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Rich & Mimi // Romantic surprise beach proposal

Romantic surprise beach proposal // ©2017 Sun & Sparrow engagement and proposal photographers

FROM THE GROOM // Friday, April 21st 2017 will be a day I remember forever…this was the day I asked my best friend to be my wife.  I knew I wanted to make the day as special as possible while also being a surprise and between work and travel, just finding a date was hard enough.  That said, I knew I had to get creative and come up with a story intricate enough that she wouldn’t see it coming…

After about a thousand failed ideas, I came up having to attend a ‘Baby Shower’ for a friend of mine on the beach.  I got a couple of our friends in on it to help establish the ‘love lie’ and planted the seed earlier in the month.

After many days of looking at the ring and trying to plan for every detail, the day was finally here.  I was proud of myself for keeping the secret going for as long as I did but while getting ready, she threw me some curve balls…

  • I dressed a bit too fancy per my usual and was questioned thoroughly
  • She had asked that I call my friend to see what the other girls were wearing (lucky to have friends that think on their toes)
  • I asked her to change out of jeans and into a dress…BIG gamble with that one

After barely escaping with the story (and my life) intact, we make our way to the ‘baby shower’.  I had many diversions planned and luckily, these went better than the earlier questioning.  We arrived on the beach and what a beautiful day it was.  As we found our spot, I could see Tiffani was already camped out and ready to capture the moment. After about 20 minutes or so, she began to wonder why no one else was at the beach yet.  I saw my opening and came clean that I hadn’t been truthful with her and that no one was coming.  I instantly saw the expression on her face change from annoyed to confused to happy.  I could tell she knew it was happening but in a very sweet voice, she asks me “Is this a date”?  It was in fact and one that we’d both remember forever.  It was then that I dropped down to one knee and came back to my feet the happiest man in the world.

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