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Andrew & Larissa | Simple Elegance Wedding | Ayres Hotel Manhattan Beach Photographers

Simple and elegant with a touch a creativity is the best way to describe Andrew and Larissa. Being part of their day was probably one of the most emotion-wrenching shoots for me, just considering how adorably in love the two were in their every moment. Andrew nearly had me in tears the whole morning! He was teary-eyed at all the right times, and it just killed me. Really, tears arent the best for a photographer… haha, but it makes everything so beautiful. Though, through the emotions I have to say, I think these two are some of the most relaxed people I have been around, especially considering a wedding day. Larissa had no problems with anything. Her attitude made my job so wonderful, just seeing her satisfied with everything that happened. Of course no wedding is perfect, but watching her say “ok” and go with the flow convinced me that it couldn’t have been any more perfect for her. But I will admit the part that was the most touching was on the way back from the beach in the limo. Andrew told me, “You know, I feel like you guys (Sun and Sparrow photo & video) are far more than just people that we hired, but really, you are more like friends. Today made me feel close with you guys.” And that, my friend, is what makes my job the best job I could ask for. Andrew and Larissa, it was a pleasure.