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The Licari Family // Redondo Beach family and maternity photographer

South Bay Maternity Photography 0001

Redondo Beach family and maternity photographer // ©2017 Sun & Sparrow maternity & newborn photography

maternity los angeles photographerWe are so excited to welcome our second baby girl! Feeling all the emotions right now but most of all we feel blessed. We’re about to have two beautiful little girls in our life and it will be an honor and privilege to be their parents. Our two year old Juliana is very excited for the arrival of “baby sister”. She can’t wait to take care of her and play with her and we look forward to them being best friends. Counting down the days till our family becomes filled with even more love and happiness!

South Bay Maternity Photography 0002South Bay Maternity Photography 0003South Bay Maternity Photography 0004South Bay Maternity Photography 0005South Bay Maternity Photography 0006South Bay Maternity Photography 0007South Bay Maternity Photography 0008South Bay Maternity Photography 0009South Bay Maternity Photography 0010South Bay Maternity Photography 0011South Bay Maternity Photography 0012South Bay Maternity Photography 0013

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    Ricky & Monica // Romantic wedding in San Juan Capistrano

    Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0035

    Romantic Wedding in San Juan Capistrano // ©2017 Sun & Sparrow San Juan Capistrano wedding photographers

    wedding photographer los angeles santa barbara

    Describe your experience at your wedding in 1 paragraph, everything you remember.

    The night before the wedding, Southern California experienced one of the worst storms it’s ever seen. To our surprise (and relief), the skies were clear and beautiful by the time the wedding began. It was truly a sign of God’s grace and presence! We were both nervous but excited that morning. Over a year of planning and preparation had finally led us to the big day. In our respective rooms at the church, before the wedding began, we started to get very emotional reflecting on the journey that we have been through; friends, long-distance, engaged, and soon-to-be husband and wife.

    We can’t even begin to describe the feeling we had when we first saw each other at the aisle. In that moment, it truly felt as if time had stopped. That nothing and no one else in the world mattered except us. We had our family members play important roles within our ceremony, and we were overwhelmed with the love that surrounded us. We exchanged vows and rings and were pronounced husband and wife. We did it!!! The day didn’t stop there…the heartwarming ceremony led into an even more breathtaking reception. From the food, to the music, to dancing, and celebrating with everyone, everything was perfect and we had an absolute blast. We are so thankful for our family, friends, each other, and God.

    What was your favorite moment from your wedding day? Did you have any special moments/story with friends or family that stand out to you?

    Our favorite moment was seeing each other for the first time at the aisle.It was such an emotional moment of the wedding as it signified the beginning of our new life together. We will always cherish that memory. Between the two of us we have a huge family. Seeing them at our wedding and spending time with them, everyone together, was so special and meaningful. At the reception, our hearts lit up when we looked around and saw ALL of our family and friends on the dance floor with big smiles on their faces.Monica’s cousins even planned a surprise performance for us and sang Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. We loved it! Ending the night in our traditional attire was perfect because it signified the marriage of not only two people, but two cultures.

    What inspired you while planning your wedding & decor? Was there any special element that made your decor come together for you, personally?

    Monica’s engagement ring (along with our wedding bands) are gold so we used that as a starting point for our decorations and color scheme. We used Instragram and Pinterest as sources of inspiration for our decor and built off that. We are also very detailed-oriented so we were very hands-on in planning in our wedding – from the invitations to the centerpieces, we put it all together.

    Do you have any advice for brides/grooms who are currently planning their weddings?

    Remember to take time and enjoy the process! While it may seem stressful and tiring at times, you only get married once so embrace everything and cherish the memories. At the end of the day, its about you and your spouse – so do what makes you happy! Tip: don’t feel obligated to provide your guests with a plus one. It’s 100% your day so invite the people that you want to share in your special day with!


    Venue: Plaza de Magdalena​ ​http://plazademagdalena.com/

    Coordinator: Sheila Foster – Weddings by Sheila http://www.weddingplannersd.com/

    Photographer: Sun & Sparrow  @sunandsparrow  www.sunandsparrow.com

    Videographer: (if applicable) Dave Farese – Light Up Video http://lightupvideos.com/


    Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas https://www.weddingpaperdivas.com/

    Caterer: Sundried Tomato http://sundriedtomatobistro.com/

    Desserts: Wedding Cake – SusieCakes http://susiecakes.com/

    Wedding Gown Maker: Maggie Sottero

    Wedding Gown Boutique: Mariposa Bridal Boutique http://mariposabride.com/

    Hair & Makeup: Sherri Quach Garza Instagram: @sherriquach

    Bride Shoes: Badgley Mischka

    Groom Suit: Joseph Abboud

    Groom Details: Watch – Burberry

    Groom shoes:  Joseph Abboud

    Bridesmaids dresses: David’s Bridal

    Groomsmen suits: Men’s Wearhouse

    Musician: Jesse Macleod http://jessemacleod.com/

    DJ: Soundwave Productions – Chris Berry​​ http://soundwaveprosdj.com/

    Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0002Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0003Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0004Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0005Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0006Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0007Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0008Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0009Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0010Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0011Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0012Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0013Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0014Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0015Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0016Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0017Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0018Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0019Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0020Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0021Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0022Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0023Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0024Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0025Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0026Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0027Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0028Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0029Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0030Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0031Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0032Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0033Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0034Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0035Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0036Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0037Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0038Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0039Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0040Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0041Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0042Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0043Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0044Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0045Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0046Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0047Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0048Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0049Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0050Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0051Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0052Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0053Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0054Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0055Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0056Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0057Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0058Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0059Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0060Plaza De Magdalena wedding 0061

    Roberto & Alyson // Dreamy forest engagement in Los Angeles

    San Pedro Photographer 0010

    engagement los angeles wedding photographer

    FROM THE BRIDE // Roberto and I met a little over 2 years ago while doing a service year in AmeriCorps and have been inseparable ever since! We had talked about getting married so I knew an engagement was coming I just didn’t know when. I already knew it was going to be the best day ever because we were going to see my absolute favorite band (Johnnyswim) which I had been looking forward to for months!! Little did I know Roberto had also been planning a proposal the whole time. He asked me to meet him a little bit early so that we could “go to dinner” but when I met him at the venue, he surprised me by saying that we were actually going to be able to meet the band! So we go in to meet the band and they are rehearsing songs for the show. After a couple songs they start to sing one of my favorite songs (Summertime Romance) and the lights go down and pretty twinkly lights come on. Midway through the song Roberto got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Afterwards the band came to talk to us and signed one of their records for us. It was the most surreal experience! I’m really looking forward to marrying my best friend and I can’t wait for all of our family and friends to come together for the wedding.

    San Pedro Photographer 0002San Pedro Photographer 0003San Pedro Photographer 0004San Pedro Photographer 0005San Pedro Photographer 0006San Pedro Photographer 0007San Pedro Photographer 0008San Pedro Photographer 0009San Pedro Photographer 0010San Pedro Photographer 0011San Pedro Photographer 0012San Pedro Photographer 0013San Pedro Photographer 0014San Pedro Photographer 0015San Pedro Photographer 0016

     Dreamy forest engagement in Los Angeles // ©2017 Sun & Sparrow Los Angeles engagement photographers

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      Rob & Sandy // Fairytale wedding at Oak Canyon Nature Center

      Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0001

       Fairytale wedding at Oak Canyon Nature Center // ©2017 Sun & Sparrow Orange County wedding photographers

      wedding photographer los angeles santa barbara

      FROM THE BRIDE // I was actually surprised at how calm and aware I was. When I saw Robert for our first look, I thought it was so funny that he looked more nervous than me! I was super blessed to have a great wedding coordinator, my mom, my maid of honor and my bridesmaids (and bridesmen) who took care of me and made sure I had nothing to worry about. Robert and I loved that so many of our friends and family could be there, especially since a lot of them are from out of town. We can’t imagine a better day.

      One thing that I remember best was our first dance. I absolutely loved that moment of pure bliss. All of the stress of the wedding had completely melted away and it was just us for that moment. I sigh just thinking about how special it was. Robert says that our first look did the same for him… But I beg to differ. 🙂

      When considering my wedding day, I wanted all of my decor to have a whimsical and woodland feel. I’m from New Jersey originally, where there are lots and lots of trees. When I showed some Californians my hometown on Google Earth, they said, “you lived in a FOREST!!” I would have never called it that myself, but I guess that explains why I like trees! I guess that’s what I loved about this venue – all the greenery and the way it plays with the light. Robert and I also got to know each other in the beginning while hiking and biking in a lot of Orange County’s parks, so the park scene was very meaningful to us in that way.

      If I could offer brides one bit of advice, I would love to offer one thing, definitely go with your gut, and stick with it. Don’t go on Pinterest late at night. And make sure you carve out time for just you and your new husband on the Big Day! We are so thankful for our first look and our private limo ride!


      Ceremony Venue: Oak Canyon Nature Center
      Reception Venue: Orange Hill Restaurant
      Coordinator: Kimi Wislocki of Perfect Planning
      Photographer: Sun & Sparrow @sunandsparrow
      Videographer: Michael Khein with One of a Khein videography, @oneofakheinmedia
      Florals: Kevin Reeder @kevinreeder
      Invitations: vintagesweetdesign on Etsy
      Calligraphy: Michelle Shaw, @michelleshaw
      Desserts: Patty’s cakes, @pattys.cakes
      sweetheart cake by Patrick Reese of @patthebakerman
      Wedding Gown: Ferndales Bridal, @ferndalesbridal
      Makeup: Flawless Faces, Inc. @flawlessfacesinc
      Hair: Madison Bourne, @madhair_
      Bride Shoes: Lucky brand shoes
      Groom Attire: Friar Tux Shop, @friartux
      Bridesmaids dresses: Bridesmaid dress maker, Bella Bridesmaids @bellabridesmaids #bellafreehold @jennyoon
      Ring makers – NGY Jewelry in Orange, CA.

      Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0002Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0003Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0004Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0005

      Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0007

      Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0006Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0008Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0009Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0010Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0011Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0012Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0013Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0014Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0015Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0016Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0017Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0018Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0019Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0020Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0021Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0022Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0023Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0024Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0025Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0026Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0027Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0028Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0029Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0030Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0031Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0032Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0033Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0034Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0035Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0036Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0037Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0038Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0039Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0040Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0041Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0042Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0043Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0044Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0045Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0046Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0047Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0048Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0049Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0050Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0051Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0052Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0053Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0054Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0055Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0056Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0057Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0058Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0059Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0060Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0061Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0062Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0063Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0064Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0065Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0066Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0067Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0068Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0069Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0070Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0071Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0072Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0073Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0074Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0075Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0076Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0077Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0078Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0079Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0080Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0081Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0082Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0083Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0084Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0085Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0086Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0087Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0088Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0089Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0090Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0091Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0092Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 0093

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        Chris & Monica // Romantic Palos Verdes engagement

        Palos Verdes Engagement 0011

        Romantic Palos Verdes engagement // ©2016 Sun & Sparrow Palos Verdes engagement photography

        Sun & Sparrow is one of the leading engagement and wedding photographers in the Los Angeles area as well as Santa Barbara and Orange County.

        Christopher and Monica met in Scottsdale, Arizona at a casino one lucky Sunday afternoon and instantly became good friends. Monica who grew up overseas as the daughter of a Chef has always kept food close to her heart both in profession and pleasure, while Christopher gained his culinary chops in some of the best restaurants in Chicago. Christopher quickly became enticed by Monica’s quick wit, her vast repository of literary and pop-culture knowledge, and of course her beauty. He knew quickly that only she was for him. Monica found Christopher equally charming, a rare breed of man, a handsome old soul who poured his heart into his brilliant writing and cooking and had an unbridled passion for music. They spent many a night looking at each across from restaurant dining tables and sharing laughs in between sips of wine. They continued to grow in their friendship and passion for each other, but unfortunately, their paths would take them separate ways when Christopher left for grad school in Chicago and Monica left for Los Angeles. But the best was yet to come.
        While maintaining a friendship over 3,500 miles would cause most to grow distant, for Christopher and Monica it actually made them much closer. One night while musing over their current physical separation, Christopher declared that he no longer just “wanted” to see Monica but “needed” to see her. The next day he bought the first non-stop plane ticket from Chicago to California. It was during that spontaneous weekend trip in San Diego that Monica and Christopher’s romance began to blossom and they first expressed their love for each other.
        After a few more months of dating long-distance and frequent trips back-and-forth, Christopher invited Monica to Maui for Christmas. While on the island, Christopher enacted a plan to ensure that Monica and he wouldn’t have to spend much more time apart. On December 19th, 2014 after a sunny day on the white shores drinking Hawaiian beer and planning a future together, Christopher asked Monica to join him to watch the Pacific sunset. Monica was running late, as usual, but when she arrived outdoors, Christopher was just standing there patiently and smiling. Holding a glass of red wine, he extended his hand for her to come join him. As her hand reached his, “These Arms of Mine” by Otis Redding started to play from Christopher’s carefully planned playlist. A long-time favorite song of the couple Christopher drew her close and asked if he could have this dance. To the sounds of the King of Southern Soul, the smells of sweet plumeria, and a golden fiery sunset, Christopher got down on bended knee and asked Monica to be his dance partner for the rest of their life. He told her she was someone that he wanted to spend every morning and moment with, and never another day apart. Through many joyful tears and soft kisses, Monica hugged him and exclaimed “Yes!”. They both realized that although life is often carefully planned, the best things are the unexpected and unconditional things that forever change your plans.

        Palos Verdes Engagement 0002Palos Verdes Engagement 0003Palos Verdes Engagement 0004Palos Verdes Engagement 0005Palos Verdes Engagement 0006Palos Verdes Engagement 0007Palos Verdes Engagement 0008Palos Verdes Engagement 0009Palos Verdes Engagement 0010Palos Verdes Engagement 0011Palos Verdes Engagement 0012Palos Verdes Engagement 0013Palos Verdes Engagement 0014Palos Verdes Engagement 0015Palos Verdes Engagement 0016Palos Verdes Engagement 0017Palos Verdes Engagement 0018Palos Verdes Engagement 0019Palos Verdes Engagement 0020Palos Verdes Engagement 0021Palos Verdes Engagement 0022Palos Verdes Engagement 0023Palos Verdes Engagement 0024Palos Verdes Engagement 0025Palos Verdes Engagement 0026Palos Verdes Engagement 0027Palos Verdes Engagement 0028Palos Verdes Engagement 0029


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