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Tora & Jen // Whimsical wedding at the Lombardi House

Whimsical wedding at the Lombardi House // ©2017 Sun & Sparrow Los Angeles fine art photographer

Hi Jenn & Tora,

We are so pleased to share your photos. They are so freaking amazing and I can’t wait to share everything with you! I hope you love every single photo and every single moment. We love you guys! <3 Sun & Sparrow

Rob & Sandy // Fairytale wedding at Oak Canyon Nature Center

 Fairytale wedding at Oak Canyon Nature Center // ©2017 Sun & Sparrow Orange County wedding photographers

FROM THE BRIDE // I was actually surprised at how calm and aware I was. When I saw Robert for our first look, I thought it was so funny that he looked more nervous than me! I was super blessed to have a great wedding coordinator, my mom, my maid of honor and my bridesmaids (and bridesmen) who took care of me and made sure I had nothing to worry about. Robert and I loved that so many of our friends and family could be there, especially since a lot of them are from out of town. We can’t imagine a better day.

One thing that I remember best was our first dance. I absolutely loved that moment of pure bliss. All of the stress of the wedding had completely melted away and it was just us for that moment. I sigh just thinking about how special it was. Robert says that our first look did the same for him… But I beg to differ. 🙂

When considering my wedding day, I wanted all of my decor to have a whimsical and woodland feel. I’m from New Jersey originally, where there are lots and lots of trees. When I showed some Californians my hometown on Google Earth, they said, “you lived in a FOREST!!” I would have never called it that myself, but I guess that explains why I like trees! I guess that’s what I loved about this venue – all the greenery and the way it plays with the light. Robert and I also got to know each other in the beginning while hiking and biking in a lot of Orange County’s parks, so the park scene was very meaningful to us in that way.

If I could offer brides one bit of advice, I would love to offer one thing, definitely go with your gut, and stick with it. Don’t go on Pinterest late at night. And make sure you carve out time for just you and your new husband on the Big Day! We are so thankful for our first look and our private limo ride!


Ceremony Venue: Oak Canyon Nature Center
Reception Venue: Orange Hill Restaurant
Coordinator: Kimi Wislocki of Perfect Planning
Photographer: Sun & Sparrow @sunandsparrow
Videographer: Michael Khein with One of a Khein videography, @oneofakheinmedia
Florals: Kevin Reeder @kevinreeder
Invitations: vintagesweetdesign on Etsy
Calligraphy: Michelle Shaw, @michelleshaw
Desserts: Patty’s cakes, @pattys.cakes
sweetheart cake by Patrick Reese of @patthebakerman
Wedding Gown: Ferndales Bridal, @ferndalesbridal
Makeup: Flawless Faces, Inc. @flawlessfacesinc
Hair: Madison Bourne, @madhair_
Bride Shoes: Lucky brand shoes
Groom Attire: Friar Tux Shop, @friartux
Bridesmaids dresses: Bridesmaid dress maker, Bella Bridesmaids @bellabridesmaids #bellafreehold @jennyoon
Ring makers – NGY Jewelry in Orange, CA.

Brian & Christine // Romantic wedding at Westlake Village Inn

Romantic wedding at Westlake Village Inn // ©2016 Sun & Sparrow Westlake Village Inn wedding photographers

Sun & Sparrow is one of the leading engagement and wedding photographers in the Los Angeles area as well as Santa Barbara and Orange County.

FROM THE BRIDE // I absolutely loved my wedding day. There were so many wonderful memories, that there were too many have a favorite. Moments like walking down the aisle with both of my parents, to seeing all of our closest friends and family, to exchanging our personal vows, the speeches given during our reception, dancing with everyone on the dance floor with rave lights, etc. Literally everything felt so special. It was one of the happiest days of my life. If I could think of one of my favorite parts about my wedding, it would definitely be planning my wedding. The Best part of planning the wedding was being able to spend so much time with friends and family. I felt so loved and supported being with them and would definitely do the whole process again.
When I look back at my wedding day, I realize how very blessed I was to have wedding planners to help. I can’t rave enough about Candace and Katherine from LOVE IS SWEET EVENTS. Those ladies were so very thoughtful and so very observant of what kind of colors and styles I liked. We had many conversations and planning meetings, and had spent lots of time on Pinterest together. They did a great job on putting a lot of it together and bringing my visions to life. I also want to shout out to my sister-in-law, Esther, who helped so much and guided me through the process. She taught me everything I needed to know about making my wedding special. I couldn’t have done it without my whole planning team. They made my day awesome!
If I have one bit of advice for brides planning their weddings, it would be to not stress and get too caught up in all the bells and whistles of a wedding. Even if certain things don’t go the way you had dreamed, remember that the only thing that should really matter is that you’re getting married to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. I am so happy I did my best to not stress. 
Location- Westlake Village Inn
Photography – Sun & Sparrow
Jewelry- Jared’s
Dress- Enzoani- Karolina
Wedding Planner- Love is Sweet Events
Tuxedo/Suits- Clint Tuxedo Shop
Bride’s Hair and Bridesmaids Hair/Makeup- Beauty in Motion
Bride’s Makeup- Vanessa Haro

Steve & Shanele // Industrial Romantic wedding at the Millwick

Industrial Romantic wedding at the Millwick // © 2016 Sun & Sparrow Los Angeles wedding photographers


Our main focus when planning our wedding was our guests. To begin with, we wanted to find a venue centrally located to our family and friends and also be a reflection of who we are. For two people who enjoy the outdoors, such a location in Los Angeles is not easy to come by. Millwick was the answer. It was local to our guests and we could customize it however we wanted.
WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO CREATE YOUR BEAUTIFUL DECOR? // From the Bride: I have always been a DIY’er and I am a fan of practical and useful pieces. Thankfully our venue spoke for itself in many ways and I didn’t want to take away from it’s simple yet detailed design. For the flowers, I chose succulents for two reasons: 1) they’re plants! There would be no stress of running to the flower mart at 5 am the day before and you don’t need a green thumb to take care of them 2) our guests could take home unique practical pieces that they could use to decorate their personal space long after the wedding. After deciding on the succulents I did some extensive Instagram research and found talented artists around the world that were creating everyday objects out of cement. The creative juices started to flow and with the help of both of our families and close friends we became a production line of weekend designers, mold makers, cement mixers, driers, painters, and (no joke Steven’s favorite) cleanup crew. We learned the ins and outs of the cement curing process, how cement sticks to cardboard when you don’t use cooking spray, and that some people get emotional when watching Armageddon and some think its the cheesiest movie in the world (you know who you are 🙂


WHAT WAS THE MOST MEMORABLE/FAVORITE MOMENT ABOUT YOUR WEDDING DAY? // From the Groom: The most memorable moment for me was our first dance as a married couple. It was nice to be close to her and show everyone how much fun we have together and how much we love each other. // From the Bride: The most memorable moment for me was walking down the aisle holding my dad’s arm and taking in the significance of that moment. I am extremely grateful to to have had my dad by my side as I walked towards the next phase of my life and receive his blessing before saying I Do to my best friend.

WHY WAS PHOTOGRAPHY IMPORTANT TO YOU AND WHY DID YOU CHOOSE SUN & SPARROW? // From the Bride: From the beginning of the planning process I knew photography was very important to me. I enjoy looking back at my families old wedding photos and I wanted to be able to share our wedding memories just the same. I was fortunate enough to help at an engagement shoot and be a part of wedding in which Sun & Sparrow (Tiffani) was the hired photographer. From both of these experiences I was able to see Tiffani’s amazing eye for detail first hand and I knew that when it was my turn to get married, I wanted the Sun & Sparrow team!

DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR BRIDES WHO ARE CURRENTLY IN THE PLANNING PROCESS?  //  Don’t sweat the small stuff. When you start to stress over the details, take a step back and ask yourself “will anyone REALLY notice this?”. I should have done this more often, but I will say it did come in handy the day of our wedding!

Wedding Dress: Lourdes Dress by David Tutera for Mon Cheri
Bride shoes: Nordstrom
Groom’s Suit: Bar III Macy’s
Groom’s Shoes: Steve Madden
Bridesmaid Dresses: Renz Rags via Etsy
Bride & Bridesmaid Hair: Moya Cruz (instagram @moya_cruz_)
Photobooth: Genuine Photobooths (genuinephotobooths.com)
Live Music: Bolero Soul (www.bolerosoul.com)
Signs & Seating Chart: Lela Rose (instagram @orangeandmelrose)



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