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Jimmy & Jennifer // Romantically Rustic engagement in Palos Verdes


©2015 Sun & Sparrow Photography & Videography // Photo & Film // Romantically Rustic engagement in Palos Verdes

FROM THE BRIDE // After spending nearly 10 years together, Jimmy proposed on our 7th anniversary. Jimmy made reservations to one of my favorite restaurants in Orange County. The restaurant location in my hometown New Orleans, actually has many family memories for me, so it was the perfect place for us to make a new one. When we arrived at the restaurant, I was surprised to see some familiar faces at the bar area. It was Jimmy’s cousins and two closest friends. It was totally unexpected, but I didn’t think much of it. We all ended up having dinner together. Towards the end of the evening, Jimmy asked me to be his example of his “Best Sales Pitch Ever.” He asked for my credit card and to close my eyes while he wrote something on paper. Little did I know…when I opened my eyes, I found Jimmy on one knee with the most beautiful ring. The paper said “Jennifer, this is my best sales pitch ever…Will you marry me?” When it comes to surprises, Jimmy is horrible and almost always caves in. This time he was able to keep his proposal plan a secret for over 6 weeks! Iwas so shocked and happy, I couldn’t stop grinning and bawled my eyes out! Of course I told him YES! And this was all filmed and facilitated by Jimmy’s cousins and friends! We celebrated this special moment with champagne and dessert. This is definitely one of the best ‘purchase’ I’ve ever made! I am counting down the days until I get to say ‘I do’ to my best friend, gym partner, and other half. I can’t wait for our families to meet for the first time at our wedding and to start a new adventure with my husband-to-be!


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Darren & Tiffany // Vintage inspired Redondo Beach engagement

how he asked-torrance wedding-photography

THEY MEET //  Tiffany and Darren had crossed paths a number of times before their real connection happened on December 6, 2012.  About 24 years earlier, Tiffany was visiting her aunt at Tioga Place in West Hills, across the street from Darren’s childhood home. He remembered thinking, “Who is that cute blonde over there in that red Fiero?”

In 2011, at a fundraiser event, they happened to meet for a brief chat (while both on dates).  Darren learned that Tiffany was the treasurer of the event, and proceeded to look her up on the website to no avail.  “I could not find her…not on the fundraiser website or anywhere.” Darren recalls. He could not find her anywhere, until…a mutual friend’s Christmas party in 2012. Both hesitated to attend the party, it was a weeknight after all. Thankfully, the universe was calling, and they listened.  Darren & Tiffany were introduced in the living room, and Darren remembered. This was the beautiful blonde girl he had been looking for.  He felt compelled to talk to her and not let her out of his sight, ever. As the party went on, he kept her in sight until she walked away, down the strand with another man. Darren’s heart sank. He thought, “Aw man, she’s leaving with some other guy.” But, after only a few minutes, she came back.  Darren decided that he would not let this opportunity to meet her pass him by again.  Armed with a heightened sense of awareness, he asked one of his friends to help him separate the two. After striking up some conversation and a few silly jokes, Darren boldly asked for her phone number.

Darren was driven by something she had awakened in his heart that he had never felt before.  It was love at first sight. After invading her space, trying to hold her hand and steal a kiss (to no avail), they parted as she asked with a smile, “You are going to call me, right?”   He called the next day to set up their first date. That first date was magical: lunch at the beach, a stroll in some shops, and holding hands on a perfect Sunday afternoon.  It was a natural connection that ended with a brief kiss and longing for their next meeting. Tiffany has changed Darren’s definition of love. The word had new meaning, greater depth, and a more complete mind-body-soul connection.


THE PROPOSAL //  Looking at Google maps of Kauai for the perfect spot, emailing the concierge in Kauai, talking to friends and family, looking deep in my heart…I knew my proposal had to be perfect.  Tiffany was my perfect girl, my soul mate.  As I prepared for my proposal, I asked myself, “What would Tiffany want?” I made a list of ideas of what I knew in my heart would be special for my special girl.  I checked it more than twice.  I found a private place near the hotel.  “It’s not going to be in a restaurant full of strangers, and some “marry me” on a dessert plate,” I recall.  When we got to Kauai, I made an excuse to scope out the place. I ran to the concierge to make sure the flowers and lei would be ready. I planned it so when I took her nonchalantly up to the spot (“Yes honey, yoga pants are fine. You look great without makeup!”).  She didn’t suspect it.

A picture-perfect, secluded setting? Check. Poem in pocket in case I can’t remember it by heart? Check. Ring? Check. //  With a few carefully chosen words, I set it in motion.  I told Tiffany how she has changed my life.  How she has redefined the word Love and the meaning of True Love.  I shared that I couldn’t live without her, and distracted her focus with a beautiful, fragrant lei that I brought with us hidden in a bag.  As she turned towards me putting the lei over her head, I surprised her when I went down on one knee, and asked My Love to spend the rest of my life with me. I presented her with the ring I had been hiding. She exclaimed “YES!”   Just then a storm rolled in, soaking us in a cleansing rain and we both got our wish.  We had both wished for a warm Hawaiian downpour to come sometime while in Kauai.  We literally jumped up and down in celebration for our perfect union…for each other.  It was a Divine rain.  The heavens opened up to celebrate our deep love for one another.

On 12/06/12 She captured my heart.   //   On 08/11/13 I asked her to be mine forever.    //   On 04/19/14 We make it official, and I give her my name.

©2014 Sun & Sparrow Photographers // Vintage inspired Redondo Beach engagement

©2014 Sun & Sparrow Photographers // Vintage inspired Redondo Beach engagement

  • TiffaniFebruary 12, 2014 - 4:21 pm

    I still am so lucky to have been your photographer! Congrats, you two!ReplyCancel

  • TiffaniFebruary 12, 2014 - 4:21 pm

    I still am so lucky to have been your photographer! Congrats, you two!ReplyCancel

Mike & Brooke // San Juan Capistrano engagement photographer

how he asked-torrance wedding-photography

FROM THE BRIDE // It was approaching our one year anniversary when Mike had told me he had something special planned. He knows its quite hard to pull one over on me, so naturally he used our anniversary as an engagement disguise 🙂 I had no idea where we were going. He told me what to pack the week before and let me know that he would meet me at work on a Friday to pick me up. Me being boreder-line overprotective of my dog asked if he was able to come with and he said he had met his parents to drop off the dog for the weekend, that he was not able to come where we were going. After a short drive to the St. Regis we were off to our room. On the way upstairs I saw a couple walking their dog and immediately got upset that Bub’s (our dog) was not there. He told me to shrug it off and that this was going to be a nice romantic weekend with just the two of us. Once we got to our room he had opened the door.

With a “Happy Anniversary” smiling face, I walked in to a room full of flowers. The suite was beautiful and once I walked to the patio I noticed that the table was done up with flowers, candles and place settings. I asked him why the patio table was set up and he told me that they were going to serve us a nice dinner in the privacy of our own room. After taking pictures of everything in our room we were off to get ready. The door chimed not to long after and we took our places outside. With a delicious bottle of wine and amazing food the night was off to a good start. Mike seemed questionably awkward as the dinner went on but assured me he just wasn’t feeling great and that it would pass. Dessert was the last course and the doorbell rang. Mike opened the door and seemed rather upset. I asked him what was going on and he told me that he was mad because the server had brought up champagne and it was too early. I asked him why he was so upset about it and he said he had made a special effort to make the night go smoothly and didn’t want anything to be ruined. I told him to brush it off, it was just dinner, and he was overly upset. Again, the doorbell rang and I looked at him with a “whats going on” look. He got up and thats when I heard one of my favorite noises: Bubs’ collar jingling to the patio to say hello. I was so excited and to my surprise Bub’s was wearing his sweatshirt with a note labeled “Mom.” Thats the moment I knew something was about to happen. I reached down to grab the note taped to his back and had noticed a large hump in the back of his sweatshirt. I read to note and as I remember it said, “Mom: Look in my back pocket.” And thats when it happened, Mike got down on his knee, pulled out the ring and asked me the question that would change our lives….and thats when the story of our lives began 🙂

San Juan Capistrano engagement

©2013 Sun & Sparrow // San Juan Capistrano engagement
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Jessica & Arland | Glitter and Love | Palos Verdes Engagement Photographer


It was a beautiful afternoon in June. We had just got back from church and had a picnic lunch planned in the park. After we finished our food, we began to reminisce on all of our “firsts”. Arland listed off how he asked me to be his girlfriend and our first kiss. We began to laugh as we remembered how awkward those moments were. Even though they weren’t “perfect”, they were perfect moments for us because they are part of our story. Arland continued to list off all of our special moments ending with, “and then remember the time I proposed to you in the park?” I was a little confused because this had never happened. He then pulled out the ring and I realized what was going on. I think I asked him “Is this for real?” about a hundred times because I thought he was playing a joke on me. I, of course, said gladly yes and we spent the rest of the day sharing the exciting new with friends and family.


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