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FROM THE MOMMA // Pregnancy with Aria has not been like anything I ever imagined. My knowledge of pregnancy was fairly limited, but I always imagined that I would at least be aware of when it happened because of all the common symptoms in the beginning.  I was completely unaware for a month and a half that our little one had quietly placed herself and taken up residence; waiting to surprise us with her presence. If I hadn’t mentioned my missed cycle to Andy, we may have gone on for another couple months without even suspecting her there.  It even took me a couple of weeks before the news really started to sink in and I began believing that there was in fact, a little, precious miracle growing in my womb.
I have to admit, after hearing numerous stories from others, my pregnancy has been a breeze, and I feel incredibly blessed.  No morning sickness, no heartburn, no weird cravings – just a huge, itchy belly and the occasional swollen ankles and feet if I was sitting at the office all day. I sometimes think that this is all a trick to get me to agree to another baby and I’ll have morning sickness and all the awful symptoms doubled in the next round.
I’m looking forward to meeting this little girl and learning about who God created her to be.  I definitely don’t feel like I’m totally ready for parenthood, but I’m trusting in the Lord that he chose Andy and I to be parents to this little one
and to raise her well in his Love and that He will help us along the way.  Andy is just bursting at the seems to hold Aria in his arms and I think he hasn’t totally processed the hard reality of the sleepless nights and new changes and challenges of our new life with Aria that’s in store for us.  Then again, he may very well have, and is all the more excited and ready for it all; in which I am so grateful to call him my husband and the father of our child.  Aria is a very lucky and blessed little girl and I am so grateful to know that she is incredibly loved by so many.

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