Jan-Michael & Jennifer // Romantic Muckenthaler Mansion wedding

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Romantic Muckenthaler Mansion wedding // ©2017 Sun & Sparrow wedding photographers

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FROM THE BRIDE // Where to begin…? It was probably one of the most stressful yet fun & memorable day we have ever experienced. I remember the night before; I started to freak out over some last minute details before the wedding. Not being able to sleep throughout the night due to worrying if the foods were going to be picked up on time for breakfast, if my bridesmaids remembered to wake up at the crack of dawn to be beautified, if everyone remembered to arrive on time, so on and so forth. When the celebration had finally came, all the stress and worry just went away when I saw both our families and friends outside the house waiting for the groom-to-be to win me over during the tea ceremony. The wedding went by so fast, but I was happy everyone was able to make it to our wedding; it felt great to just have all of our loved ones and friends there to join us on our special day.
 If I could go back to one moment in my wedding day, my favorite moment was our first dance. Those who know me, knows I CANNOT dance. The only way to get me to the dance floor is pretty much liquor courage. But that night I didn’t need any of it, all I needed was my now husband next to me dancing the night away.
FROM THE GROOM // Our favorite part about our wedding was our Star Wars details. I totally loved being able to walk with my groomsmen with their Stormtropper helmets, while I had on my Darth Vader helmet and light saber. My wife may hate star wars, but too bad…
Our favorite colors and Jan-Michael’s love for Star Wars inspired us with the planning and décor. Like most couple planning their wedding, Pinterest was our go to source of inspiration on how we wanted the wedding to be like.
Do you have any advice for brides/grooms who are currently planning their weddings?

Our advice would be to just have fun and enjoy every little moment of the planning & the day of the wedding. Yes, it is stressful and you both may agree to disagree on some things, but in the end it’s about all about you guys. On the day of the wedding, things may not go your way and that’s perfectly fine, also normal. Just go out there and put on the biggest fake smile and let it go – because at the end of the night, you don’t want your guests to remember you guys as the crazy bridezilla/groomzilla.
I would advise to enjoy the day, eat a big breakfast if you are only having an evening ceremony, in our case it was a whole day event. Keep in mind that things will happen that are not in your control and that to stay calm if not everything goes exactly on time.
Venue: Muckenthaler Mansion – www.themuck.org
Coordinator: With Love, B Weddings – @withlovebweddings
Photographer: Sun & Sparrow @sunandsparrow www.sunandsparrow.com
Videographer: Xposure_Films – www.xposure-films.com
Florals: Pink Daffodils – www.pinkdaffodil.com
Invitations: Tange Designs – www.tangedesign.com // The Knot – www.theknot.com
Rentals: Glow Concepts – www.glowconcepts.com

Photobooth: Photo Booth by Chic 

Dance Choreography: Quest Dance Studio – www.questdancestudio.com
Caterer: Colette’s Catering & Events – www.colettesevents.com
Wedding Gown Maker: Forever Us Bridal // Lumière Couture Bridal – www.lumierecuration.com
Wedding & Engagement rings: Balian & Sons – www.baliandesigns.com
Hair & Makeup: Beauty by Ryulala – @beautybyrulala
Bride Shoes: TOMS – www.toms.com // Mossimo
Groom Suit: Suited Gentlemen
Groom Details: Watch – Diesel
Cuff link & Tie clip – Amazon
Darth Vader Helmet – Amazon 
Sock – Box Lunch – www.boxlunch.com
Groom shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor – www.converse.com
Bridesmaids dresses: Forever Us Bridal
Groomsmen suits: Suited Gentlemen
DJ: Ovation Entertainment – www.ovationcelebrations.com

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