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Ebell of Long Beach, Luxury Spanish wedding photography // Joe & Kendra

Ebell of Long Beach, Spanish wedding inspiration // ©2018 Sun & Sparrow Long Beach wedding photography

FROM THE BRIDE AND GROOM // Following a classic girls sleepover with my bridesmaids, I woke up in bed next to my two best friends.  I remember thinking “Today’s the day! Remember to enjoy every moment.” I took multiple moments to stop and collect my thoughts throughout the day. Things started to pass by quickly, and our two bedroom hotel room filled up fast with bridesmaids getting their makeup and hair done.  As excited and sure I was about marrying the man of my dreams, I was jittery in a way I never had been. But I kept strong and continued to enjoy every moment and giggle from my best friends surrounding me. I looked at my bridesmaids, thinking ahead at the amazing day I knew so many people I loved worked so hard to help me put on.

Joe woke up to a house full of guys, woke up super thirsty from all the salt the guys binged on the night before at their own sleepover. The guys watched an hour of news, had a toast and started getting ready. Joes best lady demanded that he eat, he wasn’t hungry because he felt jittery and incredibly excited. Guys took a group photo in front and listened to Mexican music on the drive to the church (to celebrate Cinco de mayo). Joe was excited to see me, and was stunned when he saw me down the aisle.

When it was time to head to our venue, we hopped into our limo. We arrived at the church and everything felt like a blur. But seeing Joe at the end of that long aisle, everything melted away. Everything felt right, the most I’d ever felt. I remember the gentle smile on his face, even seeing it from afar. And I loved how he kept looking at me throughout the ceremony, it was so sweet. I was also so impressed at how many loved ones showed up to the mass. One thing that we decided to do differently was to visit Joe’s father’s grave. We wanted to be intentional to honor him and his family on the day of our wedding. When we arrived, it wasn’t sad at all. It would have been awesome to have him there at the ceremony, but we were so happy to have him in our hearts in that moment.

After some of the most heartfelt moments at our ceremony and at Joe’s father’s grave, we were finally ready to head to our ceremony! When I walked into the Ebell of Long Beach, I was so so so impressed! My mom & Aunt had decorated the space with the help of our coordinators, Wish Wonder Dream. Everything from the arrangements to the table placement to the garlands that went on the bannisters were so gorgeous. My vision of vibrant florals, bougainvillea and Spanish inspiration was executed beautifully. I’ve always loved bright colors, but really love to have everything as natural as possible. I planned for succulents and bougainvillea because they can be found in nature together and are easy plants that have the capability to self sustain and grow wild. I wanted to balance it with beige and champagne colors because I love sparkle! Even the greens I used look like they could grow in a similar climate to succulents.

OUR FAVORITE MOMENT FROM THE DAY WAS DANCING THE NIGHT AWAY. It was time for our grand entrance and we basically didn’t stop until the end. Our dance went PERFECTLY because I let him lead, stayed calm and allowed him to guide me when we got stuck. I was so proud of us. After dinner the party was ON. I am impressed with how long we lasted on the dance floor, and am so happy we lived the night out to its fullest.I remember smiling and laughing and partying nonstop all happy and no drama that I knew of with my husband and loved ones.

It was the perfect start to the rest of our lives!


Venue: ebell Long Beach   |  Coordinator: wish wonder dream  |  Photographer: Sun & Sparrow, www.sunandsparrow.com,  |  Videographer: Jonathan Novalez  |  Photo booth: WANT photography  |  Florals: MOMS FROM OUR FAMILY |  Invitations: minted |  Caterer: tres la |  Desserts: Great Dane bakery | Wedding rings maker: Jared
Wedding Gown Maker: calle Blanche  |  Wedding Gown Boutique: bridal elegance  |  Other Bride Details: jewelry Kendra Scott
Hair & Makeup: step mom and friend | Bridesmaids dresses: Adrianna papel  | Groom & groomsmen suits: al weis  | Groom shoes:  Stacy Adams

Little Tyson // Long Beach newborn photographer

Long Beach newborn photographer // ©2017 Sun & Sparrow Long Beach family photographer

FROM HIS MOMMY // “Welcome to the world, our beautiful baby Tyson.

I never thought I could love someone so much and that little person has done absolutely nothing so far! He eats, sleeps, poops and repeats it all. Yet, he lights up our world and warms our hearts. The rare occasions when he offers up a beautiful smile, like when his daddy softly strokes his head or his mommy lightly kisses his cheeks, make getting no sleep and being constantly on alert to make sure he’s safe, happy and healthy worth it ten times over.

It was incredible to hold him for the first time; right when he came out, he was placed on my chest, a tiny little human being, very warm and very strong already. It was surreal! 8 months of getting to know him inside of me was nothing compared to the first month of getting to know him now. I can’t wait for the rest of his life. He will become who he is because we took care of him, nourished him, cherished him and we abundantly loved him. And because God has already been protecting him and blessing him this whole time. It is the most amazing feeling, to be a parent. Having Tyson in our lives has changed absolutely everything. He’s our rainbow baby.”

Romantic Wedding inspiration at Bixby Knolls Manor


WRITTEN AS FEATURED ON SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA BRIDE // “Our bride wore a beautiful sleeveless wedding dress that was topped off by a floral head piece made of fresh flowers. Calligraphy signs were displayed matching the hand written menu cards placed on the tables. Unlike the traditional full floor length linens, and standard table runners, our tables were dressed with a simple silk table runner running through the middle allowing the tables’ natural beauty to be showcased with the plate setting. Fresh floral arrangements sat lined up on the silk runner while detailed plates were stacked and perfectly arranged side by side; tall white candle sticks lit the tables to emphasize that romantic feeling. To give it a pop of color, we had linen plum colored napkins cascading on the side of the table. Vineyard chairs was our cherry on top as it completed the look of our dinner tables.

What wedding would not have sweet treats? Not ours! We included a mini dessert table that showcased delicious cake pops, cake shots, hand-designed cookies, and a wedding cake. A fresh garland wrapped around the setting really helped emphasize the natural feel we wanted to incorporate in the look.

This exclusive historic mansion in Bixby Knolls of Long Beach was the perfect location to have our mock up of a timeless romance style wedding. With it’s historic features inside and out, the property gave a unique vintage feel which fit perfectly for the theme. Our color palette was based off the setting of the property: nudes, blush, green, and a pop of plum color. I wanted to create a look that would never go out of style but at the same time, incorporate small trends that are happening now.” -Dean Bernard Events

Michael & Katie // Nautical inspired Long Beach engagement

how he asked-torrance wedding-photography

©2015 Sun & Sparrow Photographers // Nautical inspired Long Beach engagement 

FROM THE GROOM // I will never forget the day or especially the look on Katie’s face when I proposed to her… Lets take a couple steps back and look at the how…see Katie’s dad is known for not being able to keep a secret. So I had to make sure to time it perfectly… when I did end up asking him … he looked up at me with his warm smile on his face, gave me a huge hug, and told me

“You are already my family and you know that, I wouldn’t have it any other way… I love you son”…. Followed by another HUGE hug.

Now time to plan… I knew exactly what day I would do it… it had come up once before to a close friend many moons ago, it was a special day for Katie and I as it marked one year after we embarked on a journey of a lifetime together… Thailand. A trip we won’t stop talking about, it was a journey filled with: the unexpected, tons of laughter, & most of all unexplored territory… A little about me, I am a huge planner … I love things to be perfect to the T. So I had the date, but the “how” was stumping me… do I include her family, do I not… I began to just over think it… then a really good friend told me “Its not about the production, its about the memory.” … then the Aha moment kicked in… I knew it wasn’t a reality to go to Thailand again… but maybe I could recreate the feeling we had while we were there.

November 11th, 2014… I can remember it like it was just yesterday… I woke up … ran to my empty old shoebox at the top of my closet just to make sure the ring was still hiding… then began the day just like any other … off to work… half way to work I got extremely nervous thinking what if she comes home early and finds it… so I drove all the way back and grabbed the ring… I had to keep it close to me. I started with talking to my friends exploring different ways to propose; one thing was in common with all of them. None of them were planned for Tuesday November 11th, but in my head it had to be today….

I called Katie, well multiple times. To make sure for some FREAK reason she wouldn’t be coming home early… after I got off the phone I thought to myself… she must think I’m crazy.

60 Roses //48 Edison lights //24 Candles // 2 Kang gar-ee dishes from our favorite Thai restaurant // 2 Moscow Mules // 1 Engagement Ring & THE Luckiest guy in the world

Perfect recipe, I laid everything out all around the house… waited for her to come home and surprised her at the door. She walked in, and my heart started pounding so hard I thought she could feel it. Walked her through the house into the backyard where I had recreated Thailand for her… I had a speech all planned, not sure how that turned out but made sure to get the most important part out…


Will you marry me?  //  She began to cry, repeating yes, yes YES! As I placed the ring on her finger.  //  Little did she know I had been recording the entire moment, and just with my luck…  //  She turns to the camera, not knowing, and says “ ITS GORGEOUS!”  //  … the moral of the story is … no matter how much you plan … no matter how bad you want it to be perfect…

The part that matters is the memories you will make together, and with that said… I am the luckiest guy in the world to be marrying Katie Marie Zamora!

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