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Little Emma’s Dreamy PNW Newborn Photos

By Sun and Sparrow

Portland Newborn Photographer 0001

Little Emma's feet touch together as she looks at the camera during her newborn photo session
Newborn baby, Emma, lays, wrapped in a basket as her mother looks down at her. In the second picture Emma's mother holds her and kisses her forehead. Everyone is wearing white
Emma's mother and father enjoy a moment with their newborn daughter
Little Emma rests, wrapped in a basket with white blankets and fabric all around her

Little Emma’s Dreamy PNW Newborn Photos

Little Emma’s photo session took place on an early fall morning. As I drove across Portland to her parents’ house I could see that while many leaves were turning vibrant colors, the comforting green of summer was still all around me. It was one of those perfect fall days where the sun was out and the lighting was just right for a perfect newborn photoshoot.

When I arrived at their house their big dogs greeted me with lots of kisses. Dogs are always a highlight for me and I was excited they were so friendly. After greeting the dogs, Emma’s parents helped me carry my equipment inside their home and I got to work.

I took a long look around the house and decided to use Emma’s nursery and their bedroom for the session. The light in their bedroom was awesome because it had large windows that looked over a nature-filled scene. I stylized two different setups for Emma in her room. In one setup I placed a white bowl down on a fluffy pink rug in her nursery, while in the other setup, I put a braided yarn down for her to lay on and flowers around it to create a stylized flow.

In Emma’s parent’s room, I used a white and neutral setup with a white fir and a wicker basket. I am in love with this look because it just creates such a whimsical feeling in all of the pictures. I put a blanket and white flowers all around, creating a neutral space that echoed Emma’s peaceful and radiant nature. The scene felt heavenly and the dreamy PNW newborn photos that came from it still make me feel like I am in that space, experiencing it again.

Emma’s parents were incredibly kind to me. They offered me food and water and made me feel like I was a friend in their home. They even helped me carry my equipment in and out of their home and I was so thankful. Their energy around the session was so positive and they invited me to a party afterward that I could not make it to. I am so incredibly thankful for Emma’s parents’ generosity and I am happy that she gets to grow up in such a loving and warm environment.

Planning a Dreamy PNW Newborn Session

When we were planning the session, Emma’s mom told me that she was hoping for a soft and neutral photoshoot. She liked the idea of the shoot being flower oriented but she didn’t want it to be too colorful. Light and neutral were the theme of the day with some soft pinks throughout. She was incredibly flexible and open to my ideas and I was excited to work with her vision.

As the vision for the photo session came together I decided that I was going to stick with whites, creams, and beiges for the primary setup, with a second setup with soft pinks. I decided to bring a basket with white firs and white blankets. Recently, I have found that a lot of newborn shoots are filled with neutral colors, which I love. It keeps the shoot clean and gives me the option to invest in lots of newborn items in neutral tones. It honestly helps keep the sessions interesting and brings an individual spirit to each of the different newborn sessions that I work on! In this case, I love how these dreamy PNW Newborn Photos turned out.

How to Choose the Perfect Location For a Newborn Photo Session

There are two perfect locations for any newborn session. You’re either going to want your session to be in your house or my studio. In the end, that decision comes down to whether or not you, as a new parent, want to come to me or not. The decision to leave your house as a new parent is not one that I take lightly, which is why I offer In-home sessions as well as studio sessions.

I love in-home newborn sessions because they offer a flavor that is individual to the family and shows what the newborn’s life is really like. I also love to shoot in my studio because it’s a controlled environment and I have access to all of my newborn styling items during the whole photoshoot. There are so many options and I just can’t bring everything to an in-home newborn session, although I do bring everything you will need!

Inspiration for a Whimsical Newborn Photo Session

What makes a newborn photo session whimsical? How did you make these dreamy PNW newborn photos so dreamy? There are a number of things that I do to get that signature Sun and Sparrow style. I love combining indoors with outdoors and adding flowers or greenery to an otherwise indoor shoot. Having flowing fabrics adds a lightness to any session, as does adding hazy light or editing some hazy light into a photo.

In the end, though, the most important part of whimsy is that captivating emotion. When you find emotion in your session, you have struck whimsey. There really is no substitute for the truth and my photography style is all about capturing the real experiences that you are having. Some of the more whimsical and beautiful emotions I love to capture in my newborn sessions are joy and longing. Joy and longing really capture the moment of being a new parent in such a genuine and beautiful way.

Safety and Comfort for Precious Newborns

The safety of your newborn child is always my top priority. There are several things I do to make sure I am keeping everyone in your house safe. First of all, I always wear a mask at my newborn sessions. Babies are so vulnerable and deserve to be treated with care. I have to get very close to the newborn during the shoot so I wash my hands and all of my items and equipment beforehand.

I like to use soft and cozy items along with a space heater to keep the newborn sleepy and comfortable. It’s important that the newborn is able to stay calm and have a comfortable experience. Any Dreamy PNW Newborn photos that you see from me were thought out carefully.

Three Things You Can Expect When You Book a Newborn Session With Sun and Sparrow

When you book a newborn session there are a few things that you can expect every time.

I’m going to provide props and newborn items: I have a large collection of fun and whimsical items that I bring to make every photo session perfect and precious. I have all of my items at my disposal if you choose to come to my studio. Some of the items I can bring to your session include Headbands, Baskets, Blankets, Swaddling wraps, Styling items, Silk flowers, or if it’s requested I will get fresh flowers.

I’m going to plan with you: Your vision for your newborn shoot is important to me! I want to make sure that everyone has a seat at the table so we will plan your session so that you get what you want. We can talk about the color scheme or theme that you want, and I will walk you through what I have. If you want anything specific please let me know and I will be happy to accommodate you if I can! Sometimes people want to have a theme too, and I would love to talk with you about that.

I’m going to be encouraging: I care about moms. I understand because I am one. The most important part of a photo session is the experience that you as my client have. I am not just going to come in and get out right away. Instead, I want to curate a comfortable space for babies, mamas, and dads. The newborn stage is difficult and you deserve to have a photographer that is there to help you!

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Ellie Fuqua is a Fairytale Photographer and owner of Sun and Sparrow Photography
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