Blake & Rachel // Romantic Vintage inspired Los Angeles wedding

FROM THE BRIDE //  We were inspired by the nostalgic and vintage quality of the Cicada Club. It truly felt like we were time traveling whenever we stepped into the building. Blake and I often feel like we came from another time period so being in this space just enhanced the way we already felt. We also wanted our guests to feel like the way were having a really unique and special experience.Getting ready was an incredibly beautiful and memorable moment. My mom looked at me for the first time in my dress when I was all made up and ready to go and she lost it which in turn made me lose it. Then Blake and I had our first look on the rooftop of our hotel. I was initially very against the idea of the first look because I wanted that moment walking down the aisle and seeing him for the first time. Now I’m happy we did it because it created a sacred space for us to connect intimately before all the craziness began. The moment under the chuppah with our Rabbi was also really special even though it was incredibly overwhelming. I chose to circle Blake 7 times, per Jewish tradition which also gave me a moment to take it in and slow down in such a surreal moment. After the cocktail reception and before we made our grand entrance as a married couple we were sitting upstairs waiting to go down, everyone else was downstairs but us and our wedding coordinator. We just sat there noshing on bread and preparing for what was next. We were so comfortable together and it felt like we had been married for forever. At the end of the night many of our close friends came back to our hotel which had been covered in rose petals and other romantic offerings. Our friends felt guilty about intruding, but we assured them there was time for everything. We ordered pizza which I ate in my wedding dress. There are so many more special moments.


The toasts from our siblings and parents were truly remarkable. Each one was filled with so much love, I had a headache from smiling and laughing so hard.  //  Our first dance was perfect, romantic and so full of tenderness. We used the moves we learned and then we just improvised the rest, it was good practice for the journey ahead and it was so fun to have our guests cheering us on.  //  We loved getting put in the chairs while our guests did the Horah around us. We felt so supported.

Blake & I are both artists, and I’m a photographer and a filmmaker so the image is incredibly important to me. I’m perhaps more critical and picky being a photographer than the average customer. I wanted to remember the day as if I had been able to capture it myself. I looked at many photographers websites and fell in love with Sun and Sparrow the moment I saw their work. I loved the way the captured couples in natural and unposed ways. They had an ability to capture the soul of the couple and the spirit of the celebration and the relationship which for us was vital.

My advice to any brides planning there weddings, is to go with your instinct and not what other people tell you. The more people you ask, the more opinions you get and the more confused you will feel. It’s not their wedding day it’s yours as a couple so make choices that serve your fantasy and not someone else’s.  // Make things personal, don’t feel like you have to go with the generic choices because it’s what everyone else does or what you saw on some website. The choices you make should reflect you guys as a couple. It will be more meaningful not only to you as a couple on the day, but your guests will feel much more connected to your story and be part of the experience. //  Be sure to over communicate and don’t assume, this is true always but I think when so many people are involved and the emotions run so high it becomes even more important.

When things get stressful and emotional just know it will pass, wedding preparation is a very heightened emotional reality so whatever stress you’re feeling just know it will pass.  And speaking of emotions running high, I personally found the preparation experience to provide an opportunity for tremendous personal growth and development. Whenever I got stressed or upset about something I pulled back and looked at the situation as a gift and asked myself how can I grow from this and become a better person, what can I learn?

I also think it’s important to include grooms in the process as much as they want to be. I think often they play down how much they want to be involved in the decision making process when in fact those things really matter to them so be sure to include them as much as you can.

My final note is in regards to music. We are both musicians and have very specific taste so we spent hours hand selecting almost every song and met with the DJ to really curate our selection and I’m so happy we did. It really made all the difference for us and our guests.

The feeling of truly being on a team with your best friend is beautiful beyond words. I felt that way before we got married but now I really feel like we are building on something concrete and moving forward together and it feels blissful and I’m eternally grateful for that.
Also, please listen to our personal projects here!!   //  Blake Collins  //  Rachel Fleischer
VENDORS // Dress: Ivy and Aster from Lovely Bride   //  Florals: Holly Flora   //  Location: Cicada Club //  Shoes: Rachel Simpson for BHLDN  //  Bag: BHLDN  //   Jewelry: Claude Morady //  Hair & Make Up: Maia Wagle  //  Cake: Sweet Lady Jane  //   Groom Suit: Top Man   //DJ: DJ Sam House  // Videographer:  Jankovic Productions
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