Kyle & Lauren // A Los Angeles Love Story lifestyle session

©2015 Sun & Sparrow Photography // A Los Angeles Love Story lifestyle session

love-storyFROM THE WIFEY // Kyle and I met in January 2013.  After a few months of “vacationing in relationship land,” we got married in July, exactly six months after our first date.  We eloped at the county recorder’s office and went out for sushi after.  We kept our marriage a secret for the next few months, partly because we didn’t want anyone to worry about our decision and partly to have a secret we could keep just for us.  By the end of the year, we were ready to tell people we were married, and our holidays were filled with lots of funny and awkward “surprise we’re married” conversations.

By summer the next year, we started looking for an apartment in downtown Los Angeles.  Kyle had always wanted to live in a loft, and I was missing the city life I fell in love with while living in NYC.  After an exhaustive search, we found the perfect place — a bright one bedroom with exposed brick, high ceilings, and a great view of the street.  We’ve been living there for almost a year now and absolutely love it.  It has speakers through all the rooms and plenty of space for our foosball table.  It also didn’t hurt that it was (RIP The Gorbals) across the street from one of our favorite restaurants and site of our third date.
As we settled in to our new place, we discussed getting a puppy.  We had been watching my parents’ puppy, but he was going to live with my brother.  One day in late March while I was stuck on a business trip, I came across a post for a very loving, sweet, cuddly pitbull boxer mix that had been abandoned on a ranch.  Kyle drove down to go see him and within a week, we brought home a 60-pound monster.  We knew right away that our new puppy, who we named Buddy, was the perfect addition to our family.  He likes watching us play video games and jumping on the bed to wake Kyle up.  He loves being lazy and sleeping under the pillows of the couch but also can’t resist chasing his favorite orange ball.
After realizing how quickly Buddy was losing his puppy face, we started discussing the idea of taking photographs to capture this moment in our lives.  We knew we wanted Buddy involved.  We thought about various places to take photos, but ultimately decided that the place that best captured us was our apartment.  I had known about Sun and Sparrow for a while and been following their work on their blog.  We contacted them and could not have been happier!  Tiffani was amazing to work with and all of us, including Buddy, had a wonderful time!

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