Mike & Pauline // a natural love // engagement in Palos Verdes

A natural love engagement in Palos Verdes, CA // ©2016 Sun & Sparrow Los Angeles wedding and engagement photographers

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FROM THE BRIDE //  Back in 2014, Mike and I have been planning a trip to Maui for May 2015.  This was going to be our first “adult”, just the two of us trip! (Ha) As the day was approaching for us to leave to Hawaii, the only expectation I had was to relax, enjoy the beautiful beaches, and of course to always have a delicious cocktail in my hand. We had done our research on all the cool, hidden beaches to go to, and all the amazing food hot spots to hit, but the one thing we absolutely had to do was go on the road to Hana. Now being someone who does not enjoy long car rides, I was a little skeptical. But the images we saw online were to die for, and I knew if we did not go that we would both regret it for the rest of our lives! (Maybe haha) For the first 3 days we had our schedules filled with fun activities. We went snorkeling on the coral reef in Lanai, went to our first luau, resort hopped, and swam in what is probably now one of my favorite beaches, “The Little Beach”. By the fourth day, I was already feeling a little pooped, but Mike was so adamant about waking up at 5am, and making that 7 hour drive to the road to Hana. Super tired and cranky in the car, Mike tells me he wants to make a quick stop to a mini hiking trail, that leads to two waterfalls called Twin Falls. Trying to be as enthusiastic as him, I agree, and soon enough we arrive to the trail. As Mike promised the hike was short, wet, and filled with spider webs (eek!), but as soon as we both see the two beautiful waterfalls, I forget my tiredness. A group of girls leave soon after we arrive and we both get our phones out trying to capture the waterfall. As I’m recording, I notice Mike shuffling on the ground looking for something in our backpack. Completely unaware of what he’s searching for, I continue to record, and ask him casually, “why are you on the ground? What are you doing Mike?” Then I look down, and there he is, with the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen and asks me, “Boo boo, will you marry me?” I burst into tears, and completely speechless and unable to find my voice to scream “yes”, I just nod my head and soon enough, the words come out and he puts the ring on my finger. He explains the reason why he wanted to come to this specific spot to propose was because each waterfall represented both Mike and I, and the water they fell to was the “one” that we were becoming. We were officially merging into one family. This was the highlight of our trip to Maui, and I will forever remember that unexpected moment, and words, until the day I die.

Now with just 4 months until we say “I do”, I can’t wait to spend this intimate day with our closest friends and family who’ve stuck by and supported both Mike and I for the 8.5 years we’ve been together. The funny thing is, from all the years I’ve been with him, I’ve never seen mike shed a tear. When people ask what I’m most excited about, I simply reply, “to see Mike cry” 🙂

A natural love // Engagement in Palos Verdes, CA // ©2016 Sun & Sparrow photography