Jason Wahler and Ashley Slack get married // Calamigos Ranch Wedding

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FROM THE BRIDE //  When planning our wedding, Jason and I wanted our day to be full of romance and beauty. It was easy for us to choose our venue, because we love the look of classic estate garden parties and we both love the feel and whimsy of 1940’s fashion. Immediately, we both fell in love with the vintage garden feel that the Garden Patio at Calamigos Ranch had to offer. We knew it was our day and we wanted it have a beautiful classic feel with a little bit of hollywood glamour mixed in.

When looking back at our day, I remember walking down the aisle most vividly. Jason and I had decided that we wanted to wait to see one another until we met at the alter. It was exhilarating to see my soon-to-be husband standing under a beautiful arbor full of flowers and fabric tearing up. As my dad walked me down the aisle I could see all of my friends and family smiling and tears of joy welling in their eyes. They could all feel the true love in the air!

We were very interested in having the best photographers that captured our personalities. We wanted our day to be told as a story without words. We wanted our images to not only give you a sense of sight but a feeling when you saw them. The best part about our photographers is the simplicity behind their images. I loved that every moment was documented and that we were able to see our true emotions and love for one another without feeling like we were pushed and pulled in 100 directions. I loved that everything was not posed and just very effortless the photography made you feel something and i loved the way they help capture memories that tell a story.

My biggest and best advice for anyone planning a wedding is to make your wedding day the most beautiful wedding you have ever seen! The day goes by so fast and you don’t really want to miss any moment. Even though it is an investment make the details count because you will appreciate that your day was the most perfect day of your life. Your guests will love you no matter what, but I am so happy that we spent the time to make everything as big as my dreams. Also make sure you have fun and remember everyone is there for you and you husband.



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