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Nick & Maria // Historic Cree Estate Wedding Photographer

how she did itAfter a year of planning and months of mounting anticipation we weren’t sure how not only the wedding day but the entire experience would play out. Of course we were hopeful, trusting in our decisions that the 3 day affair, with the wedding as the main event, would be nothing short of amazing and memorable for all involved. The Cree was both our centerpiece and our canvas and it could not have worked out better. We invited our loved ones to this hidden oasis to attend the rehearsal, the wedding and the goodbye brunch and we firmly believe that it could not have gone any better. No event, big or small is without its hiccups but we were able to take ours in stride and execute the vision that we always had in our heads.

WHAT WAS THE INSPIRATION BEHIND YOUR WEDDING?  //  We knew we wanted an outdoor wedding and beautiful weather but we also knew that we didn’t want to be just another summer wedding – which is required if you want an outdoor wedding in our home-state Washington. Having both spent time together in Palm Springs, in springtime, we decided that we had our answer. We wanted to welcome our loved ones to an area, a climate that would be a welcome reprieve to the weather they’d just endured in their respective locales. Fun, sun and love; that’s what we wanted.

WHAT WAS THE MOST MEMORABLE/FAVORITE PART ABOUT YOUR WEDDING DAY?  //  To see the faces of our loved ones and the overall setup of the wedding were amazing, but not nearly as amazing as holding hands at the altar, hearing the touching words of our officiant and marrying the love of our respective lives.

On a side note, the orchestration of the event itself was phenomenal. All of the vendors appeared to work in unison, providing an entire day that we’ll remember forever.

WHY WAS PHOTOGRAPHY IMPORTANT TO YOU?  //  Our memories, they’re amazing. The memories our loved ones created also incredible. Photography is not only a means of capturing those memories but having them represent the unique perspective of an artist that we trusted and adore.  Photography was important to us because we see it as a primary pillar of any wedding – maybe not as important as the bride / groom but certainly on par with the venue, the officiant, etc. We want to be able to find ourselves, 40 years down the road, being transported through through time to the emotion of the day, as we share our wedding photos with our grandchildren. Photos transcend time and serve as direct portals to our emotions, our hearts.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE SUN & SPARROW?  //  Once we determined our location, we set off in search of our venue. We came across many viable options, including the Cree. We came across a few S&S photos (pinterest? general search?) taken at the Cree and traced them back to their portfolio to find a trove of weddings shot at the venue.  The classy, elegant and deniable energetic style of S&S brought the Cree to life in a way that told us “this is it.” We may have found the Cree on our own but we fell in love with it through the lens of S&S.

DID YOU DO ANY DIY PROJECTS? IF SO, WHAT?   //  We made the ribbon garland that was strung across the doors. Our friends helped us make our terrarium centerpieces two nights before the wedding. I gathered and wired brooches to make my brooch bouquet and then my bridesmaid Braiden put it together and made it look AMAZING.

DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR BRIDES WHO ARE CURRENTLY IN THE PLANNING PROCESS?  //  Just know that everything will come together beautifully. But also, don’t procrastinate TOO much.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF BEING MARRIED NOW?  //  The undeniable sense of comfort and love being officially tied, forever, to the love of your life. The world is a bigger, better place in which our trust in one another helps us exist more confidently and happily.



©2014 Sun & Sparrow Photography // Historic Cree Estate Wedding Photographer



 This Film was taken & produced by Two Spoons Productions.

VENDORS  //  Venue – The Historic Cree Estate  //  Photographer – Sun & Sparrow  //  Hair & Makeup – Cheryl Nacario  // Wedding Coordination – In Love Events & Productions //  Catering – Coachella Valley BBQ // Caterer – Tacos Gonzalez  //  Bar Service – Papaya Sky // Videography – Two Spoons Productions  //  DJ – Tim @ California DJs



©2014 Sun & Sparrow Photography // Historic Cree Estate Wedding Photographer

  • Shirley HebbMay 17, 2014 - 5:33 pm

    Loved all your picture’s looked like a fun time was had by all.ReplyCancel

  • Shirley HebbMay 17, 2014 - 5:33 pm

    Loved all your picture’s looked like a fun time was had by all.ReplyCancel

JT & Sheva // Boho chic desert wedding // Joshua Tree, CA

WHAT WAS THE INSPIRATION BEHIND YOUR WEDDING? // While we were dating, we loved visiting the desert. We had been to Joshua Tree many times and had some of our closest & most favorite moments as a couple in the desert. We absolutely loved the idea of using the paradox of massive open space to highlight the intimacy on our wedding day. We knew that we had to share some of our most special moments with all of our family and friends. Simply stated, in the remoteness and isolation of the desert, we found our inspiration 🙂


WHAT WAS THE MOST MEMORABLE/FAVORITE PART ABOUT YOUR WEDDING DAY? // I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the Persian dancing with our friends & family was our favorite! It was important to have that element of culture on our wedding day and it was so nice to see all our friends embrace it by cutting a rug to our Persian playlist!


WHY WAS PHOTOGRAPHY IMPORTANT TO YOU? // We wanted to capture the beauty of the day; the best, most important day of our lives! We want to share these photos with our children someday so it was important that the photographs captured the love and happiness of the day.


WHY DID YOU CHOOSE SUN & SPARROW? // We saw a couple weddings they had photographed on their blog and we were blown away! Sun & Sparrow captured all of our moments and details beautifully. One of the best parts about the girls, is when we met Ellie & Tiffani we connected with them immediately. We knew we wanted them to be a part of our day.


DID YOU DO ANY DIY PROJECTS? IF SO, WHAT? // One of my favorite DIY projects were our escort cards. These were beautiful pieces of bark that I used a wood burning tool to write our guests names & table numbers into bark. It took forever, but it was so worth it to see all of the excitement from this personalized touch. // Another DIY project was that I designed & made the statement necklace I wore. I absolutely love building new jewelry from old items. By reconstructing antique jewelry and brooches, I made my amazing wedding day jewelry! // The final project was to make & create our bouquets. I wanted plants & florals that would last through the day. So I put together some beautiful drought resistant plants together with some beautiful burlap wrapping and it made a beautiful & wonderful!

// Something Old: An antique locket I pinned to my bouquet that had pictures of loved ones who have passed // Something New: My shoes // Borrowed:My wedding dress! Borrowed from my generous sister-in-law // Blue: My garter was embellished with a blue rose.


DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR BRIDES WHO ARE CURRENTLY IN THE PLANNING PROCESS? // Keep it simple and delegate tasks as much as possible so you can enjoy your special day. And remember- the planning is part of the fun- do your best to approach it that way.


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF BEING MARRIED NOW? // I love knowing that we are a family now- its a subtle shift but it feels different and good. Also, I love saying “my husband”- it still feels so new and exciting every time!

VENDORS // Venue: Le Haut Desert Aerie // Photographer: Sun & Sparrow // Desserts & Confections : Plants Party // DJ : Dan Goldstein


©2013 Sun & Sparrow Photography // Boho chic desert wedding // Pioneer Town in Joshua Tree, CA

Barry & Jennifer Desert Love // Cree Estate Desert Wedding // Palm Springs wedding photographers


We were engaged in October of 2011 and, beyond a brief discussion regarding our desire for an outdoor “faux destination” wedding, we didn’t begin actively planning our Big Day until around six months out.  Following the prolonged “inspiration period”, we eventually decided to have a spring wedding at Cree Estate in Cathedral City, outside of Palm Springs on March 30, 2013.  We quickly started referring to our wedding by its catchy date, “03.30.13”.


During the planning process, we decided our priorities were to have a wedding that was relaxed, family-centric, and featured music that would make everyone dance!  We were most excited about the prospect of having all our friends and family meet each other, so we incorporated a table seating game into our cocktail hour to encourage our guests to interact.  A nod to Jennifer’s Chinese heritage was worked in with a red dress outfit change and a layer of taro-flavored wedding cake.   We also wanted to incorporate the beauty of the spring season and desert setting into our wedding theme.  We used a fiery, desert sunset color palette for the invitations, dresses and family-style table settings.  We also threw in a gratuitous use of eggs (it was Easter weekend after all), which included a giant paper mache egg that served as a card box.


But it was the universe, with all its magic, that helped us to accomplish our themes better than we could.  From the little bunnies and ducks running around the property, to the blooming cacti and lush grass, to the bright, round moon – it was already written that 03.30.13 was the perfect day to celebrate our new beginning as husband and wife.  The wedding turned out to be so much more than we could have dreamed.  The feeling of being surrounded by those you love, and feeling their love by their very presence, is indescribable.  There were so many special moments that overwhelmed us with love and happiness.  We are grateful to those who helped make the day possible.


• WHY WAS PHOTOGRAPHY IMPORTANT TO YOU & WHY DID YOU CHOOSE SUN & SPARROW?   //  All our friends who have gotten married advised us to invest in an experienced photographer to ensure we would have good photos to remember the day.  We were most excited to see photos of moments we weren’t able to fully take in because we were busy running around.  We chose Sun & Sparrow based on it price point, package offerings, and a great recommendation from Barry’s co-worker.  We worked with Tiffani throughout the whole process and absolutely loved it.


• DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR BRIDES TO BE?  //  Find vendors whose instincts and tastes you trust.  Jennifer tried making a heart wreath for the ceremony altar, but it ended up looking like a disaster.  We were fortunate to be working with Britton of Tend Living.  She had the vision to rescue it, plop it among the cacti, and turn it into one of our favorite elements in the wedding – all on game day!


MY PINTEREST INSPIRATION  //   http://pinterest.com/zixin/wedding-2013/


VENDORS:   //  Wedding Venue:  The Historic Cree Estate   //Catering & Bartending:  Mike Faulkner of Simply Elegant //  Floral Design:  Britton Neubacher of TendLiving  //  Paper Goods Design:  Yvonne Hung in San Francisco, CA  //   Rentals:  Signature Party Rentals in Palm Desert, CA  //   Wedding Cake:  Over the Rainbow Cupcakes & Desserts in Palm Springs, CA  //    DJ & Dance Floor Lighting:  DJ Luis at Primetime Productions  //   Event Coordinator:  April Seuss of The Bride & I in Palm Springs, CA  //   Shuttle Transportation:  Lin Lines  //  Tuxedo Rentals:  Ryders Tuxedo Shop in Los Angeles, CA   //   Hair & Makeup:  Denise at Kelly Zhang in Pasadena, CA  //   Wedding Dress:  San Patrick (Cobalto) &  A Beautiful Day Wedding in Los Angeles, CA  //  Veil:  A shop on Maple Ave. in Santee Alley in Los Angeles, CA (only $55!) //   Rings:  Keith at KFK Jewelers, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA (Groom’s)  & Blue Nile (Bride’s)


©2013 Sun & Sparrow Photography //  Palm Springs, CA // The Cree Estate desert wedding photographers


  • David @ AiP Creative PhotographyJuly 3, 2013 - 7:52 pm

    Love the pic with her veil over half of her face! All great photos!ReplyCancel

  • BrittonJuly 5, 2013 - 11:18 pm

    Sweet Sparrows, you have perfectly captured the magic of this wedding and the deep beauty of Barry & Jennifer. They were a dream to work with in every way and in every moment. Sigh. Big big love to these two and looking forward to working with you again!ReplyCancel

  • Carissa KildallOctober 29, 2015 - 4:30 am

    Hi I would love pricing on your packages for my wedding in Indio on 10-8-2016b 🙂ReplyCancel

    • SunSparrowMarch 30, 2016 - 3:11 pm

      Hi Carissa, we would love to chat with you about your wedding day. If you would please fill out an inquiry form on our contact page, we would love to give you more information.ReplyCancel

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