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Chris & Laura // Romantic Oak Glen engagement


Christopher: “I planned an amazing proposal for Laura – a scavenger hunt! Shortly after leaving for “work,” I met Laura’s sister outside our apartment to hand over the first clue. I knew the day was guaranteed to go off without a hitch.”

Laura: “I was lounging in our apartment when I heard a key turn in the lock – was Christopher back from work so soon? Instead, my sister appeared to set me on a scavenger hunt! The clues were hidden in meaningful places around our apartment, each representing something important to our relationship. Once I found them all, they fit together to make a map (seriously, this guy is creative!) that directed me to my nail salon.”

Christopher: “I had an hour to kill before finalizing things at the nail salon, so I decided to get some work done at a nearby Coffee Bean. Bad call. When I returned to my car, a small glint caught my eye through the door window: my car keys, sitting in the cup holder.”

Laura: “Meanwhile, I was getting ready and having a great morning!”

Christopher: “Waiting for AAA to arrive was the most stressful part of the day. Until I had to watch the technician try and pry my door open… to no avail. The clock was ticking, but thankfully, he worked his magic just in time for me to get out of there before Laura arrived.“

Laura: “My sister and I were pampered with a lovely manicure when the owner told me to close my eyes and reach out my hands. I was expecting an extra massage, but instead I got another clue! This led me to USC, where Christopher and I met. Once there, I found him sitting where we shared our first kiss.”

Christopher: “We took a walk around campus, ultimately ending up at the spot where we first met. Handing Laura her final clue, I got down on one knee. The message read, Will you marry me?, and her answer was…”

Laura: “Of course!”

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    Nathan & Pia // Natural inspired engagement in Los Angeles

    Natural inspired engagement in Los Angeles // ©2018 Sun & Sparrow Candid & Natural wedding photographers

    ::How We Met::
    Nathan and I grew up at the same church. We’ve known “of” each other for over a decade, but did not officially meet until 2010!
    It was not an instant attraction. We later found out that neither of us thought much of the other person, aside from the other person seeming nice.
    We ended up serving together regularly during service days and on a leadership team. We realized that we had similar family trials and one day after packing food at a food center, Nathan dropped me off at home and decided he wanted to chat about our similarities in the cold, for THREE hours. Even then, we did not recognize any romantic connection, but we began to talk and hang out more frequently. This went on for about 7 months until he asked me to be his girlfriend.
    ::What We Love Most About Each Other::
    Nathan: First and foremost, I love the heart that she has for Jesus Christ. Beyond her beauty, courage, love and support it is just that that I am in love with.
    Pia: I love Nathan’s steadfastness. He is steadfast in his faith in Christ, his composure, and his servant heart. There are many times where I falter or am prone to reacting too quickly and Nathan’s steadfast nature challenges and motivates me.
    ::How He Proposed::
    Nathan recognized my insane love for escape rooms and planned for many of our close friends to do an escape room with us. I knew something was up, when they were all there and no one told me they were going to be there. The item that would mark us “escaping” the room had a box of the same color hidden under it. It was dark and the box was black. One of my friends unknowingly got to it first and bypassed the need to solve the clue. One of his friends picked up the box! I was then instructed to get the box and open it, when I turned back around, Nathan was on one knee and inside was a lit up box that contained a ring. I LOVE how the whole night was full of tiny hiccups that we could laugh about. I said yes, of course, and then we celebrated with more friends and family at dinner.
    ::What We are Looking Forward to About Our Wedding the Most::
    Nathan: It has been a long 7 years together full of ups and downs. Persevering together and trusting in our Lord has been hard but has kept us united. For all of this to culminate on our wedding day and to all that is in store is what I most look forward to. Celebrating and enjoying life, being married to my best friend will be amazing!
    Pia: We have endured a lot of challenges, sadness, loss, and hurt on both sides of our families. What I most look forward to, because of those things, is coming together as one family to have a day of celebration. A time of laughing together, dancing, and enjoying one another’s company.

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      Johnny & Emily // Romantic Malibu Engagement

      Romantic Malibu Engagement  // ©2018 Sun & Sparrow Malibu wedding and engagement photographers 

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        Dreamy Forest Engagement in Palos Verdes // Kamil & Nicole

        Dreamy Forest Engagement in Palos Verdes // Kamil & Nicole @ 2019 Sun & Sparrow // Southern California Wedding Photographers

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