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Glamorous Engagement Photos at Vasquez Rocks California. Three Dreamy Photoshoots

A couple shares an intimate moment by diagonal rocks at vasquez rocks state park

These three engagement photos at Vasquez Rocks California are full of beauty and emotion. The love of these sweet couples is only made more beautiful by the breathtaking scenery of Vasquez Rocks. The Natural wonders reflect the natural love that these brides and grooms have.

The Love Stories

Gerardo & Sharlene

vasquez rocks engagement phootgrapher 0450

From The Bride: A Disneyland Day turns into a surprise proposal

It was just another normal Saturday. Gerardo had put together a nice date night for us which consisted of dinner at Perch in Downtown LA followed by Disneyland! I got ready as I normally did and kissed my parents goodbye. “Donde van?” (Where are you guys going) they asked. “Oh, just dinner & Disneyland”. And so I left.

Dinner was nothing out of the norm. Gerardo managed to make me laugh throughout dinner as he always does with his amazing sense of humor. Little did I know that just a week before he had shown up to my parents’ house unannounced to ask for my hand in marriage and for their blessing. And so dinner carried on and we were soon on our way to my favorite and happiest place on earth: Disneyland. Or so I thought.

Gerardo managed to find an excuse to get us back to my house and an even better excuse for us to go inside (he said he had to use the restroom, badly!). He started to rush me and insisted I open the door as soon as possible and so I laughed and rushed to open the door. When I opened the door, I noticed rose petals and candles leading to the backyard! At this point, I remember saying aloud, “What the…is this?” I immediately thought that I had walked in on my parents having a date night of their own…that is until I heard our song, “Eres” start playing. It was at that moment I knew exactly what was happening.

I was in shock and speechless, as tears streamed down my face. He grabbed my hand, told me to breathe, and led me to the backyard. It was like a real dream. The backyard was full of roses. He led me to a part of the backyard that had handwritten letters from our family and closest friends, all sending us their best and congratulating us on this very special moment. He of course had to read them aloud since I could barely see through all my tears.

He then walked me to another part of the backyard where pictures of us over the past 10 years were hanging, as well as pictures of our families and closest friends. He grabbed my hand once more and walked me to the center of the patio where a heart shape had been made of rose petals. There, he got on one knee and asked me to marry him.  

After saying yes and hugging each other for a bit, He said, “Okay, let me get everyone they are all inside the house hiding!” So out came my family and his family, as well as my two closest friends! After more hugs, tears, and more hugs, the backyard was once more transformed to host an engagement dinner! It was all just a dream and a night full of so much love!

Brandon & Chloe
Vasquez Rocks Engagement 0009

From The Bride: An unlikely Tinder romance

Brandon and I surprisingly did not cross paths until we both swiped right on Tinder on New Year’s Day 2014, but weirdly enough we were always within 5 minutes of each other.

We went to neighboring high schools literally three miles apart. I went to Cuesta in San Luis Obispo my freshman year of college and Brandon was at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo that same year for his sophomore year of college. His little brighter in his fraternity was one of my good friends from high school.

My brother’s roommate (also Cal Poly that same year) was one of Brandon’s fraternity brothers and he spent quite a bit of time at my brother’s apartment, which I lived two doors down from. We attended the same parties, both went to the same concerts, knew a ton of the same people, and yet never met each other.

I joined Tinder in late December 2013 to write a book about all the horrible blind dates I went on through the app, but I had never been on a blind date before. So I decided to pick the least creepy person with the most friends in common with me for my first date. (I didn’t want to think back in 50 years about my “first” blind date and have that memory be of someone horrible!). Since Tinder was linked to Facebook, I knew Brandon and I had at least my brother in common, and that was good enough for me (not to mention his killer cute smile).

So Bran ended up being my first and also my last blind date. It was weird that since we grew up in the same area, we had so much in common and vibed instantaneously. It was almost like we had known each other forever. I think the cherry on top was when I found out I had the same birthday as his Grandma. My mom had the same birthday as my dad’s grandma so that was it. I knew from then on that he was my forever human. I never got to write my book, but I did find my favorite story

Vasquez Rocks Photos

Etherial Engagement: Brandon & Chloe

Vasquez Rocks Engagement 0005

Vasquez Rocks Engagement 0003

Vasquez Rocks Engagement 0007
Vasquez Rocks Engagement 0009

Dreamy Retro Engagement: David & Alexandra

A couple walks through vasquez rocks during their engagement session
A man leans in to kiss a woman at sunset at vasquez rocks
An engagement session at vasquez rocks state park
a couple laughs together while sitting on a large rock at a Vasquez rocks state park engagement session
A couple shares an intimate moment by diagonal rocks at vasquez rocks state park

Glamorous Engagement: Gerardo & Sharlene

vasquez rocks engagement phootgrapher 0450
vasquez rocks engagement phootgrapher 0455
vasquez rocks engagement phootgrapher 0461
vasquez rocks engagement phootgrapher 0462
vasquez rocks engagement phootgrapher 0464
vasquez rocks engagement phootgrapher 0465

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