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My father, the adventurer // family photographer

Today I wanted to talk about Fathers… Granted, father’s day has just passed and I wanted to reflect on how amazing my father truly is. I thought, at some point, I need to step away from my work and reflect on my personal life. What better place to do it than in sharing a public declaration of my love to my daddy and all daddy’s out there!

All of my life, my father has been a wild adventurer & a dreamer. He constantly lives on the edge of danger, buying the scariest and funnest toys for his children. There were many moments in my childhood where my father would take us hiking, camping, boating, off-roading, and scaring us half to death. But in those moments giving us the best memories that bonded us together for life. I can not remember how many times we have been lost in the desert or stranded in the mountains, just for a fun day adventure. Throughout our lives he has built a sense of wonder for adventure and the outdoors, leaving us with a need fore more and more.

As the adventurer and with his wonder for the beautiful outdoors, I love that my father has always been the rock of our family. He has always kept a roof over our head and kept us safe, as a father should always do. But something that I appreciate most, more than I have ever mentioned to him, is that I absolutely LOVE how he shared his love for Christ with us. His every passion and joy is to see his children grow into knowing and seeking after the Lord with all their hearts. Reminiscing back to my childhood, I absolutely remember his fun stories of how he went to other countries, in the name of sharing Jesus. I remember all of his near-death experiences and how God saved his life in every circumstance. He truly is the most patient and honorable man I know!

With that, I wanted to say thank you to my father, for sharing a sense of adventure, a passion for the Lord, and a love that will absolutely be passed down to my children and grandchildren.

<3 Tiffani

©2013 Sun & Sparrow // Father’s day family photographer

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