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Little Kaden // Los Angeles newborn photography

Los Angeles newborn photography  // ©2018 Sun & Sparrow family and newborn photographer

Our precious Kaden surprised us by coming into the world a week early from his due date.  He was literally a surprise as I was having minimal signs of impending labor; in fact, I had a routine doctor’s appointment the day before I  went into labor and was not even checked for dilation as I was feeling good and not in any pain.  That night, I started having some mild contractions and went to the hospital the next morning to see if this was the real deal.  I was checked for dilation and was already at 4 cm – the nurses were amazed I was still walking around and talking normally!  However, after failing to progress, I was sent to labor at home.  Later that evening, I finally started experiencing strong contractions that were 5-6 minutes apart.  We returned to the hospital and when I was re-checked for dilation, I was at 8 cm. That immediately sent all the nurses into a panic as they rushed to set up the delivery room – it was like a scene right out of the movies!  From there, I received an epidural, which slowed everything down as I then labored for another 12 hours. Finally, on March 17th at 12:03 PM, Kaden was born after an hour of pushing – he was our lucky St. Patrick’s Day baby!
I will never forget birthing my baby and having him placed on my chest right after he was born – it is such a surreal experience. From that moment on, life completely shifted in an instant and this little guy became our entire world.  Taking him home was exciting as it was like experiencing the same world but through a different lens; I remember him scrunching his face in the sun as we left the hospital and got into our car, and realized that something like the sun that we are so used to was completely new to him.  Kaden is settling in at home nicely; he’s such a good baby, only really crying when he’s hungry (although that is quite often!).  I love watching him as he holds my hand as he nurses and Daddy enjoys rocking him to sleep by simulating a car ride.  His furry big brother, Nico, is still getting used to his cries, but enjoys sunbathing with him by the window and looking at him over the couch.  Nothing really prepares you for parenthood but in the few short weeks Kaden has been with us, it has been an amazing experience.  We can’t wait to watch our son grow and embark on this new adventure in our lives with him!

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