Little Dean Adam // Los Angeles newborn photography

Los Angeles newborn photography // ©2017 Sun & Sparrow Los Angeles family photographers

SUNDAY, MAY 14TH, 2017. Audrey and I are exhausted after many false alarms at the hospital. When situations like this arise, there’s only one place to go, Brent’s Deli in Northridge. Everything had been building up to this night, from the moment we found out we were expecting (morning of September 2nd, 2016, my birthday), to the food aversions, the quiet contemplations of what this means for our lives, and the realizations that this is real and it’s happening, and most importantly, as thirty-something homeowners, that we’re actually as ready for this as anyone can be (NOTE: nobody can be 100% ready).

We met our cousins Eli and Shay, who brought Audrey a Mother’s Day card and balloons even though the baby hadn’t come yet, but before we went in for our corned beef and matzoh balls, Audrey’s phone rang. It was our OB-GYN, saying that she’d like us to come into the hospital at 5am tomorrow, May 15th, based on how Audrey’s contractions and the baby’s heart rate were looking from the NST we had done earlier in the day. I had a feeling this might mean a c-section, but didn’t say anything.
Arriving at the hospital the next day, we settled in with the assumption that we’d be hanging out in this room for a while. In addition to Audrey’s laboring bed, the room had a TV and DVD player, a private bathroom, and places to sit and lie down. After only a few hours, with the clock approaching 9am, the nurses ran into the room after an alarm went off on Audrey’s contraction monitor. Our OB-GYN came in and said she didn’t how things were looking and that we were going in for an emergency c-section. I was handed scrubs, which I’ve never worn before. I gave Audrey a hug and told her she was going to do great, and that she had nothing to be afraid of.
I put on my scrubs and sat in the room for an amount of time that leaked into “moderately uncomfortable.” During this time, Audrey was being given a spinal block anesthesia and prepped for surgery. Finally it was time. I was led into the operating room, where the doctors and nurses were already beginning their preparations. I couldn’t believe it: my wife was being cut open to deliver our baby, this was REALLY HAPPENING. Nothing prepares you for this. Nothing. Audrey was a total champ and the moment took my breath away. Dean Adam Schwab was born on Monday, May 15th, 2017 at 9:08am, just in time. The cord was wrapped around his neck, and he was struggling to breathe during each contraction. Because of the c-section, I got to bond with him first (not to brag or anything), and it was awesome. Watching Audrey learn how to breastfeed at the hospital, knowing our little guy was relying on her, was astounding. He loves to be held and snuggled, so we mostly hold him and only put him down when he’s asleep, exceptionally calm, or if we need a little break. He makes very thoughtful faces, thinking all the time, wondering, trying to figure it all out. I know he will get there, and we can’t wait to watch him on his journey.