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Ocean View Wedding at The Reef || An Intimate Long Beach Wedding, CA || Kelsey & Simon

By Sun & Sparrow

A Bride and Groom kiss at their wedding in Long Beach. Sun and Sparrow took their picture and is a  Long Beach Wedding Photographer

Sun & Sparrow Long Beach Wedding Photographer 2023

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The Couple: Kelsey and Simon

Kelsey and Simon were incredible to work with. They met at work, where they are both nurses. Their love is sweet and honest. They are a couple that loves to travel to tropical places and they always make time to spend with each other. You can tell that they value each other and make their time together a priority. Even the way that they posed together with such ease told me that they have a strong bond.

Kelsey’s mom is best friends with the mother of another client of mine, named Antonette, so Kelsey and Antonette grew up together and took vacations together. Both of their moms are very bubbly and vibrant people and it was incredibly special to photograph both of their weddings!

The Venue: The Reef

The Reef is a luxurious venue in Long Beach California. The ocean views are magnificent and perfect for any wedding day. A really cool thing about this venue is that you can see the Queen Mary from it. The reef has multiple spaces for weddings and events, and their staff is very kind. There is space on the roof and on a balcony for weddings, and Kelsey and Simon chose to have their wedding on the balcony. The rooms in the Reef feel luxurious, with box moldings on the walls and nice lighting.

The Day

Kelsey and Simon’s wedding was held on a gorgeous winter day in January. They kept the day simple, with a small crowd. The clouds were incredibly beautiful as they passed over us, and the ocean breeze lent a welcome touch of salt to the air. It felt like the day was telling us that Kelsey and Simon’s marriage was going to be the kind of relationship that always felt like it was growing.

The entire day was at The Reef. Kelsey got ready there and then there was a ceremony and reception, all at the venue. It was a very bright, sunny day, until after the reception. Of course, it rained while we were trying to take family photographs. Luckily, Kelsey and Simon had great attitudes and we were able to take the family pictures eventually.

Tips for your intimate Long Beach Wedding!

Long Beach is a beautiful city, full of culture, food, views, and magic. Here are a few tips to make your intimate Long Beach Wedding the dreamiest it can be!

  1. Prep your details for the beginning of the day
    • Be ready to leave your room before you start your hair and makeup so that all the stress is over before the fun begins. That way you can focus on the fun and all of your vendors can take care of you when your day really starts!
  2. For Ocean weddings, consider that it will likely be windy
    • I have never seen an ocean wedding that was not windy. Consider having attire that stays in place or flows beautifully. Also
  3. Consider that it might be cold
    • The weather is often cooler by the ocean! I want you to be comfortable

Sun and Sparrow is an experienced Long Beach Wedding Photographer

Over my fifteen years of photographing weddings, I have photographed many weddings in Long Beach and the surrounding areas. Long Beach is incredibly close to my home, and I’ve spent a lot of time there. With my experience, I am a great choice to photograph your wedding no matter where it is, but I have photographed weddings in Long Beach at The Reef, The Ebell of Long Beach, The Loft on Pine, and many others. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to help you make your fairytale wedding dreams come true.

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Ellie Fuqua, Sun and Sparrow

Hi, I’m Ellie, a dreamer, and lover of romantic moments and unrelenting connections. In more than 15 years of photographing weddings, my interest in photography has grown from simply making pretty pictures -to creating the most wonderful and powerful moments for kind and loving people, all the while capturing those permanent memories. Creating awe-inspiring imagery to match those unforgettable moments is my dream come true and I hope that by creating your wedding imagery together, we can make your wedding dreams come true too.

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