Chris & Monica // Romantic Palos Verdes engagement

Romantic Palos Verdes engagement // ©2016 Sun & Sparrow Palos Verdes engagement photography

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Christopher and Monica met in Scottsdale, Arizona at a casino one lucky Sunday afternoon and instantly became good friends. Monica who grew up overseas as the daughter of a Chef has always kept food close to her heart both in profession and pleasure, while Christopher gained his culinary chops in some of the best restaurants in Chicago. Christopher quickly became enticed by Monica’s quick wit, her vast repository of literary and pop-culture knowledge, and of course her beauty. He knew quickly that only she was for him. Monica found Christopher equally charming, a rare breed of man, a handsome old soul who poured his heart into his brilliant writing and cooking and had an unbridled passion for music. They spent many a night looking at each across from restaurant dining tables and sharing laughs in between sips of wine. They continued to grow in their friendship and passion for each other, but unfortunately, their paths would take them separate ways when Christopher left for grad school in Chicago and Monica left for Los Angeles. But the best was yet to come.
While maintaining a friendship over 3,500 miles would cause most to grow distant, for Christopher and Monica it actually made them much closer. One night while musing over their current physical separation, Christopher declared that he no longer just “wanted” to see Monica but “needed” to see her. The next day he bought the first non-stop plane ticket from Chicago to California. It was during that spontaneous weekend trip in San Diego that Monica and Christopher’s romance began to blossom and they first expressed their love for each other.
After a few more months of dating long-distance and frequent trips back-and-forth, Christopher invited Monica to Maui for Christmas. While on the island, Christopher enacted a plan to ensure that Monica and he wouldn’t have to spend much more time apart. On December 19th, 2014 after a sunny day on the white shores drinking Hawaiian beer and planning a future together, Christopher asked Monica to join him to watch the Pacific sunset. Monica was running late, as usual, but when she arrived outdoors, Christopher was just standing there patiently and smiling. Holding a glass of red wine, he extended his hand for her to come join him. As her hand reached his, “These Arms of Mine” by Otis Redding started to play from Christopher’s carefully planned playlist. A long-time favorite song of the couple Christopher drew her close and asked if he could have this dance. To the sounds of the King of Southern Soul, the smells of sweet plumeria, and a golden fiery sunset, Christopher got down on bended knee and asked Monica to be his dance partner for the rest of their life. He told her she was someone that he wanted to spend every morning and moment with, and never another day apart. Through many joyful tears and soft kisses, Monica hugged him and exclaimed “Yes!”. They both realized that although life is often carefully planned, the best things are the unexpected and unconditional things that forever change your plans.

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