Ben & Katy // Romantic Boho engagement in Joshua Tree

©2015 Sun & Sparrow // Romantic Boho engagement in Joshua Tree


The exact time was at a 3pm meeting in July of 2011. Katy had just started her first job as an Art Director at Deutsch and Ben was her confused account coordinator briefing her on a project that he knew nothing about.

Later, after confessing to a few coworkers about his work crush, they orchestrated a group outing to which they suspiciously late.  Left on their own at LACMA, Katy and Ben enjoyed their first date.  They bonded while making fun of some weird post modern art (no really, there was some ridiculous stuff) and the rest was history.

After 3.5 years together, and countless dinners at IHOP, they ended up right back where it all began under the lights at LACMA. Ben got down on one knee (so that they were the same height) and proposed. Technically, Katy never officially accepted with a ‘Yes’. It was more of a ‘Holy Crap, Holy Crap!’ But we are counting it anyway. And now the real adventure begins…