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CANDLELIT WOODLAND WEDDING AT CALAMIGOS RANCH // BRANDON & CHLOE @ 2019 Sun & Sparrow // Malibu Wedding Photographers


1. Describe your how you felt on your wedding morning, all the anticipation and the love. What were you most looking forward to in the beginning of your day.
The day began with us both very excited, yet also waiting for the other shoe to drop. We had a lot of bad luck leading up to our wedding and throughout our wedding planning that caused us to be anticipating something to go wrong on the day of. It had been pouring rain all week and our ceremony was supposed to be outside so we were fully expecting to have to get creative come day of. The rain cleared up, though, that morning and we were ready for our day to begin with the sun shining. We felt very blessed to have had woken up with a kiss from an angel, but still on edge about the next hurdle coming our way. Our relationship has always been easy because our foundation is rock solid, but we have had many hurdles throughout that makes us laugh when we think about them and just were ready for the next one to come on our wedding day (since that is typically how our luck has been in the past). I think we were both looking forward to getting the day going since we had been waiting a long time for this day to come due to our long engagement. We were ready to start our next chapter.
2. Did you have a first look or a walk down the aisle moment? How did you feel when you saw your significant other for the first time? 
This is where, of course, how hurdle came in! We were supposed to have a first look at 3PM, but when I (the bride) arrived to the venue to meet Brandon for the first time, I was immediately informed that the Groom’s shoulder had been dislocated when he was putting on his suit jacket and the paramedics were on their way. Our first look immediately was put on the back burner and, instead of a romantic meeting on the bridge like we had planned, it was me running into the grooms room, throwing my bouquet and just trying to help hold Brandon’s shoulder in any way I could without hurting him further. The paramedics came after about a half hour only to tell us they couldn’t do anything other than transport him back to the hospital, so after 45 minutes of going back and forth on if he was going to leave he ended up popping it in the socket again himself, just in time for our family photos. We didn’t get a first look, we didn’t get much bridal party photos and we don’t have too many romantic shots since the first hour of photos were cancelled due to the shoulder mishap, but we do have a pretty funny story right on par with the rest of our relationship to remember forever.
3. What was your favorite moment/story from your wedding day?
Our favorite moment of our wedding day is probably the dance party. We finally got to let go from the year + stress we felt planning this wedding and dance the night away with all of our nearest and dearest. Our band was the best band in the world and kept the party going until the very last song. The dance floor was always popping and everyone is still talking about how much fun they had celebrating with us.
4. How did your day most feel like a fairy tale?
The only reason I would use fairy tale to describe our day is because it ended with us married and most fairy tales end happily ever after, which in our case is exactly what happened. The lead up to our ceremony and reception was full of bumps and bruises and we didn’t get to capture all of the moments we had really wanted to, nor did we have the time to take all of the photos we had hoped to take, but the day ended with us loving each other more than when the day started and that was all we could have truly asked for when all was said and done.

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    Robert & Mariel // Enchanted Calamigos Ranch wedding at the Pavillion

    Enchanted Calamigos Ranch wedding at the Pavillion  // ©2018 Sun & Sparrow Malibu Wedding Photographers

    FROM THE BRIDE //  We (I) spent almost a year of planning and preparation for a big, beautiful outdoor wedding in Malibu, California. We are very outdoorsy people and live in Florida where the chances of rain are likely everyday. To our dismay, we found out a couple days before that it was going to rain on the weekend of our wedding. We can’t tell you how sad we were, as all the rentals, preparation, and staff we hired for an outdoor wedding had to last minute be routed underneath a tent, which took away from the true beauty of the venue. However, we can’t even begin to describe the feeling we had when we had our first look outside Calamigos Guest Ranch. The whole morning was chaotic- from getting ready, photos, to coordinating my forever late to events family, but it wasn’t until the first look.. in the rain and in that moment with just each other, that it truly felt surreal. At that point, nothing else in the world mattered except us. We had our family members in our wedding party and we were overcome with the amount of support for our union. Everyone had flown from across the United States and even Canada to celebrate our special day. When we first walked into the Pavilion Tent where both the ceremony & reception were now going to take place, we were blown away at how our wedding planner really made our vision come into fruition in such a short amount of time! The florals blew me away. From there, we exchanged our personalized vows and we were Mr. & Mrs. Weber! Everything from the music, to dancing, and celebrating with everyone was perfect. We still can’t believe how fast the evening went by! We are just truly blessed with amazing friends and family that came all the way out for our wedding and are so thankful.

    What was your favorite moment from your wedding day?  // Both Bobby and I each had a close grandparent on both our sides that passed away last year. Only 1 grandparent, Mimi (Bobby’s grandma), was able to be at our special day and seeing her so happy and having the time of her life on the dance floor meant a lot to us.

    What inspired you while planning your wedding & decor? //  I personally really wanted a twilight movie-esq outdoor wedding with tons of lighting and florals, while still maintaining an intimate feeling. The florals on the chandeliers and the lighting inside the tent was able to capture that look.

    Do you have any advice for brides/grooms who are currently planning their weddings?  //  I spent close to a year planning every single little detail about my dream wedding. I even hand made the wedding invitations. However, the truth is, don’t get caught up in all the details. Be prepared for things to not go as planned, because the day goes by SO fast. It’s all meet & greets from the moment you walk into the reception. So my biggest advice is to take a moment with your significant other to soak it all in — even if it’s just some alone time together on the side for 15 minutes, because after all, it’s not a big show meant to entertain everyone, it’s a special union that you only get to relish in with your significant other once. I think that’s our biggest takeaway <3



    Photographer : Sun & Sparrow
    Videographer : TwinTaoers

    Coordinator : DB Creativity
    Invitations : Cards & Pockets

    Rentals : Pretty Vintage Rentals

    Desserts : Vanilla Cake Shop 

    String Quartet : Atlantic String Ensemble
    Taco Truck : Kogi 
    Coffe Bar : Cappuccino Man 
    Cigar Rollers : The Cigar Guys
    Wedding gown maker : Maria Farbinni
    Wedding Gown Boutique : Panache Bridal Beverly Hills  
    Wedding Rings : Mayors Jeweler
    Brides Shoes : Guiseppe Zanotti 
    Bridesmaid Dresses : Davids Bridal
    Bridesmaids Robes : JoyfulTidings Bridal
    Grooms & Groomsmen Suits : Jos A Banks