share it with our close friends and family. The day was perfect in every way. There were no nerves, only excitement in joining our families together and celebrate the love and life we have built together.  It will be a day we will always remember.

As our lives continue on, our love will only grow, and we look forward to the many years we get to spend together as a family.


love, Amy

Chris & Crystal // Los Angeles Fairytale engagement

Los Angeles fairytale engagement // ©2017 Sun & Sparrow Los Angeles fairytale engagement photographers

From the groom:  I never imagined that any of my teenage dreams would come true, let alone my dream of marrying my high school sweetheart. From the moment I laid my eyes on her, I knew she would be the one that would forever change my life. And, if I might add, she has changed my life for the better. For many years Crystal and I had dreamed about the idea of marriage. We planned about our future home with children and how we would grow old together. Unfortunately, in the midst of our dreams, we had news that would change our lives forever. When we heard the diagnosis that Crystal had breast cancer at such a young age, our dreams were put on hold to fight for her life. We battled and had an up and down fight, but Crystal finally won! After 8 years of loving my girl, through all the pain, and a hard fight with breast cancer, I knew it was finally time to take hold of our dreams of marriage and a family that we had put aside.

My plan to propose was simple, but stealthy. I contacted her aunt and asked if she would  take us out to a field and take photos. I posed to Crystal that her aunt just wanted to “try out her new camera.” But in reality, I wanted to have the moment when I get down on one knee and ask Crystal to be my wife.  The day we went out, it was a beautiful spring day with the flowers for miles. Now, I do want to mention that I had the whole event planned out, but none of the plan happened. Ten minutes into our “photo shoot” I couldn’t contain my composure as my nerves had been getting to me.  Before it was time, I dropped down to one knee and the question had come out, “Will you marry me?” To my surprise, she (and I) was absolutely shocked! She had no clue that I would pop the question! But without a beat, she answered, “Yes!”  My heart pumped at one million beats per minute and everything was blurred. I couldn’t come back to my senses and even put the ring on her finger. I would almost say I was in shock, but to more accurately put it, I was in complete awe. The day and my proposal could not have been more perfect. I can’t wait for the day to come, to give our vows before our family and friends and officially become Husband and Wife.

Dave & Dulce // Chic Los Angeles wedding photography

Chic Los Angeles wedding photography // ©2014 Sun & Sparrow Los Angeles wedding photographers
We’ve been living in Downtown Los Angeles for over 4 years. We’ve had front row seats to the “Downtown Renaissance” and absolutely love living in the middle of so much change. There’s excitement in the air. We really wanted to show our friends and family what we get to experience on a day-to-day basis. Downtown naturally has this old-school glamorous feel. As soon as we walked into Cicada, just a few blocks from our loft, we knew it was the place. Everything else just flowed with that 1920s glamorous vibe.
Hers: David’s reaction during the first look. It was priceless. My second favorite was dancing with my grandfather to an old mariachi song “Mi Niña Bonita“. My grandmother passed away recently and was a huge mariachi fan. It was a very special moment.
His: All of it.
We did a few DIY projects and my best advice is to start early. You definitely don’t want to be doing any DIY in the weeks leading up to the wedding. For our guest gifts/table decorations we bought little 2×3 frames and filled them with pictures of the two of us and the people sitting at the table. It was our way to make them feel special. We chose the “Up” score to process to, so we also made the iconic mailbox from the movie with “David & Dulce” painted on the side of it with our handprints.
There’s a certain gravitas that comes with marriage. We’re both enjoying that feeling.
Ceremony & Reception: Cicada http://www.cicadaclub.com/main.asp
Rehearsal Dinner: Drago Centro http://dragocentro.com
Flowers: G Fiori Floral Design http://www.gfiori.com
Cakes: Vanilla Bake Shop http://www.vanillabakeshop.com
Coordinator: Ooh La La Events http://www.oohlala-events.com
Music: The Platinum Groove http://www.theplatinumgroove.com
Dress: Vera Wang
Bride Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Tux: Indochino
Groom Shoes: Allen Edmonds
Bow tie & Suspenders: Brooks Brothers
All Jewelry: Blue Nile
Mother of Bride: Adrianna Papell
Mother of Groom: Teri Jon

JT & Sheeva // Echo Park Boho chic backyard engagement

FROM THE GROOM’S PERSPECTIVE:   It was Easter Sunday 2012 on our 4th year anniversary. I had traveled to Ghana, West Africa, where Sheva was stationed for a month, working with local jewelry artisans. On one of our free moments, in the afternoon heat of Africa, we took a romantic horseback ride along the coast. In one moment, I realized that it was time. With my heart pounding in my chest,  I jumped off my horse and reached into my pocket, then got down on one knee… Above me sat Sheva on her horse named “lucky.”  “Will you Marry me… And make me the happiest man on Earth?” She immediately yelled “Yes!!! Yes!!!” enthusiastically!! I was so excited, everything but her faded away. Right after she screamed a large wave came crashing down on me while still on one knee! I was drenched from head to toe. Luckily, I held onto the ring with all my might! When I got to my feet, I put it on her finger smiling with tears welling up my eyes, and I could see them in hers… It was our kind of fairy tale moment!!!

©2013 Sun & Sparrow Photography // Echo park boho chic backyard engagement

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