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Magical forest maternity in Oak Glen, CA // D’Hahn & Korianne

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Magical forest maternity in Oak Glen, CA // ©2019 Sun & Sparrow // Riverside Family Photographer

How we met:

My husband and I met in graduate school when I was 24 and we started dating within that next year. We waited until after graduation to get married so we could save enough money for our wedding. By that time I was 28 years old, and we were not ready to start a family yet. My parents were able to spend around 7 years of marriage together before starting a family, but they were much younger than us when they got married and we couldn’t wait that long. Unfortunately, I suffered from both physical and mental barriers that would push back our attempt at conceiving for several months. My  husband was my rock during this time and that only made me more eager to want to start our family together. We were able to start trying shortly after our first anniversary.

The anticipation is real!

The excitement and nerves were like nothing I had ever experienced. I was excited for our future and nervous about how long it may take to happen. Thankfully, we were very blessed and I was able to surprise my husband with a positive test just two weeks after we started trying. Being pregnant for the first time is magical and unexplainable. People tell you what you can expect to happen, but everyone is so different. I wound up being nauseous 24/7 for the first 12 weeks, and I spent of lot of this time second guessing my body’s ability to handle pregnancy. Fortunately, the nausea went away after my 12th week and I soon after felt my baby begin to move. The pregnancy overall has been smooth and our baby has been healthy. Throughout this entire process I have felt so much love from my husband. I feel like he has stepped up to be a father in so many ways already. I wanted our maternity pictures to demonstrate the ever growing love we have for each other and how much of a blessing this pregnancy has been. We are in love with our magical forest maternity in Oak Glen!

We are so excited and cannot wait to share our love with our little girl.

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