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Kelsey and G had a Luxurious destination wedding in Cancun!

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Beautiful Cancun Wedding // Cancun // Kelsey & G // Destination Wedding Photographer

The Couple: Kelsey & G

Kelsey and G are beautiful and generous people. Kelsey is incredibly family-oriented, and she has so much love for her people. So many of her friends are long-time friends, and she treats them as if they are family. Early on when I was getting to know her it was clear that she loves more deeply than most. She is kind and smiles brightly while still embodying all of the best qualities of girlboss.

Kelsey and G are beach people. They grew up near the ocean and still love its peaceful environment so Hardrock Cancun, with its dreamy beach, was the perfect destination for their wedding. Coastal inspiration was spread throughout the wedding with pampas grass and sand tones and a pop of blush. Even the men wore blue suits as a nod to the ocean.

Kelsey and G are a power couple. They work hard together and they love people together. The investment they have made in their friendships and families was on display at their wedding. I was impressed that there were so many people who traveled all that way for them!

The Venue: Hardrock Cancun

The Cancun Hardrock has some of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen. The breakwater rocks span the entire oceanfront, creating peaceful waters for all the guests to experience. Certain spaces feel fully magical, like one gorgeous area with large rocks where we took portraits. That particular spot added an element of beachy romance to the pictures that Kelsey and G took advantage of so well!

The resort felt luxurious and spacious, which made it perfect to accommodate a large group of people for a destination wedding. The huge amount of space was beautiful and it left me with one of my favorite problems to face as a wedding photographer: there were almost too many gorgeous locations to shoot beautiful pictures.

The Wedding Day

Experiencing Kelsey and G’s wedding day was like watching an intricate tapestry weave itself together.

Kelsey got ready with all of her girls, in her room at the Hardrock. The room had elements of luxury, mixed with an edginess that I enjoyed. As a natural light photographer, I was happy to find that the room was filled with natural light.

As obvious as it was that Kelsey loved being a bride, her focus was on her family and friends who she loved so deeply. I especially enjoyed watching her with her flower girl. The connection that Kelsey had with her was so deeply loving.

The first look was adorable. Kelsey brought all of her celebratory feelings with her and it mixed so well with G and the bliss that he was clearly feeling. Their joy about getting married translated well into our photos and they were like supermodels in their romantic sunset pictures, always knowing the right pose to strike for the moment.

An important element of the week was that G’s grandparents had a vow renewal the day before, that set the tone for Kelsey and G’s commitment. Not only was the vow renewal a beautiful showcase of enduring love, but it also highlighted Kelsey and G’s generosity. The couple paid for G’s grandparents’ ceremony because they could not afford to have a wedding back when they were first married in Brazil. All in all, it was a special week that everyone in attendance will treasure forever.

There was a really interesting decor element at the reception. There was a giant hanging wreath with palm branches pampas grass, orchids, and white roses. The wreath elevated the space and created a dreamy atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. I love it when a bride and groom get creative with their wedding and make it their own. Kelsey and G’s destination wedding reflected their love and personalities perfectly and I am thankful that I was able to be their destination wedding photographer.

Details and Vendors

Venue: Cancun Hard Rock

Dress: Badgley Mischka

Florist: Marina Trujillo

Second Shooters: Julie Fuqua, Katie Jackson

Hair and Makeup: Styling Trio

Destination Wedding Photographer: Sun and Sparrow

I love photographing all kinds of weddings and have been very blessed to shoot weddings in tons of incredible places! Kelsey and G’s Cancun wedding was a special treat for me. Not only was the couple amazing, but the location was perfect too. I offer several packages for destination wedding photography and would love to talk to you about booking your wedding today.

Are you having a destination wedding? Book Sun and Sparrow as your Destination Wedding Photographer today!

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