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Nate & Michelle // Twin Oaks Garden Estate wedding

Twin Oaks Garden Estate wedding // ©2016 Sun & Sparrow wedding photographers
WHAT WAS THE INSPIRATION BEHIND YOUR WEDDING?  //  From the Bride: We were really lucky to have a wedding venue that needed nothing added to it.  Twin Oaks Garden Estate is what I imagine the Secret Garden would have looked like in real life.  It became the inspiration for any choices we made (after the venue was booked), whether it be the color of the bridesmaid dresses, our air plant favors or all the eucalyptus leaves our florist used.
WHAT WAS THE MOST MEMORABLE/FAVORITE PART ABOUT YOUR WEDDING DAY?  //   From the Groom: Finally being able to see Michelle in her dress was like a dream come true. Also, having everyone all there together in one place was one of the best things for me.  Everyone we care about in one spot.  From the Bride: When I was walking down the aisle with my dad, I saw that Nathan was crying and I wanted nothing more than to get up there quick so I could wipe his tears away.
WHY WAS PHOTOGRAPHY IMPORTANT TO YOU AND WHY DID YOU CHOOSE SUN & SPARROW? // From the Groom: Photography and videography was a huge thing for us.  We had to properly document a day that we knew would be over in a flash (pun intended).  Quality pictures and videos that will last us a lifetime.  From the Bride: In the search for our perfect photographers and videographers, I instantly fell in love with the way Tiffani and Ellie use and see outdoor lighting and colors.  I don’t think there were any other contenders that I was so quickly drawn to.  Add on that they are some of the nicest, hard working people I have ever met and that could only be a recipe for success!
DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR BRIDES WHO ARE CURRENTLY IN THE PLANNING PROCESS?  //  From the Bride: There were a lot of small details that I put effort into that not one person noticed.  There were also a lot of small details that I forgot to take care of that ALSO never got noticed!  At the end of the day, your guests are there to see you and your future husband say “YES” to that forever kinda love.  So don’t freak out, that will be wasted energy that you can store for dancing the night away!
Venue: Twin Oaks Garden Estate
Bride’s shoes: Badgley Mischka
Groom’s Suit: Indochino
Groom’s Shoes: To Boot New York
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Missguided.com
Groomsmen’s Suits: Menguin.com
Bride & Bridesmaid Hair: Cheryl Nacario
Florist: Jerri Disney Floral
Cake: VG Donuts & Bakery
DJ: Extreme DJ
Photobooth: Moore Photo Video Booths

Daniel & Roselou // Handcrafted wedding at Descanso Gardens in Pasadena

©2015 Sun & Sparrow Photography // Handcrafted wedding at Descanso Gardens

how she did itFROM THE BRIDE //  Roselou’s love of nature inspired her to create a rustic romantic wedding decor. Daniel was very understanding of this vision and helpful in creating it. We chose Descano Gardens because it’s beautiful. We were surrounded by nature and the reception hall was rustic looking. We did a few do it yourself projects to create the decor we envisioned such as our table numbers, staining the crates that we used during our ceremony and reception, and our beautiful sweetheart table backdrop. It was a lot of work; but in the end, it was all worth it seeing it come together on our wedding day.

The most memorable part for me is the first time I saw Daniel for the first look. I remember the day being really hot and he was not on time; so my bridesmaids and I were outside in the heat for a while so of course, I was a little upset. But when it was time for me to walk towards him for the first look, I became carefree and knew that this was our big day so we needed to enjoy and treasure every moment of it. I had a huge smile the first time I saw him and I knew everything was going to be okay. Our wedding planner also recommended for us to ‘hide’ after the recessional. We found an area away from everyone and just gave each other lots of hugs and kisses. We treasured those first few minutes to ourselves as a newly wed couple.

Photography was very important to us because it captures our special day. These photos will be kept for life! We loved Sun and Sparrow’s photos on their website and after speaking with Tiffani, she made us feel at ease. They capture the light in a great way and has a great eye on where it’s best to take to pictures. We loved working with Sun and Sparrow. They made everything feel stressed free.

For any bride planning their wedding process, my advice is to stick to your plan/vision. There will be many pinterest picture inspirations but once you decide on what you want on a certain detail, I would stop looking for other inspirations. Enjoy every moment of the planning process (though it could be hectic and stressful) and remember that this is for your special day. Everything will come together on your wedding day.

My favorite part of being married now is being able to come home everyday to Daniel.

#VENDORLOVE  // Wedding Planner: Kelly Demaray  //   Hair and make up by Echou Makeup //   Florals by Rosebud Floral Design   //   DJ/Music by DJ Greg J  //  Venue at Descanso Gardens  //  PhotoBooth by Cheesy Photobooths   //  Caterer by Patina Catering at Descanso Gardens  //   Cake/Dessert by Fantasy Frostings   //   Sound System by SSR Sound System Rentals  //  Invitations by Smitten on Paper   Wedding Dress: Nouvelle Amsale (purchased at Nordstrom)  //  Bride’s shoes: Badgley Mischka  //  Groom’s suit: Calvin Klein  //  Groomsmen’s suit rented at Friar Tux Shop


Joel & Ariana // Rustic engagement in Yucaipa, CA

how he asked-torrance wedding-photography

FROM THE BRIDE //  Nothing says opposites attract more than me and Joel. We actually met as silly, quirky pre-adolescents on a missions trip to Mexico with our church. He wanted to date me early on, but I said no because I wasn’t allowed to until I was 16! Joel had to wait a few years (poor guy), but this was good because we got to know each other as good friends. My feelings for him took time because I was raised in a family that took relationships and marriage very seriously. During high school, I was drawn to how Joel projected integrity and maturity to me and our peers. He was a strong believer in Christ like I was, and he was selfless in his serving towards others. I remember in 10th grade, there was this time of day when Joel and I would cross paths on the way to classes, where he would always stop to give me a hug. As days passed, I became more and more excited for his hugs. They were always what got me through that drooling hour of math class. Finally, when I was 16 1/2, Joel asked me to be his girlfriend on the way to a Sixth Flags church trip. We shared both of our first kisses with each other and have been dating ever since (6 years now!).

I love that in our relationship we complement each other’s differences. I am very enthusiastic, spontaneous, and outgoing, while Joel is very stoic, calm, and quiet. He has been my rock in my most stressful times, and I have been his joy in his most broken times. Though we have our differences, we know that what we share is our love for God. We are definitely competitive with each other, especially in sports and games. And we also love to go on walks, go to the movies, and play with my nieces and nephew. Joel has always been very patient in sharing me with my family and friends, and he has always encouraged me to pursue my own passions and dreams. I love how God has grown and molded our high school sweetheart relationship into something so beautiful and complementary.

FROM THE GROOM //  I met Ari on a bus ride to Mexico for a missions trip when we were 12 years old. As crazy as it sounds, I knew then and there that she was a girl that I wanted to pursue. It didn’t happen immediately, but 4 years later our lives and friendship had developed to the point that we were able to start our romantic relationship. We started dating in 2008 and I can honestly say that these past 6 years have been the best of my life, and that is in large part to the amazing girl I have been able to spend them with.

Ari is the most empathetic person I have ever met. It is probably the quality that made me really fall in love with her. She feels so strongly for other people, and she is an inspiration to me every day take others needs and feelings into account when I am living my life. I also love how willing she is to challenge me to grow in areas that I struggle in (usually having to do with social settings). I think that is a really special aspect of our relationship. We can challenge each other without ever fearing backlash. We trust each other and want to continually grow as a couple and as individuals. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life growing with my best friend.

HOW HE ASKED //  My family had planned a big trip in June to my one of my favorite places in the world, Lake Powell. This was Joel’s second time coming on the trip. I wasn’t anticipating an engagement yet, thinking it would happen later in the year. I went ring shopping for fun a few months before with a mentor of mine, and I showed Joel a few pictures of rings I liked. Little did I know he would buy one of those rings weeks later. He kept my family in suspense, having asked my dad’s permission back in April, so whenever my family knew we were hanging out, they thought this was it, Ari’s engaged for sure. Of course, I was completely oblivious to all this, so I went to Lake Powell thinking it would be a fun trip spent with family and Joel.

So, on our second day at Lake Powell, Joel took me on a hike up Rock Creek Canyon. We got pretty far and decided to rest before we went back down the trail. We talked and enjoyed the beauty around us. It was a nice, peaceful moment. Then I asked Joel if we should head back down, to which he replied “Hold on, I have to go to the bathroom first.” (Very romantic right? Haha) So I’m waiting and he comes back from behind a boulder and says “Ari, I found a cool rock over there, I brought it over to show you.” And then I look down and notice a ring in his hand. It hit me, Joel’s proposing, right now, right here, that’s not a dirty, brown rock, it’s a diamond rock! And all I could say was “Joel what are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? JOEL” He then asked me if I would marry him and my first response was, “Did you ask my dad first?” After I got the confirmation, I said yes. And finally, after 5 ½ years, we are engaged! I am beyond excited to begin this new adventure together!

©2014 Sun & Sparrow – photo & film // Rustic engagement in Yucaipa // Shot by Ellie Fuqua from Sun & Sparrow

©2014 Sun & Sparrow – photo & film // Rustic engagement in Yucaipa // Shot by Ellie Fuqua from Sun & Sparrow

Gabe & Alyshia // Romantic Riverside Mission Inn wedding photography

©2014 Sun & Sparrow Photography // Riverside Mission Inn wedding photography

amazingFROM THE GROOM //  Our wedding day was so special and spectacular to us. I loved every moment because every little bit of our day, every detail was from our hearts. We wanted a European feel to our wedding, but we also wanted to be close to home. So, we chose the Mission Inn in Riverside for several reasons. First, Alyshia  had dreamt of getting married there since she was a young girl. Being able to make that dream come true for her was amazing. Second, the venue is breathe taking and ultimately the most romantic venue you can ever visit. Third, the St. Francis Chapel is gorgeous, all of our guests were amazed at how beautiful the church was. For me, the most memorable part of our wedding day is when Alyshia walked down the aisle.  This is a moment that I will absolutely never forget.  I remember a ‘flash monsoon’ thundering down outside and I had to wait extra long to see her. But when those doors opened, I saw a beautiful silhouette  and it was hers. Just the rain and her. I will never forget that crazy storm that overtook us right in the at the start of our ceremony!! It was so awesome and spectacular. Let’s hope it brings us a lot of good luck!! Let me talk a little bit about our photographer. We chose Sun & Sparrow because we love how photography captures  those special moments in time. We love how Sun & Sparrow captures and shares every story uniquely. Tiffani, Claudia, and Vanessa, did an amazing job making us feel comfortable in front of the camera. I tend to get shy and feel awkward while taking pictures but Tiffani definitely helped make us feel natural and relaxed. I appreciated that support even more when it came to helping Alyshia feel comfortable and confident even throughout the chaos of the flash flood around us. As we exit that stage of our lives and we look back on our wedding, I would love to give some advice to brides and grooms on their special day. Just enjoy it. Enjoy and soak in every moment. Some things may not go as planned but enjoy your special day to the fullest, no matter what.

©2014 Sun & Sparrow Photographers // Romantic European wedding at the Mission Inn in Riverside //

Big thanks to all our photographers for the day! Claudia Hurtarte, Vanessa Mestas & Jay Worsley from Everly Films

VENDORS // Venue: Mission Inn in Riverside // Photographers: Sun & Sparrow // Videography:  Everly Films  //  Floral Design: Irises Designs // PhotoboothPhotobooth Bomber // Large light-up sign: Junk Art Gypszs

©2014 Sun & Sparrow Photography // Riverside Mission Inn wedding photography 

Big thanks to all our photographers for the day! Claudia Hurtarte, Vanessa Mestas & Jay Worsley from Everly Films



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