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DREAMY COASTAL MATERNITY // JIM & APRIL @ 2019 Sun & Sparrow // Southern California Maternity Photographer


We are both so excited and can’t wait to finally meet our son in a few weeks! We always knew that we wanted to grow our family one day, so we actively made decisions throughout the years to prepare our “home” for that future.  Little did we know that getting pregnant was not going to be easy for us.  But after a few years of trying and many early morning drives for doctor’s appointments, we were finally pregnant! I will never forget that early summer morning when we finally got that positive test.  I was so jaded and in disbelief that I ended up taking 3 more tests just to confirm I wasn’t crazy!  We’ve been so blessed with all the support from family and friends around us throughout our lives and during the pregnancy.  Our son is so loved and he’s not even here yet! Thank you Sun & Sparrow for helping us capture this precious moment in our lives! We can’t wait to meet the little guy!

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