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Daniel & Ellen // Redondo Beach maternity photographer

Beach Maternity Pictures 0001

Redondo Beach maternity photographer // ©2018 Sun & Sparrow Redondo Beach maternity Photography

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FROM OUR MOMMY // How blessed are we! We waited patiently for the right time in our lives to welcome this baby – a time where our hearts could be full and fully available. The timing, the journey, everything, has fallen so perfectly into place, we are constantly in gratitude. Although a bit overwhelmed with our lack of knowledge and experience (as any first-time parents are), we are ecstatic to welcome Baby Ng very, very soon! We hope only to do our best in raising a kind, patient, and loving person – so much of what we need in this world today. Hopefully the journey ahead is (as close to as) smooth as the one we’ve had so far (yeah right, but it doesn’t hurt to hope!). As our lives change drastically, we look forward to making many more beautiful memories from a couple to now a family of 3!

Beach Maternity Pictures 0002Beach Maternity Pictures 0003Beach Maternity Pictures 0004Beach Maternity Pictures 0005Beach Maternity Pictures 0006Beach Maternity Pictures 0007Beach Maternity Pictures 0008Beach Maternity Pictures 0009Beach Maternity Pictures 0010Beach Maternity Pictures 0011Beach Maternity Pictures 0012Beach Maternity Pictures 0013Beach Maternity Pictures 0014Beach Maternity Pictures 0015Beach Maternity Pictures 0016Beach Maternity Pictures 0017Beach Maternity Pictures 0018Beach Maternity Pictures 0019Beach Maternity Pictures 0020Beach Maternity Pictures 0021


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    Travis & Stephanie // Malaga Cove anniversary session Los Angeles

    South Bay Wedding Photographer 0001

    Los Angeles Southern California wedding photography  // ©2020 Sun & Sparrow Photography

    wedding photographer los angeles

    Travis and Stephanie met in the college dorms at the University of Chicago. Their chemistry was undeniable from the first time they met; however, dating Stephanie would violate Travis’ #1 rule as a college senior – NO DATING FRESHMAN. After months of flirting, Travis finally decided to break his own rules and they started dating in April 2007. Two months later, Travis graduated and moved to St. Louis for graduate school while Stephanie finished her degree in Chicago. They continued to date long-distance for 7 years as they pursued their careers in different states. Travis traveled back and forth between St. Louis and Chicago almost every weekend. In 2014, Travis followed Stephanie to LA so they could finally live together and get married. Their August 2014 Chicago wedding was an absolute dream, but tragically the photos didn’t turn out. The devastation of the photography nightmare was quickly cast aside as they got pregnant with their first child. Now, nearly two years after the wedding, they finally have wedding photos that reflect the true magic and romance of their wedding day!

    We are so honored to have been a part of this beautiful anniversary session. Travis & Stephanie came to us to photograph their wedding day a few years after their wedding. They wanted a beautiful fairytale to commemorate their love. We are so honored and blessed to help them have their fairytale dream wedding photos!


    South Bay Wedding Photographer 0002South Bay Wedding Photographer 0003South Bay Wedding Photographer 0004South Bay Wedding Photographer 0005South Bay Wedding Photographer 0006South Bay Wedding Photographer 0007South Bay Wedding Photographer 0008South Bay Wedding Photographer 0009South Bay Wedding Photographer 0010South Bay Wedding Photographer 0011South Bay Wedding Photographer 0012South Bay Wedding Photographer 0013South Bay Wedding Photographer 0014South Bay Wedding Photographer 0015South Bay Wedding Photographer 0016South Bay Wedding Photographer 0017South Bay Wedding Photographer 0018South Bay Wedding Photographer 0019South Bay Wedding Photographer 0020South Bay Wedding Photographer 0021South Bay Wedding Photographer 0022South Bay Wedding Photographer 0023South Bay Wedding Photographer 0024South Bay Wedding Photographer 0025South Bay Wedding Photographer 0026South Bay Wedding Photographer 0027South Bay Wedding Photographer 0028South Bay Wedding Photographer 0029South Bay Wedding Photographer 0030


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      Griffith Park engagement // Peter & Karen

      Griffith Park Engagement 0001

       Etherial engagement at Griffith Park // ©2016 Sun & Sparrow Los Angeles wedding and engagement photographer

      We had talked a lot about marriage in the year leading up to the proposal and had even gone shopping to look at rings. I started to watch for hints from Peter…perhaps a weekend getaway trip, a date night at a special restaurant…as it turns out, the day that Peter proposed was a typical lazy wear-pajamas-all-day Saturday for us.

      Peter had been nursing me through a terrible cold that week and I was still feeling too miserable to go out. I did, however, need to take my car to get it serviced that afternoon. Peter offered to pick up takeout for lunch from one of our usual restaurants, so I stayed home with my DayQuil to rest. 45 minutes later and he wasn’t home yet…I was starting to get hungry…1 hour later and I was starting to worry, but also I was Hangry! Finally, he came home with food and groceries and a story about how the credit card machine at the restaurant was broken. I believed his story because all I wanted to do was dive into my lunch and eat! I only found out later that he used that time to pick up flowers for the proposal!
      Fast forward an couple hours later and I came home from getting my car serviced. I was fumbling to find keys to the front door when Peter opened it. I heard John Legend’s “All of Me” playing in the background with rose petals leading up to a bouquet of roses on the table. On it had a card that read “From me and Mocha, now go give Mocha a kiss!” (Mocha is our little dachshund). I stooped down to give Mocha a kiss and Peter said “do you notice any new bling on her?” I was looking for a ring, but couldn’t find it! Mocha had a new dog tag that read “Will you & Mocha marry me”. I stood up with tears in my eyes and that’s when Peter proposed. Of course I said yes! We are so excited to be starting this new chapter of our lives together.
      Griffith Park Engagement 0002Griffith Park Engagement 0003Griffith Park Engagement 0004Griffith Park Engagement 0005Griffith Park Engagement 0006Griffith Park Engagement 0008Griffith Park Engagement 0010Griffith Park Engagement 0011Griffith Park Engagement 0012Griffith Park Engagement 0013Griffith Park Engagement 0014Griffith Park Engagement 0016Griffith Park Engagement 0017Griffith Park Engagement 0018Griffith Park Engagement 0019Griffith Park Engagement 0021Griffith Park Engagement 0022Griffith Park Engagement 0023Griffith Park Engagement 0024Griffith Park Engagement 0025Griffith Park Engagement 0026Griffith Park Engagement 0027Griffith Park Engagement 0028Griffith Park Engagement 0029Griffith Park Engagement 0030Griffith Park Engagement 0031Griffith Park Engagement 0032Griffith Park Engagement 0033Griffith Park Engagement 0034Griffith Park Engagement 0035Griffith Park Engagement 0036Griffith Park Engagement 0037Griffith Park Engagement 0038
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