Vic & Alexa // Whimsical boho Los Angeles engagement

 Whimsical boho Los Angeles engagement // ©2016 Sun & Sparrow Los Angeles wedding photographers

engagement-los-angeles-wedding-photographerVic and I basically come from opposite sides of the world; I’m from Southern California and Vic is kind of from everywhere (Guam, Thailand, Singapore, Boston, you name it….), so we think it was probably fate when we happened to meet by chance about 3 years ago when I was living in Boston finishing up graduate school and Vic was living in San Francisco working in tech. Traveling started out of necessity for us trying to maintain a long distance relationship from opposite coasts of the country. Every month we would look up cheap flights in random cities and decide to meet up in places like Portland, Dallas, and Austin to keep things interesting. We crave adventure and spontaneity, so traveling naturally became a vital part of our relationship and took us to places like Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, Laos and the Philippines. On April second of last year, Vic basically tricked me into marrying him when he proposed on the beach in Tulum! He made me think I lost one of my favorite rings (an older ring he got me at the beginning of our relationship)…after I was digging in the sand for a few minutes and on the verge of tears, Vic pretended like he “found” said ring and continued by putting a diamond ring on my finger. Being that it was shortly after April Fools, I seriously thought it was some kind of joke and said no (about 3 times). To this day we are not even sure if I said yes in that moment, but we really like each other so decided to stay engaged! HA. We are beyond excited to bring together our friends and family from all over the world in order to celebrate our marriage in the awesome little town of Whittier, California. It will be a Thai-Armenian celebration for the books!

 Whimsical boho Los Angeles engagement // ©2016 Sun & Sparrow Los Angeles wedding photographers

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