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Wilfredo & Sheena // Luxury wedding at the Mission Inn in Riverside


will&sheena©2015 Sun & Sparrow Photography // Luxury wedding at the Mission Inn in Riverside

how she did itFROM THE BRIDE // So what inspired me regarding the decor I chose for the wedding was the venue itself. The Mission Inn is so romantic and beautiful, I wanted everything else to match that romantic theme. My dress was by the designer Berta. I fell in love with this dress because of its unique design, the beautiful lace, and all of the beads/pearls. My shoes were Jimmy Choo’s and actually pretty comfortable considering I didn’t break them in prior to the wedding. My earrings and rosary were by Maria Elena, she also makes beautiful headpieces. My husband’s navy tuxedo was by Theory, and matched perfectly with my dress and the theme of our wedding. Posh Peony did an amazing job on my florals, linen, and draping. Everything came out more beautiful than I imagined. I wanted a very soft romantic feel, so I went with cream roses with a hint of pale blush. I was so happy with Sweet Traders design and taste of our wedding cake. The design was beautiful. Again, I was going for a romantic theme so I had them add fondant lace appliqués to the top and bottom layer, along with some ribbon and rhinestones at the very bottom of the two middle layers, then had them add a few fresh flowers throughout. My DJ, Dance All Night DJ, did a wonderful job! He also did the lighting which added that romantic feel throughout the ballroom at the reception.
Wedding photographs were very important to me, and I decided on our venue based on the many photo opportunities of the beautiful decor and architecture at Mission Inn. At the end of the day, all you have are memories and photographs from your wedding day and that’s why I wanted to make sure I hired photographers/videographers that would capture that.  The most memorable part of our wedding day was the moment we first saw each other as I was walking down the isle and Wilfredo was waiting for me at the alter. That is a moment we will never forget.

My Vendors //  Venue: Mission Inn Hotel in Riverside // Florist: Posh Peony  //  Bridal Gown: Berta Bridal   //  DJ: Dance All Night DJ  //  Wedding Coordinator: Rebecca Calagna Events  //  Photography & Videography: Sun and Sparrow  //  Cake:  Sweet Traders  //  Save the dates and invitations: Minted  //  Rosary and earrings: Maria Elena Headpieces  // Makeup Artist: Britney Moya  //  Hair Stylist: Donett Dee Eiwasian


  • Cristina BarraganNovember 26, 2015 - 11:56 pm

    Jaw-dropping gorgeous! Such a pleasure working with you! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • SunSparrowMarch 30, 2016 - 3:10 pm

      We loved working with you as well!!ReplyCancel

Rameen & Heather // Fairy tale mountain engagement

how he asked-torrance wedding-photography

FROM THE BRIDE //  It is not too common, I think, that a person is able to remember the exact evening that let her know that she has met someone to really hold on to. In my case, I count myself lucky to be among those who had a moment when they just “knew.”

Right from our second date, we really started to hit things off –literally! We had just made it downtown to get dinner and do a local art/wine walk when Rameen accidentally ran his car into a concrete wall while parking in a downtown structure. Thankfully, he was going very slow and no damage was done, so we just had a bit of a laugh and continued on to dinner. He took me to his favorite Italian restaurant in downtown Santa Barbara; there, we laughed some more and swapped stories and opinions over delicious but very generous portions. Soon finding ourselves completely full, we had the leftovers bagged to-go and left the restaurant to continue with our wine tasting. Rameen lagged behind as we started walking, however, and I heard him say, “Hey, you hungry?” Thinking that he was talking to me, I turned around to reply, but instead saw him offering our leftovers to a homeless man nearby on a bench. It was a small gesture- lots of people might not have even noticed- but it was one that has stuck out in my mind for years. It was what first clued me in to what a genuine, generous, and kind person Rameen was– and I’d somehow had the luck to meet him!

We went to only 1 of ~10 intended wine tastings that evening. To be honest, I completely forgot that that was what we were supposed to be doing. Instead, we just idly wandered up and down State Street, talking about basically everything. By the time he drove me home and we said goodnight, I knew that this was something different.

FROM THE GROOM // The weekend I proposed, I had everything set up–breakfast out at her favorite restaurant, the ring I knew she’d love, a decoy Valentines Day trip to Vegas for the next weekend in order to throw her off my trail (she’s a naturally suspicious person), and a plan for how to proceed. A nonchalant suggestion that we make the small hike to the nearby monarch butterfly grove got us started (it was the perfect time of year for it, and she’d never been–I knew she’d be excited to go). The hike itself was casual, but I’d rarely felt so nervous and anxious. I had to keep cool, and also prevent her from bumping into the little box stored in my jacket pocket. We made it to the grove, and there were butterflies all around. We sat and chatted for a bit while I waited for a good time (and to build up my courage). It started to drizzle lightly, and people cleared out. I saw my moment, perfect and intimate. I looked at her, got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. I honestly can’t remember what I said, but next I knew she was nodding her head and saying “Yes!” Her eyes welled up, I smiled, we kissed, and she became my fiancee.

©2014 Sun & Sparrow Photographers // Fairy tale mountain engagement 


©2014 Sun & Sparrow Photographers // Fairy tale mountain engagement 

  • ChelseaJuly 18, 2014 - 9:13 am

    You guys are incredibly adorable. Loved the stories.

    Awww stop it you twoReplyCancel

  • ChelseaJuly 18, 2014 - 9:13 am

    You guys are incredibly adorable. Loved the stories.

    Awww stop it you twoReplyCancel

  • TAJI&ALIApril 4, 2015 - 8:04 am


Scott & Candace // Apple Creek Ranch Rustic Wedding Photographer

how she did it

WHAT WAS THE INSPIRATION BEHIND YOUR WEDDING? // Chic, Cozy and a vintage feel. We also really wanted an intimate wedding. The people closest to us!


WHAT WAS THE MOST MEMORABLE/FAVORITE PART ABOUT YOUR WEDDING DAY? // We both agree- THE CEREMONY! For me it felt like time stood still for Scott and I. I remember be so wrapped up into him, I truly didn’t notice anyone else! For Him- He loved the very first part of my vows. “I absolutely Love you”. I delivered it with a laughter and warmth and he says he knew It was the most organic thing I have ever said to him.


WHY WAS PHOTOGRAPHY IMPORTANT TO YOU? // For me Capturing this moment in a way that told a story was super important. I have also seen the same wedding photos over and over so I wanted something truly artistic. Scott felt the same way. He is actually a pretty great photographer himself (he dabbled in photography in college).


WHY DID YOU CHOOSE SUN & SPARROW?  //  Sun and Sparrow captured me with their magical photography and sincere hearts!


DID YOU DO ANY DIY PROJECTS? IF SO, WHAT? // Yes, I made all of my chalkboards, bridesmaids gifts and collected all of my own glassware. I purchased some Vintage pieces but also used a lot of recycled glass from my work and home.


WHAT WAS YOUR SOMETHING OLD, NEW, BORROWED, BLUE? // OLD– My Pearl Earrings I got from my Bridesmaid Brooke’s Wedding this Summer. It was my Bridesmaids Gift and I loved wearing them on my wedding day and I also rocked a sparkle jacket I wore on our first NYE in LA. NEW– My Dress, Veil and after party outfit. BORROWED– My Nana’s Gloves she wore on her wedding day and I Headband I got from a friend. BLUE– I wore Blue panties and blue heels! Haha =)


DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR BRIDES WHO ARE CURRENTLY IN THE PLANNING PROCESS? // A TON- but really everyone has their own journey. There were things I would say don’t spend your money on but those things might be important to someone else. So ROCK your wedding!  Ok, One thing- DONT RENT THOSE HORRIBLE Tux’s – It was cheaper to buy and tailor a suit then to rent a tux or suit that didn’t really fit. Brides always have top pick when it comes to their big day and so should your man. Let him wear what he feels sexy in!


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF BEING MARRIED NOW?  //   Being Married and he Sex. =) Maybe TMI but its the truth.


©2014 Sun & Sparrow Photographers // Apple Creek Ranch Rustic Wedding Photographer
Big thanks to CLAUDIA NAVARETTE for second shooting & White Orchid Productions for coordinating! //

VENDORS  //   Apple Creek Ranch- AMAZING Location, Great Staff.. Breathtaking Views!  //  Photography – Sun & Sparrow  // Coordinator & Florals- White Orchid Productions// The Border Grill- Saved our wedding Day. We had to fire our caterer ( Epicurean Cowboy) Two weeks out from our wedding Day. Border Grill and Lauren rescued us and was so awesome! The food and service was great. //   Dress: Essence of Australia but I got all my accessories from ETSY  //  My veil – was about $800 cheaper on etsy that in a regular boutique. I also bought my belt, MOH Gift and Glassware on Etsy.


©2014 Sun & Sparrow Photographers // Apple Creek Ranch Rustic Wedding Photographer

Dave & Dulce // Travel Town Engagement

how he asked-torrance wedding-photography

March 2013 //  It was an early Saturday morning in Big Bear, and with nerves of steel (aided by an early morning whisky), Dave was finally ready. Months of research, trips to the LA Diamond district, and careful planning had lead up to today, and with the ring safely tucked into the least conspicuous pocket of his snowboard pants, he and Dulce made their way to the ski lift. His heart had not beat this fast on a lift before, not even his first time skiing when he was all but certain he would fall flat on has face at the top (fun fact: Dulce ended up falling flat on her face later that day). He ran through the brief but carefully thought out words he would say, knowing that she would be completely surprised in just a few minutes. At the mountain top, strapped into his boots, Dave started into the “speech.” He could see that Dulce wasn’t fully processing what was happening, but as she asked “Are you serious?!” he simply replied “yes,” and pulled out the ring. After a kiss, made somewhat awkward by the helmets they were both wearing, he slid the ring onto her finger, and they snowboarded down to the congratulations of their friends. The rest of the morning was a blur of phone calls in between snowboarding.


©2014 Sun & Sparrow Photographers // Travel Town Engagement 


©2014 Sun & Sparrow Photographers // Travel Town Engagement 

  • Veronica VasquezMay 22, 2014 - 12:11 pm

    I love you guys. Awesome pictures . Congratulations.ReplyCancel

  • Liz KemperMay 22, 2014 - 5:21 pm

    These are fabulous photos! Who would have thought that 27 years after your first trip to Travel Town you would have your engagement photos taken there. The wedding photos are going to be amazing!
    Lots and lots of love, Liz/MomReplyCancel

Andrew & Larissa | Simple Elegance Wedding | Ayres Hotel Manhattan Beach Photographers

Simple and elegant with a touch a creativity is the best way to describe Andrew and Larissa. Being part of their day was probably one of the most emotion-wrenching shoots for me, just considering how adorably in love the two were in their every moment. Andrew nearly had me in tears the whole morning! He was teary-eyed at all the right times, and it just killed me. Really, tears arent the best for a photographer… haha, but it makes everything so beautiful. Though, through the emotions I have to say, I think these two are some of the most relaxed people I have been around, especially considering a wedding day. Larissa had no problems with anything. Her attitude made my job so wonderful, just seeing her satisfied with everything that happened. Of course no wedding is perfect, but watching her say “ok” and go with the flow convinced me that it couldn’t have been any more perfect for her. But I will admit the part that was the most touching was on the way back from the beach in the limo. Andrew told me, “You know, I feel like you guys (Sun and Sparrow photo & video) are far more than just people that we hired, but really, you are more like friends. Today made me feel close with you guys.” And that, my friend, is what makes my job the best job I could ask for. Andrew and Larissa, it was a pleasure.



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