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Los Angeles Arboretum enchanted engagement // Chris & Crystal

LA Arboretum wedding 0001

Los Angeles fairytale engagement // ©2017 Sun & Sparrow Los Angeles fairytale engagement photographers

engagement los angeles wedding photographerFrom the groom:  I never imagined that any of my teenage dreams would come true, let alone my dream of marrying my high school sweetheart. From the moment I laid my eyes on her, I knew she would be the one that would forever change my life. And, if I might add, she has changed my life for the better. For many years Crystal and I had dreamed about the idea of marriage. We planned about our future home with children and how we would grow old together. Unfortunately, in the midst of our dreams, we had news that would change our lives forever. When we heard the diagnosis that Crystal had breast cancer at such a young age, our dreams were put on hold to fight for her life. We battled and had an up and down fight, but Crystal finally won! After 8 years of loving my girl, through all the pain, and a hard fight with breast cancer, I knew it was finally time to take hold of our dreams of marriage and a family that we had put aside.

My plan to propose was simple, but stealthy. I contacted her aunt and asked if she would  take us out to a field and take photos. I posed to Crystal that her aunt just wanted to “try out her new camera.” But in reality, I wanted to have the moment when I get down on one knee and ask Crystal to be my wife.  The day we went out, it was a beautiful spring day with the flowers for miles. Now, I do want to mention that I had the whole event planned out, but none of the plan happened. Ten minutes into our “photo shoot” I couldn’t contain my composure as my nerves had been getting to me.  Before it was time, I dropped down to one knee and the question had come out, “Will you marry me?” To my surprise, she (and I) was absolutely shocked! She had no clue that I would pop the question! But without a beat, she answered, “Yes!”  My heart pumped at one million beats per minute and everything was blurred. I couldn’t come back to my senses and even put the ring on her finger. I would almost say I was in shock, but to more accurately put it, I was in complete awe. The day and my proposal could not have been more perfect. I can’t wait for the day to come, to give our vows before our family and friends and officially become Husband and Wife.

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