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Mermaid Inspired Maternity Shoot // Southern California Maternity Photographer

This mermaid-inspired maternity session perfectly captured the grace and charm of dancing waves. The most memorable moments in life can feel as if they are the only moments that exist and we want to rest in this moment for as long as we can. 


We had a wonderful time photographing Jessica’s mermaid-inspired maternity session. Her smile is enough to charm anyone and we want to share it with the world. Her green dress adds a wonderful touch to an already perfect environment, full of beauty and peace, and her hair is gorgeous too!


There are so many beautiful photo locations in Southern California, and the secret field in Palos Verdes provides the perfect atmosphere to highlight this beautiful time in Jessica and Stefan’s life. Gentle looks and soft light hold anticipation as they prepare to bring new life into the world. Their joy becomes ours as we take in the beauty of these pictures. We are so excited for them and their little one!


Pregnancy is a time full of wonder and contemplation and we love how Jessica’s pictures tell us that she already loves her new child with everything that she is. It is amazing how the simplest moments in life can become some of the memories that we cherish forever. In the midst of the short time we have to anticipate new life we experience long days and we can get impatient to be with our new loved ones, but there is so much beauty in the moments that carry us through to all of our destinations.


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    Oceanic Fairytale Maternity in Palos Verdes // Matt & Emily

    Oceanic Fairytale Maternity in Palos Verdes // ©2020 Sun & Sparrow // Los Angeles Maternity & Newborn Photographers



    For our little baby Lee and whoever cares to know: We did not have to work too hard for you. We were blessed that you were ready to join us; (even though I had to give up all the extravagant treats of Paris) you were worth it. Our growth together has been symbiotic and a true joy. I have whispered in the dark my secrets to happiness, sung you songs on our walks with the pups, and smiled as your father has talked about his day through the belly and into your world.

    We learned together the stretches, the meditations and affirmations to make your world comfortable and get us both optimally ready for your earth side arrival. We have all partaken from around the world in bringing you so much love and support. Love has travelled as far as Serbia, Maryland, Massachusetts and as near as down the street.

    You will always have love because you were brought into existence because of love. You will always be brave because we will be brave when we are bringing you into this world. You will be kind because that is the practice we will put in place. And you will be beautiful because let’s face it, your momma and father are stunning humans.

    And if you ever doubt any of these promises, we will hand over these moments caught by our talented friends and neighbors at Sun & Sparrow to show you the kindness in our embrace, the love on our faces, the bravery in our eyes and the beauty caught in these photos.

    We will love you always and forever our little baby Lee.



    When Emily reached out to us, she was so excited at the prospect of a Beach Maternity in Palos Verdes to capture her story. Her dream was to remember this moment in a fairytale and fin-art form. She wanted lace and long gowns that flowed in the wind. Emily and Matt came to the session with so many smiles and tons of love to share with their little one. Our hearts for our clients is to share fairytales filled with joy, they were the epitome of our dream client!


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      Dreamy California Coast Maternity Session in Palos Verdes // Garrett & Deanne

      Dreamy Forest Maternity Session in Palos Verdes // © Sun & Sparrow // Palos Verdes maternity photographer

      From the Couple:

      Pregnancy comes with many expectations and surprises. We are so grateful to be meeting our son in less than a month! The road here, however, certainly has been rocky. Last year we found out we were expecting. However, tragedy struck and we had miscarried our first child. After our initial excitement and tears of joy earlier, this tragedy sent me into a spiral. I had never felt such deep sorrow.  It was isolating. I felt so guilty. I felt like a part of me was broken. The loss and trauma was almost too much for me to handle. I am so grateful to have had the support of my husband and friends. Without it, I could not have had the courage to try again.

      We fortunately were able to get pregnant weeks later.  But with it came an incessant anxiety due to what transpired. Slowly after seeing my belly grow week by week, we were able to accept that this pregnancy was “for real”.  I slowly let go of my anxieties and eased into the complete happiness of expecting this very, very, wanted child. Everything that came my way, I took in stride, especially any of the more uncomfortable symptoms.  I am just so thankful to be pregnant! Despite the daunting uncertainty of this life changing event that is to come, we know we are ready to be parents.

      Through our journey, we were tested. We have realized, albeit in an unfortunate way, that this little one is really what we want. No matter the road to getting here, we are beyond excited to meet our little man.

      Thank you Sun & Sparrow for being there since our engagement to capture all our beautiful moments. See you at the newborn shoot! 

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      • Dania RosasJanuary 28, 2020 - 3:37 pm

        These pictures are beautiful.ReplyCancel

      • Grace EnriquezJanuary 28, 2020 - 3:42 pm

        Makes a lot of statement, awesome/sentimental and precious moments captured on each frame. Definitely a keeper and you want more and more each story-telling squares.ReplyCancel

      • silviaJanuary 28, 2020 - 3:54 pm

        beautiful and amazing captures. i’m glad you were able to try again after a trauma that really never goes away. can’t wait until he is in both your arms showering you with beautiful face expressions and cries. yay!ReplyCancel

      • Daisy AguilarJanuary 28, 2020 - 3:55 pm

        Deanne and Garrett your story was so beautifully written. I can tell how excited you are to be parents. Congratulations again! I love the pictures, especially the ones at the beach. You both have this glow of pride and wonder. I can’t wait to meet your little bundle of joy. Good choice on this photographer because the pictures look amazing.


      • Zoe BloomJanuary 28, 2020 - 4:24 pm

        Such beautiful photos of a beautiful couple! So happy for you, Deanne! ReplyCancel

      • Ken & HelenFebruary 8, 2020 - 1:39 pm

        A wonderful portfolio of creative photos which capture those cherished moments of your life together.  You not only see, but feel the love and tenderness.  ReplyCancel

      Peter & Ellie // Fairytale Maternity photographer

      Congratulations to our very own Ellie who had her baby this morning. We are so happy to have a new sparrow with us!




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        Dreamy Mountain Maternity session in Malibu // Kevin & Vanessa

        Dreamy Mountain Maternity session in Malibu // Kevin & Vanessa @ Sun & Sparrow 2020 // Lifestyle & Family Photographers in Malibu

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