Allie & Steve // Windmills and Romance Engagement in Palm Springs

©2015 Sun & Sparrow Photography // Windmills and Romance Engagement in Palm Springs

I knew this day would come the first time I nervously set eyes on Steven, the kindness in his eyes told me, this is it. A year went by and I was constantly shown that he was made for me, and I was made for him. We were running away on a weekend getaway, just the two of us to Las Vegas for our Christmas present to each other, little did I know my engagement ring was about to be the most meaningful Christmas gift I had ever received. We checked into my favorite hotel, The Cosmopolitan and walked into the most beautiful room I had ever been in. I still remember videotaping the room and sending it to my family telling them there is room for all of us! We wandered the hotel nonchalantly picking up a beautiful bottle of champagne and setting a very stern time for me to be ready and on the wrap around balcony to watch the Bellagio water show. My deadline was approaching and Steven was very persistent that I was ready on time and ready to watch the show at sunset, the second I stepped out of the bathroom I could feel his nervous energy as he asked me, “would you like a shot?…..and another one?” My heart could feel the warmth from him as he guided me to the balcony for the water show as he secretively had the GoPro stuck to the window videotaping our every move.  My heart began to race as he told me how he could not imagine life without me and tears began to roll down my cheeks as I explained to him I just did my makeup and asked him if this sweetness was necessary . He laughed at me as I felt a hard tap….tap on my hip as I did not notice the love of my life was on one knee asking me to be by his side in this beautiful journey of life. So overwhelmed the tears took over as I forgot to say yes, but I didn’t need to, he knew I would be his forever.